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Construction Progress
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Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
June 2011 Update  
Dear Friends and Partners,

In this month's update you will read about one patient discharged after two years of medical care, the plans to increase national staff, construction progress, short term missions trips and more.  Thank you for your interest and continued prayer for Compassion Evangelical Hospital.  God uses all of us together to accomplish His work at CEH in Guinea.

Spiritual Fruit    

Two years ago family members brought Aissatou to CEH.  She was 14 years old and  suffering with paralysis, caused by transverse myletitis, and very painful open wounds.  Her family did their best caring for her but she developed gaping ulcers on her pelvis, hips and heels.  She was the first patient to be moved from the veranda of the hospital into a ward room in 2009.  Lacina, a nurse who specializes in wound care, and the doctors gave meticulous care.  They also taught the family how to prevent these wounds from reoccurring. 

Aissatou with Lacina
Aissatou with Lacina

She now can take a few steps with the walker and continues to use the wheelchair but is far healthier leaving this month than when she came to us.  The Christian community provided Aissatou and her family with food and came alongside them during the many months of recovery.  God's grace was evident in many ways.  Our God is able to heal paralytics.  Even more important, we pray that the Savior Christ of whom she heard about will become her personal Savior and God.  Please continue to pray for her with us.  


Most communication in Africa is oral but on May 18th we received this note from one of our patients.  MB is from Labe, a city four hours to the north of the hospital.  This letter is symbolic of the gratitude of thousands of patients who are cared for annually at CEH.  As prayer and financial partners, this letter is for you, too.

Dear Doctors and Nurses,


Very respectfully I come to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care that was given to me, that has permitted me to regain my health. These expressions of thanks are not given just to each of you but also to the health institution now known as Compassion  Evangelical Hospital. May God, the all-powerful and merciful one, be with you.



                Your patient, MB  

Construction Progress   


Progress continues on the Surgical Building and Ward C.  Raymond and his crew finished plastering walls, pouring floors and placing ceramic tiles where necessary in operating rooms.  All national codes are followed closely.  One code states that the perimeter of the property needs to be fenced or walled.  Fence posts are rapidly being put up and will eventually become part of a wall.  The fence will help keep squatters from moving onto the property and eliminate animals that pasture on the grass surrounding the hospital.  The completed wall will help with security for the entire compound from danger of snakes, occasional rabid dogs and thieves.  We are encouraged by the progress and thank God for this.

Covered walkway between the Clinic and Wards
Above picture shows covered walkway between the Clinic and Wards-Nursing Station.  Picture also shows the need for the fence, notice the local cow grazing in yard.

Scripture tells us that, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:17 NIV)  We are reminded of this daily when the rented school bus arrives at CEH with our workers from town.  Painted boldly on the side of the bus is "GIFT".  Rarely are gifts from God labeled so clearly!    


The Nissan Pathfinder purchased last year made many trips to the capital for purchases and to receive missionary guest workers.  It proved to be a good purchase.  However, with the constant use it recently required major repairs and is currently in the repair shop.  The red Nissan minibus was also very heavily used for construction and personnel transportation during the past three years.   We are not sure how much longer it will be of use and are trusting God for the timely replacement of both of these vehicles.   

"GIFT" Bus
"GIFT" Bus
Pathfinder in need of repair
Pathfinder in need of repair


Patient Care and Staffing    

We praise God for a recent increase in the volume of patients.  Before this, a decline in patients caused by political and economic unrest in the country made operations difficult.  The average daily number of patients is currently 70.  The revenue generated from this volume allows us to restock the pharmacy and to pay national medical salaries.

With the anticipated opening of the Surgical Building and Inpatient Care, the need to hire more Christian national staff is a primary concern.  Applications will be accepted and the search to fill ten positions at CEH will be a focus this month for Etienne, Dr. Jean Paul and Dr. Kristen.  Once the candidates are chosen they will undergo supplemental medical and surgical training to be sure they have the skills to serve at the expected quality level.  Please pray for wisdom and direction for this entire process. 


Trips and Containers     
Two more containers (L & M) are being packed and will soon be on their way to CEH.  A new 45KW generator for the main power supply  is one of the items packed in Container L.  Other items shipping in this container are electrical and plumbing supplies, operating room tables, lights and a sterilizer.  World Medical Relief is filling another Container M.  This container has many instruments and equipment, including nine beds, which will be put to use immediately in the operating rooms and patient wards.

Please pray with us that these two containers will ship safely and arrive at the hospital in Mamou without interruption in transit or at the dock.  Pray, too, for the September travel arrangements of the short term electrical and plumbing teams who will install the equipment packed in Containers L & M.  I will travel with this team to handle administrative projects.  The CEH Personnel Committee will work over the next couple of months to pull the application process, orientation and travel details together. 

MIAPE Missionary Notes 

Our sister mission from Cote d'Ivoire, MIAPE, sent four long term families and three short term individuals to work with us at CEH several years ago.  They developed a vision to establish a local church in Guinea and now have 60 people in the congregation. They are building a chapel with the fruits of their own tithes and offerings.

MIAPE Chapel

The MIAPE Chapel walls going up.

On the property next to the chapel they hope to build a Welcome Center to house and disciple new believers who are often abandoned by their families when they become Christians. They plan to train these new believers with skills that allow them to support themselves. This small congregation declined outside help with the chapel saying it was their responsibility.  They will, however, accept financial assistance for the Welcome Center if the Lord directs others to partner with them.  If you desire to help out with the MIAPE Welcome Center you may do so through CEH.  We are in full support of this congregation and how it enhances the ministry of Compassion Evangelical Hospital.

Financial Update  

The cost to maintain the current obligations at CEH is $7,000 per month. This amount covers the operation of the hospital and the MIAPE missionaries who faithfully serve. It is raised through donations of individuals and churches here in the United States. Summer is historically difficult in maintaining the needed amount; as is true for most non-profit organizations. A few individuals and churches provide the needed funds for a particular month during each year. We are grateful for these partnerships and seek to expand them to cover each month of the year.  In addition, we are thankful for the many who give as the Lord enables them. 


When contributions are not designated, the funds areapplied to the area in most need and then to the current construction project. The next large construction projects are:

  • Emergency Room & X-Ray building - $80,000*
  • Emergency Room & X-Ray equipment - $40,000*
  • A Morgue - $24,000*

*Projected cost


With God's help, we would like to complete these projects in the next 12 months.

Thank you for your continued interest, prayer and financial support.  Visit the CEH Website to inquire how you can join a future trip or help in other ways.

Your brother in His service,
Dr. Dwight E. Slater, M.D.


Hospital Sign
Dwight and CEH sign in Mamou


"Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever; from generation to generation we will recount your praise."      

Psalm 79:13

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