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Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
July 2010 Update

Dear Ministry Partner,


My heart is filled with joy and great anticipation of what God is doing in and through the work at Compassion Evangelical Hospital.  We see progress in the construction of the Surgical Building, we eagerly look forward to the newly hired nurses joining our staff, we praise God for His protection and safety during the national elections and my plans for another trip to Guinea are in progress.  All this and more remind me daily that God has a plan for CEH and we are walking by faith with Him in the work!  Please continue to stand with us in prayer that faith and action will demonstrate God's love to the people who come to the hospital on a daily basis.

Notes from the Board

The Executive Board consisting of nine people and the Advisory Committee of up to 17 people meet together three times a year to prayerfully guide, direct and seek God's will for the work of Compassion Evangelical Hospital.  These dedicated people are essential to the work and we are grateful for them. 
Fran Messenger along with her husband, Len have been on our Advisory Committee since our first meeting in 2004 offering sound advice and prayerful support.   Recently the Lord took Fran home to be with Him after her battle with cancer.  Fran has been part of Debbie's and my life personally since we were appointed as career missionaries in 1985.  We miss her deeply.
Wayne and Bev Bruner also served on the Advisory Committee from 2005 to present and in a number of other valuable roles. Bev helped type and publish the Prayer Guide for the People of Guinea which we offer to those who desire to labor in prayer for Guinea. Wayne is a retired Master Electrician and has very competently led in much of the electrical installation and advised in the general construction of CEH during the initial five years of the building project.  He facilitated many of our early construction short term teams. For personal reasons he is stepping down. Wayne is willing to help in the transition of a new person taking the electrical work forward. We are asking our constituency to prayerfully help us seek others to participate in this role. If you are willing to prayerfully consider this position, a preliminary information form is available on the "Come and Serve" page of our web site.

Wayne with Raymond, John and Ercil
during early building stages of CEH.
Wayne with Raymond, John and Ercil during early building stages of CEH.

Construction Update

The Surgical Building is progressing nicely with the assistance of the Assemblies of God Contractor and Team we asked to supervise this building. The roofing is scheduled for completion in July and the windows, doors and plastering of outside walls will be done once the roof is on.  The construction will experience a pause at that point while electrical and plumbing crews are found to complete the work.  We urgently need to organize well qualified teams to take on this important part of the project.  The goal is to have electrical and plumbing crews assembled and working in Guinea this September or October.

Etienne with a night guard at the Surgical Building worksite.
Surgical Building work site progress.
(Etienne with the night guard.)

Guinea Political News

The first round of the national election was June 27. The top two candidates are Diallo with 40% and Conde with 21% of the vote.  A run-off election is scheduled for August 1, postponed from July 18.  Please pray that the final voting will proceed peacefully and the nation will remain open to God's work. After the run-off vote we hope the U.S. Embassy will re-engage in the humanitarian projects within Guinea which are on hold at this time.  The U.S. is helping train a new Presidential Security Force to serve the new Guinean President. Our missionaries from the U.S. and Cote d'Ivoire continue to feel safe during these days and have all persevered in the work.
Hospital Staff

Recruitment of nurses continues to be a priority and we appreciate your prayers for this.  Of the 16 interviewed in the past month, five were of the quality we hire for CEH.  Those five nurses will begin work on the first of August.  Pray for Dr. Jean Paul, the other doctors, Job and Lacina as they train these new staff members.  Pray also for a smooth integration and unity in purpose of the entire staff.  May they integrate the Mission Statement in all their work:  To give the best quality medical and surgical care possible according to our means with compassion and a clear presentation of the Gospel of Christ to everyone who comes.

Job training Guinea nurse.
Job training Guinea nurse

We are hopeful to hire at least 10 more workers which we expect to need over the next six months.  It would be an added blessing if at least two American nurses could commit to a 6 - 24 month work term.  They would participate in the work and help to train the nationals in good nursing procedures and protocol.  Again we are asking you to prayerfully help us seek others to participate in these roles. The preliminary information form can be found on the "Come and Serve" page of our website.

Four members of our staff recently attended a medical conference sponsored by US-AID held in Conakry.  This conference focused on laboratory testing and medical care for AIDS patients.  The staff unanimously found the time spent at this conference worthwhile. We plan to develop more of a program in response to the 3-4% of the population that is directly touched by AIDS.  Blended with our purpose of compassion we believe many who are fighting this disease can be served in Christ's name.
Patient Care

Our four doctors continue to share the patient count of 70-80 patients daily.  This load allows each patient to have adequate time with a doctor.  The doctors also have flexibility to attend conferences and take vacations when needed. 
Lacina now cares for the chronic wound patients at the nursing station in the new wards where the leg ulcer bench has been placed.  This allows more area in the clinic for consultations.   It is with these patients that we are having the most continual contact and opportunities to share the gospel.   
Lacina caring for leg wound
Lacina with wound care patient

Job is leading the work in the wards.  We have eight beds currently functioning in the wards.  An additional eight beds are scheduled to be shipped to furnish the recently finished ward rooms. 
Dr. Kristin

Dr. Kristen checking in
via phone conversation
with Dwight
Dr. Kristen on her weekly phone call with Dwight
Dr. Kristen continues to faithfully serve at CEH.  In January 2007 she asked her supporters to make a two year commitment to her financial support package and raised the entire amount in three months.   We are grateful for all who supported her during the initial two years and beyond.  Her support dropped off in the past several months and we would like to encourage those who support her to continue to do so.
Dr. Kristen with some of her village friends.
Dr. Kristen with village friends

In addition to serving faithfully in the medical work, Dr.  Kristen continues to learn Pular and master her French. She often spends one night in the village closest to the hospital to deepen her understanding of the culture and the needs of the community. This gives her a unique close relationship with the Peuhl people who are the majority tribal group surrounding the hospital. Dr. Kristen also worships with the Christian Reformed World Mission group in the neighboring town of Dalaba which is primarily made up of Peuhl believers. She has an accountability friendship with a fellow missionary named Brenda in the area.  Both Dr. Kristen and her friends testify that she is growing in the Lord and in the gentleness of her spirit which gives her personal joy and attractiveness to her testimony and work. She is a living testimony to the glory of God's grace as we all should be. We thank many of you who continue to support her faithfully with your prayers, your financial support and your friendship.
Ulli Jonen, our COO, and I will be in Guinea for two weeks leaving at the end of August.  We hope to encourage our staff and share in a spiritual retreat. A review of  the financial and administrative protocols will be conducted with the expanding team that God is giving us on the field. We will also make contacts with Guinean government offices and the U.S. Embassy. A couple other short term missionaries may  joins us and help in the construction area. Pray for our preparation and fruitfulness of the trip.
We are grateful for all the prayers and financial support.
Your fellow servant,
Dwight E. Slater, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Compassion Evangelical Hospital

Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm.  Let nothing move you. 

Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord,
because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 
I Corinthians 15:58


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