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Integrating Spirituality and Health Care

Wednesday November 23, 2011 
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Suggested Offering $10.00

NO RSVP Required - Just Show Up!

Friends House 60 Lowther Avenue Toronto

(2 blocks north from the Bedford exit of the St George Subway Stn.)

Audacious Aging: Assuming the Call to Elderhood in Our Turbulent Times


In our contemporary western world our cultural views about aging are undergoing a radical revisioning. With a rising consciousness and extended life span, after sixty is no longer the "go gently into the night" stage of life. This talk will clearly mark out a territory called elderhood that is fundamentally different than the view of aging as "senior citizens." Considerations on how one is called to Elderhood will be explored. Issues around gender differences will be explored and also how elderhood connects to younger generations.

Edmund O'Sullivan is Emeritus Professor at the University of Toronto and Founding Director of the Transformative Learning Centre at O.I.S.E. He is the author of Transformative Learning: Educational Vision for the 21st Century and Expanding the Boundaries of Transformative Learning. He was a co-organizer of the recent Spirit Matters gathering entitled "Elders and Youth in the Web of Life." He is also the drummer in the band "One Earth Spirit."  


6:45-7:10    Registration
7:10-7:15    Opening Remarks
7:15-7:30    Opening Ritual

7:30-8:30    Ed O'Sullivan Presenting Audacious Aging: Assuming The Call To Elderhood In Our Turbulent Times

8:30-8:35    Announcements
8:35-8:50    Break
8:50-9:15    Group Sharing/Questions         
9:15-9:30    Closing Sacred Ritual

Parking a few spots behind the building north of Lowther Ave. and west off Bedford Rd. and City Parking north of Bloor St. east off Bedford Rd.