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An Experience Beyond Words
Hospital Operations
Spiritual Climate
African Relationships

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Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
September 2010 Update
Dwight Slater and Ulli Jonen recently returned from a two week trip to Guinea.  They returned re-energized for the work of Compassion Evangelical Hospital.

Ulli Jonen is retired from Volkswagen and helping improve the function of the various committees within CEH here in the USA. He serves as the COO of
Dwight  interpreting for Ulli at the MIAPE Service
Dwight and Ulli at the MIAPE Church in Guinea
CEH and as a volunteer with Send International as well as being an active leader with Bible Study Fellowship. 

This trip had an especially meaningful impact on Ulli; he shares from his heart in this month's newsletter.   

Please enjoy the details and feel the excitement!

An Experience Beyond Words
To say that my first trip to Guinea (and Africa) was a trip of a lifetime would not adequately describe how I feel about the time spent at Compassion Evangelical Hospital.  Seeing the hospital first hand, meeting the people that I have heard about and prayed for and stepping into a culture that is vastly different from anything I have ever seen was an experience beyond words.  My heart and mind were touched and God humbled me in wonderful ways.

With a group of new friends.
Ulli with a group of local people

I could not have asked for a better travel companion. Dwight Slater was my built-in doctor, translator, travel-guide, prayer partner, food advisor, and teacher. We had a very successful trip as we accomplished the tasks set beforehand.  More importantly, we developed a deeper relationship with each other that allowed for many hours of fellowship, devotional time, and personal bonding.
We left the USA August 28th and returned September 13th. Between August 31st and September 10th we had multiple group and private meetings with the medical and construction staff at the hospital. We were able to have personal meetings with national and regional leaders of the Guinea health system. The Mamou Mayor also spent time with us to review progress at the hospital. These Guinean leaders are very much aware of the impact CEH is having on the region. Without prompting they expressed their appreciation for the medical care provided.  They also thanked us for the leadership in providing valuable, on-time quality reports about the medical statistics and findings at the hospital.
On August 31st Dwight, Etienne, and I met with US Ambassador Patricia Moller and three of her staff. The Ambassador is aware of prior conversations about the potential of CEH obtaining assistance from the US Embassy for humanitarian services. Several of their officers have visited our hospital and highly praised its function and impact in the region. However, due to the current political climate and a pending democratic election, the US will not make any further humanitarian financial commitments at this time.   We are hopeful for conversations to continue after the elections which were postponed again.
Hospital Operations
The financial overview with Etienne and Emmanuel went well. They were well prepared for our visit with a presentation of documented financial processes, including cash handling and financial safe-guards.
The hospital is functioning with a clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, and medical inventory. The clinic performed a total of 11,000 consultations between January and June of this year. Currently there are 48 workers employed at the hospital (34 medical and 14 construction).
The surgical building exterior is finished. Roofing and plastering are complete. Work on Ward "C" begins in late September using funds from the Dr. John Slater Memorial and the Lankton Estate Gift. Both buildings will be operational in early 2011.

Surgical Building Progress
Surgery Building 9-2010
A second generator is needed and will be shipped in Container Number 10. This generator will assure additional power supply once the surgical building is complete, and will also serve as relief generator for the current main power unit.
Additional staff will be hired as growth continues.  It is difficult to find workers who fit the skill and spiritual requirements needed.  Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide competent candidates with the right work skill and deep Christian faith.
A low to mid-level skilled local electrician is needed to perform routine repair and maintenance work. Guinean electricians have not been found who can understand the American system and do this work.
Spiritual Climate
Daily prayer and devotional time is a central focus before any work begins or before meetings commence. The morning devotional for the medical team and separately for the construction team sets the tone for the entire day. All medical workers are Christian. Three construction workers are Christian (out of 14).
Unity and harmony are evident in the working relationships on staff.  This includes medical staff and construction staff as well as between the two departments.  There is also good harmony between Christians and Muslims.
On September 5th the hospital hosted a spiritual retreat at near-by Dalaba (about 30 miles away). The retreat served to introduce workers hired since late 2007 to the core mission of the hospital and it's Statement of Faith. It also allowed the 22 participants to share their personal Christian testimonies and thus to get to know each other better.
Dwight, Kristen and Ulli with the staff at retreat.
Dwight, Kristen and Ulli with staff at retreat

32 workers took part in a prayer walk held on September 10th. The walk allowed workers to praise God and thank Him for His grace.  They recognized the privilege that it is to minister to people who require medical care and to take part in introducing them to the gospel through the Pular-language Jesus video. In addition, prayers were given for the new Ward "C" and the Surgical Building trusting God for all that will be done in these buildings.

Prayer walk with workers inside the Surgical Building.
Prayer walk 9-2010
African Relationships
One of the many deep impressions which I brought back with me is the importance of relationships in African culture. Nothing task-oriented happens in Africa unless it has been thoroughly 'bathed' in the relational aspects of life. However, as a result of prior relationship building (and the hospital delivering on its medical promises), the doors are wide open to meet with leaders highly respected in the regional area and the capital city of Conakry.

Dr. Jean Paul's monthly reports to regional health officials are the standard of on-time quality reports. Dr. Jean Paul has been able to develop valuable relationships with health officials and doctors at other hospitals.

The villagers have a very good relationship with CEH. During our meeting with the construction team one of the workers stated that through CEH he has learned a lot about God. Another construction worker said that the group is known in the area as the people who work for CEH.
With some local villagers.
Ulli with local villagers

This trip provided many valuable and unforgettable impressions. It gave me an important inside view of the hospital, its people, its inner workings, and its needs. It put faces on the names I heard often times before. If you desire to be involved in this ministry and you have not taken a trip to Guinea yet, I urge you to do so.   Your heart will be warmed by the people and challenged by our loving God in ways only He can do.

Ulrich Jonen
Chief Operating Officer
Compassion Evangelical Hospital

Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm.  Let nothing move you. 

Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord,
because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 
I Corinthians 15:58


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