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Compassion Evangelical Hospital 

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Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
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New Vehicle Arrives
Pray for Discernment
Thank You!
Short Term Teams
ECFA Approval
March 2012 Update  
Dear Friends and Partners,

January and February quickly flew past us. The work at Compassion Evangelical Hospital continues to move forward. We praise God for His sustaining power felt and seen in and through the lives that CEH touches every day.

God gave CEH the purpose: to give the best quality care we can to all who come according to the means He has given us and to share the gospel of Christ clearly with each individual who is cared for. This mission statement guides all that is done. The number of patients seen in 2011 at CEH totaled approximately 16,000. God increased our capacity to serve with the inpatient wards and two operating rooms now in use.

About one-third of the buildings in the overall vision for the CEH Campus are complete. We thank God for the 35 Christian medical and administrative staff members. Six are new this past year. Job, our head nurse, and the four doctors are working out protocols to continue improving the care given to each patient.  Major surgeries are performed weekly. Most importantly, we share the gospel of Christ with each person where probably 95% have never heard it. This is a faithful work to Him and we pray that He will give fruit in His time.
New Vehicle Arrives

God provided the funds through generous donations for a much needed new Toyota pick-up for the hospital administration work. Etienne and our Importation Agent presented the paper work through the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance to get complete exoneration from taxes in a timely manner. When the vehicle arrived at port and Etienne went to claim it, they presented the paperwork to the customs official in charge of the port. The official demanded a fee of $8,000, then lowered it to $4,000. After another trip to the Ministry of Health and Finance Office and additional paperwork, it was established that CEH would pay the 2% tax ($700) that is normally requested of mission organizations in Guinea. The customs official was then ordered to liberate the truck. Though it took two more weeks of patient work, sitting in offices and standing on the principles which God has given us, we are grateful for the provision of this new vehicle and that God was honored at each step. Etienne called from the port as soon as he was given the keys and prayers were shared Trans-Atlantic via phone, dedicating the vehicle to the Lord and His work in Guinea.  Etienne notes it is a pleasure to drive. He can listen to Christian CDs and hold quiet conversations that will help disciple coworkers. We trust that this will be a reliable vehicle for at least the next decade. Thank you, Lord, for this!


New Truck 2012
New Toyota Pick-up


Pray for Discernment  
Helicopter landing at CEH
Helicopter landing at CEH
Rio Tinto, one of the largest mining companies in the world, with an annual global income surpassing 10 billion dollars, is now developing iron mines in Guinea. It has contracted with the Guinea government to operate the shipping port and to redevelop the railroad through the country to serve these mines. The railroad will pass through Mamou and one of their mines is only 30 miles from CEH. Representatives from Rio Tinto flew to CEH via helicopter with their national leadership, landing on our soccer field, to visit and inspect the hospital. They were impressed with the facility, cleanliness and the quality of care offered to patients. Though we are not yet fully equipped, they believe we are now giving the best quality care in the region. They approached us and asked if we would enter a contractual agreement to care for their workers.

In the context of normal African culture, they offered Etienne a financial gift to open the door to favorable dialogue. Etienne refused the gift, stating it would appear to be a bribe, which we prohibit our staff from accepting for their medical services. This would not appear right to our staff, to the government, nor to our constituency. They then offered to help develop the hospital facility further and provide a European surgeon whom they would pay.  He could serve their patients and be an associate attending on our staff. We need a surgeon, and the resources to develop the rest of the facility are a constant subject of prayer. We want to be careful to not bedistracted or compromise the spiritual purposes Christ has given us. We have purposed to give the best quality care we can according to the means which He provides. Is this part of His provision? We have committed in our policy manual to work with evangelical missions and churches to share the Gospel of Christ with all who will come. This is a secular company with lots of money.  How will they respond when we insist that any staff they offer us must be committed Christians and participate in that dimension of the work with us? This is a big league contract, and we are just a little league Christian hospital doing the Lord's work.   We ask you all to pray with us to discern if this is God's providence, His testing, or a temptation.

Thank You!
Dr. Giny and Mark Hoekman are missionaries currently seeking God's direction with a new assignment. We are grateful for their service and constructive input in the realms of medical care and administration they gave when visiting CEH in February. We pray for God's blessing and guidance for them. We continue to ask the Lord to provide professional long term laborers whom He would desire for CEH. Our need for western missionaries is noted on our web site: www.cehguinea.org. We are seeking African surgeons, a pharmacist, a lab technician, and 5 national nurses. Please pray with us for these needs. You may be a part of the solution or the networking that will provide for these needs.

Short Term Teams
A short term missions construction team is planning a trip for May, 2012. Three men who traveled to CEH on previous trips and possibly one additional member of this team are making preparations for electrical and plumbing tasks to be completed as well as vision casting for future projects. One project they will be working on is the electrical and plumbing of the Professional House  for overnight stay of doctors on call.

Dr. Robert Stanhope, from Mayo Clinc, will make his fourth trip to contribute to the medical work; especially training Dr. Jean Paul in cervical cancer diagnosis and care.

Patrick Davitt, also from Mayo Clinic, embarking on his second trip, will install and train national staff to use an in-hospital radio system that will help our communications and our evangelization program.

We are grateful for each team of short term workers who serve God and CEH with time and talents. Please pray for them faithfully, as they prepare to travel and work  at CEH in May.
Professional House
Construction of the CEH Professional House.

ECFA Approval  
Compassion Evangelical Hospital received approval for admission to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). This certification affirms that they reviewed our financial policies and the financial review performed by Hungerford, a local CPA firm in Detroit, and find them conforming to the desirable accounting and governance standards expected in the USA and among Christian institutions. We are very grateful for the diligent work CEH staff members Lyle Algate, treasurer, Gail Moody, financial secretary, and Ulli Jonen, COO, did to accomplish this. You will now see the ECFA logo attached to most of our communications and on our website.
 We praise God for the entire team on the ground in Guinea and for the team here in the USA.  And we praise God for you who pray and give to advance the work of God with us. Thank you.

Your fellow servant,

Dr. Dwight E. Slater, MD


"Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,  

will praise you forever;  

from generation to generation  

we will recount your praise" (Psalm 79:13).


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