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No RSVP is required

Guests are always welcome, or bring a friend along too.

Suggested Contribution $10

Events Take Place From 7 PM to 9:30 PM

Location:  60 Lowther Ave, Toronto, Ontario.  (2 blocks north from the Bedford exit of the St. George Subway Station)

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You Are Invited To A Meeting of The

Integrating Spirituality and Health Care

Friday December 7, 2012
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Suggested Contribution $10.00

NO RSVP Required - Just Show Up!

Friends House 60 Lowther Avenue Toronto

(2 blocks north from the Bedford exit of the St George Subway Stn.)

From the Wounded Father to the Sacred Pipe: An Account of the Restoration of the Sacred Masculine      


(Though slanted toward the male perspective, this session is open to all.)

With the ongoing meltdown of patriarchal structures occurring around us, a post-patriarchal activism which separates and celebrates the masculine away from patriarchy is being called forth. In story-telling, music, and ritual, this is a generational journey that follows the threads of recovery through the 12 steps, dreams, spiritual emergency and lives of fathers and sons. We will journey together into a masculine capacity to feel the Earth, the Ancestors, the Spirit, and generously participate in the 13.7 billion year old expanding universe. Philosopher Richard Tarnas has named the emerging, embodied masculine capacity to feel deeply, the "lunar masculine".  To bring forth the loving, masculine partner to the returning sacred feminine, is a key component to the evolution of culture at hand.

F. Christopher Reynolds, M.Ed,  is a teacher, adjunct professor in creativity, religious studies and art, a musician and shaman. His publications include depth psychology, giftedness, holistic education, spirituality and shamanic experience. The focus of his work in teaching, art-making and ritual is to assist in the cultural transformation now occurring in the West. He helps individuals and communities connect to the Earth, the Spirit and the Cosmos through the recovery of an embodied sacred masculine and sacred feminine.



6:45-7:10    Registration
7:10-7:15    Opening Remarks
7:15-7:30    Opening Sacred Ritual

7:30-8:30    Presentation Chris Reynolds: From The Wounded Father To The Sacred Pipe

8:30-8:35    Announcements
8:35-8:50    Break
8:50-9:15    Group Sharing/Questions         
9:15-9:30    Closing Sacred Ritual

Parking a few spots behind the building north of Lowther Ave. and west off Bedford Rd. and City Parking north of Bloor St. east off Bedford Rd.