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"Declare his glory among the nations,  

his marvelous deeds among all peoples.  

For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;  

he is to be feared above all gods"  

(Psalm 96:3-4, NIV).   

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Container Shipment
Executive Board
Mission Workers
Answered Prayers
Looking Forward
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Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
November 2011 Update  
Dear Friends and Partners,

We have much to praise God for! Often it is in the face of trials that we see His gracious goodness, steadfast love and faithfulness most clearly.


Container Shipment

Container "L" left Detroit August 23. Detained by Hurricane Irene on the east coast, it didn't leave the U.S. until September 28. It arrived at the port in Conakry October 11 in record trans-Atlantic time. It sat there for more than three weeks due to port expansion construction and then a port workers' strike. Etienne and Kim shuffled through all the paper work to get it cleared through customs and port. We prayed about each of these obstacles that were out of our control. The electrician and plumbing team arrived in Guinea on November 5 before it was released. The container left the port and arrived in Mamou on November 11. It was unloaded by the team and distributed to the project areas. It was God's perfect timing!


Short Term Team (with their wives) departing Detroit Metro Airport.  Left to right:  Lois and Lyle VanKlompenberg, Karon and Al Buning, Irma and Al Wychers, George and Susan Weertz. 

Executive Board

The Executive and Advisory Board of CEH gathered on October 29 for the third quarter Board Meeting at Highland Park Baptist Church. We were blessed again by the fellowship with God and each other in the work of CEH. Our five U.S. committees are functioning well and it was a joy to see God's many blessings throughout the work. The devotional we shared reminded us from God's Word that our eyes must remain focused on Him. "... We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you" (2 Chronicles 20:12, NIV).


In the financial area we are running very lean with just enough in the bank to pay next month's operations. Our monthly operational costs are $7,000. This is the highest priority in the use of all our support funds, totaling $84,000 yearly. We want to thank each of you who faithfully and generously contribute. We believe God will continue to supply all our needs. 

Mission Workers

Dr. Kristen and all of our 22 short term missionaries this year are fully supported. We praise God for this. We also had a visiting eye care team of twelve people and four other units from sister missions sharing intermittently with us in the work this year.


Our electrical and plumbing team left their families November 4 and will return December 5. The long list of tasks they plan to complete include: electrical and water infrastructure, and completing the Surgical Building and Ward C. Three of these men, with the energy and freedom of early retirement, are actually making their second trip to CEH this year. Their joy is evident to all as they participate in this significant ministry for our Lord. Praise God!


Debbie, Vonnie, and I as well as fellow board member Kim Couture will be the final Short Term Team for this year. We are traveling to Mamou November 28 and returning on December 12. We will lend our skills in whatever capacity we can while there. Kim will guide nationals as they establish organizational and inventory patterns. This will help us understand and meet future needs for medical equipment and supplies. Debbie and Vonnie will use their gifts of help and encouragement. Debbie will also home-school Von and help her prepare for December exams back in the USA. I will participate in and translate for the medical conference. We are all thrilled to be part of this historical celebration of what God accomplished at CEH.


Final 2011 Short Term Team
The Final 2011 Short Term Team
Kim Couture, Dwight, Vonnie and Debbie Slater 
Answered Prayers

In September I shared a high-priority need for a new administrative vehicle. God worked through His people with individual and church gifts. Thank you for those who prayed and for those who sacrificially gave. We are ordering the new Toyota Hilux double cab pickup which we believe is the most reliable and maintainable vehicle fitting the need in Guinea. Praise God with us for this provision and pray that it will serve Him well for many years.



We are blessed to see two major projects happen in this last month of 2011. The first Guinean Christian medical conference will be held November 29 - December 4. It has been fully underwritten by Autumn Ridge Church (ARC). Mayo Clinic doctors, Robert Stanhope and Rob MacBane, are taking the leadership role in this important event. Many of the presentations will be given by national workers from fourteen different Christian facilities working in Guinea. We expect sixty to seventy participants.

Surgery Building 11-2011
The Surgical Building ready for interior completion.
Dedication scheduled for December 3, 2011. 

On December 3, the dedication of the Surgical Building and Operating Rooms will take place. This was made possible by the financial contribution of ARC and the electrical and plumbing skills of the Michigan short term construction team this year. The Guinean Minister of Health and the US Ambassador are planning to attend. It will then be open to serve the Guinean and West African people in Christ's name and with the best equipped facilities in the region.



Miape News

The MIAPE Mission, our sister African mission at CEH, just completed their chapel building on their Welcome Center property. Windows, doors, floors and plastering will follow soon. They also initiated a Christian school starting with twenty kindergarten and first grade students meeting in this chapel. They will add the next grades as the classes progress. Six students of our CEH family are attending as well as numerous local children. Their next project will be small sleeping rooms to house anticipated believers who may be ostracized from families for their new faith. These rooms will cost about $8,000 to build. They welcome designated gifts though CEH for this phase of the ministry. Their initiative and faith in these endeavors amazes me.

The MIAPE Chapel


Looking Forward

As we look forward to 2012, the next construction projects for CEH will be the ER/X-ray ($85,000) and Morgue ($20,000). We will have two high priority administrative projects. The first is to subsidize expansion of the pharmaceutical inventory by $10,000 since our services will increase with the Surgery and Wards operational. Second, we hope to start a revolving loan fund of $6,000 for our workers' personal home construction. We want them to build and live close to the hospital to facilitate their availability to the work.


Family Notes

Each one of us loves our children very deeply and often pray they will be spared from deep trials. However, we also understand that through trials we grow (James 1). Our daughters recently experienced situations causing them to fix their eyes on God.


Vonnie, our 13-year-old daughter, is being treated for supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). In layman's terms, it means from time to time her heart beats very fast for a reason other than exercise, high fever, or stress. The symptoms were evaluated and dealt with at Scheurer Hospital and then later at Beaumont Hospital with an event monitor. We also met with a University of Michigan Hospital Cardiologist who will do an ablation procedure in January.


Dara, our daughter away in college, faces situations confronting her faith. Her Christian moral standards are challenged and tested. She also severely sprained her ankle and required an external brace for over a month. Fortunately during this time she has the support of her college church and some Christian friends. Vonnie and Dara are both fixing their eyes on God in the midst of these difficult situations.


As parents, Debbie and I also fix our eyes on Him as we pray for them. Thank you for praying for our family as you pray for CEH. The words found in scripture echo our heart prayer: "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth" (3 John 1:4, NIV).


I, along with my family and the staff at CEH sincerely wish you a blessed Thanksgiving and precious Christmas as we celebrate who He is and all that He has done for us.


Your fellow servant,,

Dwight E. Slater, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Compassion Evangelical Hospital


"Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,  

will praise you forever;  

from generation to generation  

we will recount your praise" (Psalm 79:13).


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