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Oct 15

Sacred Art Uncorked



Oct 17-21

Visio Divina II: Praying With Imagination

Saint John's University


 Oct 19

Visio Divina & Advent Webinar



 Oct 20 

Theology Day



 Oct 28 

Theology Day

Saint John's University


Nov 8 

The Art of Visio Divina Webinar 



Nov 13-18

Ministerial Renewal Retreat

Saint John's University


 Correction: The October Theology Days and the Summer 2012 NCYC dates were previously listed incorrectly. The dates are now corrected in this issue. 

Summer 2012 Events


June 12-27, 2012


YTM Summer Institute

 June 16-30, 2012



 June 19-22, 2012


Monastic Institute 

June 24-28, 2012


Praying With Imagination

July 29-August 3,2012



October 2011

Vic Klimoski 
Victor Klimoski


Getting Ahead of Busy


Recently, I was leading a follow-up workshop in Bemidji with 24 community leaders.  As we began, participants were invited to fill us in on what had been happening since last time.  This is a paraphrase of what I heard most often:  "I have never been so busy.  There are not enough hours in the day.  I am already feeling overwhelmed."   


This is the lament of this era as the pace of life quickens, and notions of living a balanced life wane.  There is no easy remedy though we are told by the ancients that sometimes the only way to break the grip of distraction is to flee to the desert.  Collegeville is not the desert, but it is a place for retreat where people can sort out the choices needed to live a more centered life.   


That is the purpose of two upcoming retreats.  Next week, Kathleen Cahalan leads a week of visio divina, inviting people to immerse themselves in illuminations from the Saint John's Bible.  It is an experience of how imagination can sharpen one's ability to see deeply into the Word.  Then in November, Barbara Sutton will lead our second Taking Stock retreat that guides pastoral ministers as they reclaim what it is that grounds and sustains them in ministry.   


Opportunities like these are not magical.  They simply mark a moment when one breaks free long enough to choose wisely how to live.  Consider joining us.


Victor Klimoski




 Stories of our Students  

Donna Madej


Donna Madej '81

 "My love of monasticism has taken many forms. At Saint John's School of Theology, I was immersed in the study of monastic spirituality in the contemplative setting of Collegeville while enjoying colleagues from all over the United States. Those years were very formative for me."


Read the rest of Donna's story here.    



 SeeingtheWordSeeing the Word 
   STW Facebook Page 

Seeing the Word is a spirituality study program combining the Illuminations of The Saint John's Bible with the ancient practice of visio divina ("divine seeing").   


Visit for ordering information and to learn more about this exciting program. A new guided tour of the Seeing the Word Reflection Guides is available and makes a great introduction to the flow of Seeing the Word.      


Join Seeing the Word on Facebook and Twitter for updates, reflections, and more!   





Looking for an introduction on facilitating Seeing the Word in your church or organization?  


Visio Divina and Advent: October 19, 2011 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.  More info 


The Art of Visio Divina: November 8, 2011 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.  More Info   


Our previous webinar on using visio divina in RCIA was recorded and is available online.


IlluminatingMinistrySacred Art uncorked  

Sacred Art uncorked 

Sacred Art uncorked 

Young Adults 

October 15, 2011

3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Loyola University Museum of Arts (LUMA)

Chicago, IL 


A Young Adult event on encountering the divine through the beauty of art


Join us as we view original manuscript pages from ­The Saint John's Bible, a hand-written, hand-illuminated Bible for the 21st Century.


The event will begin with a presentation on Sacred Art and a visual prayer experience. It will then move to the exhibit hall where several original manuscript pages of ­The Saint John's Bible are on display.


The event will conclude with a chance to share experiences and a wine & cheese social. Non-alcoholic beverages available for those under 21.


Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan, M.A.

SOT Alum '11 

Presented by the School of TheologyˇSeminary in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Chicago "ReCil" (Reclaiming Christ in Life) Young Adult office. 


Presenter: Taylor Morgan, M.A. Theology
Project Coordinator, Saint John's School of TheologyˇSeminary



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PrayingImaginationPraying With Imagination  

Visio Divina II:

Praying With Imagination

Praying With Imagination

Download PDF Flier 

October 17-21, 2011  

Directed by Kathleen A. Cahalan  


Visio Divina II: Praying with Imagination is designed for those people who have attended a visio divina retreat and would like more time for silence, spiritual teaching, and individual art. The retreat will be directed by Kathleen A. Cahalan, who has led the Praying with Imagination retreat for the past five years. The emphasis of the retreat will be less on making a book and more on filling a book with the words and images of our lives.  

 Register Online       

IlluminatingMinistryTheology Day  


Vincent Smiles, Ph.D.

Vincent Smiles, Ph.D.


Reflections of God in Scripture and Science


In addressing the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences in 2008, Pope Benedict XVI appealed to the ancient idea that nature and revelation are like two books by which humans can strive to understand creation and the Creator.


This idea invites reflection not only on how the Bible and science relate to one another, but also on how their differing ways of knowing reflect human nature as created in the divine image. The thesis of this lecture is that humans are created to know God and that such knowing can be found in the chapters both of the Bible and of science.


 Vincent Smiles video


Vincent Smiles, Ph.D, is professor of Theology in the undergraduate Department of   Theology of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. He graduated from Saint John's School of TheologyˇSeminary in 1975 with an M.A. in Theology and completed his Ph. D. at Fordham University in 1989.


Dates and Locations


  • Oct. 20, 6:00 p.m. - 9 p.m. (Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis)
  • Oct. 28, 8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Emmaus Hall, Saint John's University)


There is no fee for Theology Day, but registration is required.  Free-will offerings and gifts to support the mission of the School of TheologyˇSeminary are gratefully accepted.


Register Online   



TakingStockMinisterial Renewal Retreat  


Taking Stock: A Renewal Retreat For Ministers 

Do you need some time to reflect on the mystery of God?


Jesus by Lake Artwork

November 13-18, 2011

Directed by Rodney Bluml &

Barbara Sutton  


This ministry renewal retreat will provide people with the opportunity to take stock of their lives in ministry, explore the lessons learned, and identify specific ways they can take to return to ministry with renewed vitality and a deeper sense of vocation. All that in five days. We will be attentive to a daily rhythm that provides plenty of space for individual prayer and walks along the Lake.



"This retreat was a gift for me as an opportunity to take stock of my life as a lay minister in challenging times. The balance of solitude, conversations with other ministers, prayer with the monastic community, sustained lectio divina, silence, poetry, and caring leadership was just what I needed." 


Phyllis Hamill-Little

Director of Faith Formation

Saint Thomas More Parish, St. Paul



The cost for this retreat is $200, which includes housing at the Abbey Guesthouse and meals. Scholarship funds are available by contacting Barbara Sutton at


Each retreat participant will receive a copy of the Illuminating Ministry journal.


Register Online   


 National Catholic Youth Choir  


Applications are now being accepted for the National Catholic Youth Choir's 13th season, June 12-27, 2012. Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB is the choir's founding director and is led by world renowned choral conductor Dr. Axel Theimer.  


For more information, please visit  

IlluminatingMinistryIlluminating Ministry Journal - Volume II 


Illuminating Ministry Vol. 2


Illuminating Ministry: A Journal  

Volume II


Each chapter features an inspiring story, a scripture passage paired with an illumination from The Saint John's Bible, a reflection on the illuminated word, and ways in which the study is connected to the charisms of ministry.


A sample of the journal follows. It is the Story section of the Conversatio chapter, written by Vicki Ix, OSB, vocation director of the Benedictine Community in Bristow, VA. 


"No one enters a monastery hoping they will become the vocation director. The prioress or abbot entrusts this ministry to those who have "fallen in love" with the monastic way of life and have the potential to share its goodness with others discerning a vocation. Without a doubt is the most challenging, inspiring ministry I have ever done. The past six years, admittedly both gift and cross, have led me deeper into the graced reality of monastic life and made me more aware of God's movement in the lives of seekers. That is not to say that this ministry has been easy." 


 Read More 


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IlluminatingMinistrySpring 2012 Course Offerings


Spring 2012 Courses are now listed, with many great opportunities!


  • New and current students
  • Full, part-time, and weekend schedules
  • Degree seeking, certificate, and lifelong learning 

  For course descriptions and for registration information, please click here.


Contact Mary Banken, Director of Admission, for additional information by e-mail at or by phone at 320-363-2102 or 800-363-8318.



DOCT 408 01A  Ecclesiology

Kristin Colberg


DOCT 424 01A  Theology of Sacraments and Worship

Kimberly Belcher


HHTH 400 01A  Patristics

Charles Bobertz


HHTH 403 01A  Medieval Church History

Shawn Colberg


HHTH 468 01A  History of Christian Prayer

Mary Forman, OSB


LANG 402 01A  Reading Ecclesiastical Latin II

Anthony Ruff, OSB


LANG 403 01A  Reading French I

Karen Erickson


LTGY 400 01A  History and Sources of Liturgy

Martin Connell


LTGY 424 01A Theology of Sacraments and Worship

Kimberly Belcher


LTGY 468 01A  Liturgical Presidency

Michael Joncas


LTGY 468 02A  Rites for Vocation

Anthony Ruff, OSB


LMUS 407 01A  Applied Organ

Kim Kasling


LMUS 408 01A  Applied Voice

Carolyn Finley


LMUS 408 02A  Applied Voice

Patricia Kent


LMUS 409 01A  Applied Composition

Brian Campbell


LMUS 433 01A  Service Playing

Kim Kasling


LMUS 435 01A  Service Leadership

Patricia Kent


LMUS 439 01A  Liturgical Music Practicum

Kim Kasling/Anthony Ruff, OSB


LMUS 468 01A  Gregorian Chant Schola

Anthony Ruff, OSB



LMUS 468 02A  Final Project-Recital



MONS 434 01A  Monastic Spiritual Theology

Luke Dysinger, OSB


MORL 422 01A  Christian Social Ethics

Bernard Evans


MORL 468 01A  Ethics in a Global Church

Kathy Lilla Cox


PTHM 401 01A  Evangelization and Catechesis

Jeffrey Kaster


PTHM 408 01A  Introduction to Pastoral Care

Kathleen Cahalan


PTHM 411 01A  Leadership in the Christian Community

Robert McCarty


PTHM 450 01A  Parish Administration

Barbara Sutton


PTHM 459 01A-06A  Practicum

Barbara Sutton


PTHM 468 01A  Liturgical Presidency

Michael Joncas


SSNT 402 01A  New Testament Greek II

Margaret Cook


SSNT 417 01A   Gospel of Matthew

Charles Bobertz


SSOT 416 01A  Psalms  Dale Launderville, OSB

SSOT 410 01A  Pentateuch  Irene Nowell, OSB

SPIR 434 01A  Monastic Spiritual Theology

Luke Dysinger, OSB


SPIR 468 01A      History of Christian Prayer

Mary Forman, OSB


SPIR 468 02A  Christian Hagiography:  Great Stories in the Christian Tradition

Helen Rolfson, OSF


THY 404 01A  Introduction to Christian Tradition II

Dale Launderville, OSB


THY 580 01A  Thesis

William Cahoy


THY 599 01A  Comprehensive Exams

William Cahoy