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Christmas Outreach
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Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
January 2011 Update

"May your deeds be shown to your servants, your splendor to their children.  May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us - yes, establish the work of our hands." 

Psalm 90:16 & 17 (NIV)

Christmas Outreach

Etienne and Paulette hosted a Christmas Eve feast and an all night wake in their courtyard.  The Christmas story was told and acted out by the MIAPE Church.  Songs and testimonies were shared with the nearly 150 neighbors and friends who attended.  Pray that the seeds sown during this evening will take root and produce faith that will grow in the lives of those who have not yet received the greatest gift of all.


The MIAPE Church shared together in a meal and a time of prayer bringing in the New Year together.  Paulette also hosted a special meal for the two or three engaged couples in their community to encourage them in their preparation for marriage.  Pray for the witness in all aspects of life of the MIAPE Christian community.  While they continue to follow up on the two villages where they provided free medical evangelistic outreaches, they are targeting a new unreached village for this next dry season.  Pray for spiritual fruit from these efforts.

MIAPE Church Community
MIAPE Church Community



Peace, freedom to worship and opportunities to share the Gospel in Guinea are prayer concerns that wrap tightly around everything done at Compassion Evangelical Hospital.  After 52 years of strong military leadership gaining power and ruling as a dictatorship, the people of Guinea have elected Alpha Conde, age 72.  He is the first democratically elected Guinean President and won with 52.5% of the vote.  As a former opposition leader, he was at one time condemned to death for opposing the military rulers.  While in exile he taught at Sorbonne University in Paris. 


This has been a six month election process.  Initially 17 different candidates were proposed by parties often structured along tribal loyalty lines.  (42 tribes make up the 10,300,000 people of Guinea.)  The first runoff election determined the top two candidates.  The final election was delayed while the disputes in the electoral process were worked out.  Two more rounds of local elections will occur to select representatives to the National Assembly and determine mayors and city council members.


Scripture teaches us to pray for peace and for those in authority.  God is sovereign in the affairs of this world.  Please pray for Alpha Conde as he sets up government, represents the people and restores justice and prosperity to Guinea.  Guinea's natural resources and fertile land give it strong potential if it is well managed. 

Fertile landscape in Guinea
Guinea's fertile land

Patient Care

The political climate affected the number of patients seen at CEH during September through December.  Tribal hostilities and threats, occasional travel restrictions and curfews limited the number of patients who were able to travel safely for medical care.  Since January 1, the patient visits are climbing back to pre-election numbers.  Pray for this increasing volume and the staff who are prepared to serve them.  Higher volume of patients is welcome as the revenue received from patient care helps pay staff salaries.  More importantly though, these patients hear the gospel through the introductory preaching at the beginning of the day, the Christian literature available to them, the Jesus Film which is played almost every day, and the witness of the staff.


Patients waiting while Jesus film plays on veranda
Patients waiting for medical care.  Jesus film playing on TV.


The expansion of the services and facilities continue to speak of God's blessing on the work and the faithfulness of partners through prayer and financial support.  The Surgical Building, funded by Autumn Ridge Church in Minnesota, is scheduled to have the electrical and plumbing installed by a team of men traveling from the U.S. in February.


Ward C, funded by The John Slater Memorial Fund, a Tocco family gift, and the Lankton Estate Gift, is nearing completion with the roof being the next phase of this project.  The electrical and plumbing crew arriving in February will also work on this building.


Ward C and Surgical Building Building (left)
Ward C and Surgical Building (left)
The materials needed for both of these projects are in route via container #10.  Pray for the safe delivery of this container. The estimated delivery date is February 6, 2011.  The five men preparing to travel to Guinea are: Al Buning, Al Wychers, Kurt Couture, Brian Pecheniuk and George Weertz.  Pray for health, travel arrangements and all of the needed funds to cover expenses while serving God with their skills.  In addition to completing the electrical and plumbing of the Surgical Building and Ward C they will be working at Dr. Kristen's home to improve her electrical and water systems.  They will also be training several nationals in the proper use of the CAT which was shipped to Guinea in container #9.

With the reality of additional services soon to be available to the patients in surgery and overnight care, the personnel needs are growing.  CEH is looking to hire ten additional nurses to adequately cover the surgical rooms, recovery rooms and the wards for extended patient care. 


Currently there are 32 workers on the medical/administrative staff and 16 workers on the construction/security staff.  All of the medical workers are believers and three of the construction workers are.  Contract services for specific projects are also used on construction projects.  God has blessed the work with many good workers.  Please continue to pray for the additional staff needed. 

Refresher course graduates
Nurses and Technicians holding refresher course certificates.

 The MIAPE missionary staff has been invaluable in their servant leadership throughout the hospital. Job, who is leading the inpatient services, just completed a refresher course for the last wave of nurses and technicians hired. One more missionary nurse from Cote d'Ivoire  who would lead in surgical services when open is currently being recruited.   Plans are underway now for a conference in Mamou next September to train Christian medical staff.  Dr. Steve Merry from MAYO Clinic will lead this conference.  It will be open to at least 13 Christian Medical Institutions that have developed in Guinea and possibly some from the neighboring nations.  As you pray for more staff, pray for this quality training which will be of benefit to many Christian medical workers in West Africa.

In the November 2010 update and in an email to many of you, I shared the need for water at the hospital and how God provided in a wonderful way. 


God directed us to the area where the water was found.  It began flowing from the drill site immediately.  A pump has since been added and two water reservoirs will be prepared near the site.  One reservoir will be available for the local community to draw water from.  Analysis of the water has been completed and the water is very good quality, free of contamination and healthy to drink.  We praise God for this provision!
Water from the drilled hole
Water flowing from the new well!

Thank you for standing with Compassion Evangelical Hospital in prayer and financial support.  May God bless you abundantly in 2011.


Your fellow servant,

Dwight E. Slater, MD



"Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever; from generation to generation we will recount your praise."   

Psalm 79:13

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