April, 2012

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Prof Abdulaziz Sachedina Appointed IIIT Chair at GMU


Professor Abdulaziz Sachedina has been appointed IIIT Chair in Islamic Studies at the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies, George Mason University. He is currently professor Religious Studies at Virgina University, Charolttesville. Prof Sachedina has done extensive research on classical Islamic sources and has written on contemporary issues such as human rights (Human Rights and the Conflicts of Culture, Islam and the Challenge of Human Rights), democracy (The Islamic Roots of Democratic Pluralism), biomedical ethics (Islamic Biomedical Ethics). ...More


eventsRecent Activities


Panel on Jewish-Muslim Dialogue at IIIT


Rabbi Serotta, Dr. Abubaker AlShingieti, Joseph Montville, and Imam Yahya Hendi


On Friday, April 20th, IIIT held its monthly seminar at its headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. The panel discussion, entitled "Jewish Muslim Dialogue: Challenges and Prospects" attracted more than forty interfaith and community leaders, scholars and university students. The main panelists were: Rabbi Gerry Serotta, Executive Director of Clergy Beyond Borders, Imam Yahya Hendi, President, Clergy Beyond Borders, and Joseph Montville, Senior Research Scholar at IIIT. Guests from Eastern Mennonite University included ...More


visitorsIIIT Visitors

Dr. Johan Galtung Visits IIIT 


Dr. Johan Galtung, Founder of Peace Transcend International, visited IIIT on April 18, 2012. He discussed issues of mutual cooperation. Dr. Galtung has authored, co-authored, and edited more than 150 books and has written an extensive number of papers.





scholarFeatured Scholar
Dr. Julie Macfarlane writes on Shari'a in America
Dr. Julie Macfarlane

Dr. Julie Macfarlane is a Professor of Law at the University of Windsor in Canada. She is also a Professor of Practice at Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana.


She has written 2 reports published by the Institute for Social Policy (ISPU) on Islamic Shari'a and Islamic Divorce and Marriage. Her new book "Islamic Divorce in North America: A Shari'a Path in a Secular Society" has recently been published by Oxford University Press. 

upcomingeventsUpcoming Events 

studentsSummer Students Program


June 11 - July 18, 2012


IIIT's annual Summer Students Program for 2012, which will run for five and a half weeks between Monday, June 11 and Wednesday, July 18, 2012. The program is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in the humanities or social science disciplines and... More...

scholarsSummer Institute for Scholars


Good Governance in Islam: Classical and Contemporary Approaches

July 9 - 18, 2012


IIIT's fifth Summer Institute for Scholars will convene this year from July 9 -18, 2012. The purpose of the Summer Institute is to bring together and engage senior and young scholars with a particular interest or expertise in Qur'anic studies or Sunna in focused, organized discussions of topics related to a contemporary understanding and articulation of issues involving Qur'an and Sunna. The specific objectives of the seminar are ... More...

callforpapersCall for Papers

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS)  


Call for Papers   


Islamist Spring? Islamists and the State: New Paradigms and Engagements


Submission Deadline: January 15, 2013  

Publication Date: July 2013


reportFeatured Reports
2 articles by Dr. Julie Macfarlane


Shari'a Law: Coming to a Courthouse Near You?: What Shari'a Really Means to American Muslims



Taha Jabir Al-Alwani Library is now open for scholars, students and seekers of knowledge. For further information, please contact the librarian, Br. Sabir Kilani at (571) 203-9800.

Dr Anas Al-Sheikh Ali and Prof Nabil Matar holding the award
AMSS (UK) 2012 Building Bridges Awards Prof. Nabil Matar
The AMSS (UK) Building Bridges Award 2012 was presented to Professor Nabil Matar by Dr Anas. S. Al-Shaikh-Ali, at the "Acknowledging a Shared Past to Build a Shared Future: Rethinking Muslim/Non-Muslim Relations" which took place at Cambridge University on 28 - 30th March 2012. The conference was organized by the British Council and HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies (University of Cambridge) in cooperation with the AMSS UK, the Carnegie Corporation, the Woolf Institute (University of Cambridge), and the HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World ... More   

دورة تنمية وتجديد المعلومات للدعاة وأئمة المساجد

نظم المعهد العالمي للفكر الإسلامي ومركز الدراسات المعرفية دورة بعنوان "دورة تنمية وتجديد المعلومات للدعاة وأئمة المساجد" وذلك أيام 17، 18، 20، 22، 28 مارس 2012 بقاعة رواق المعرفة - مركز الدراسات المعرفية بالقاهرة، وقد حضر الدورة (30) إمام وواعظ ممن يعلمون في المساجد التابعة لوزارة الأوقاف المصرية، وشارك في الدورة كوكبة من المفكرين الإسلاميين بموضوعات تسهم في الهدف من إعداد الدورة...المزيد

بالتعاون بين المعهد العالمي للفكر الإسلامي/مكتب الأردن، وجامعة مالايا/ماليزيا، عقدت دورة تدريبية في موضوع "منهجية التكامل المعرفي" شارك فيها عشرون من الأساتذة الجامعيين وطلبة الدكتوراه في الجامعات الماليزية، لمدة أربعة أيام 19-22 مارس 2012م. وتضمنت الدورة كلمة ترحيبية من مديرمركزبحوث القرآن الكريم/نائب عميد أكاديمية العلوم الإسلامية في الجامعة داتودكتور ذوالكفل محمد يوسف، منوهاً بأن هذا النشاط يعد... للمزيد  
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