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IIIT and Al Hewar: What is Our identity, What is our Role?


Our Identity Our Role: seminar at IIIT co-sponsered by Al Hewar Center

The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and The Center for Arab Dialogue in Washington DC convened a joint seminar on the question of identity, entitled "What Is Our Identity, What Is Our Role?" on Saturday, March 3rd at IIIT offices in Herndon, Virginia. The seminar was attended by a select group of Arab intellectuals from the metropolitan Washington area, including the newly appointed Ambassador of the Arab League to the United States, Dr. Mohammed Rajaa Alhussaini Al Sharif. More... 

ندوة مشتركة بين المعهد العالمي للفكر الإسلامي ومركز الحوار العربي

ما هي هويتنا... ما هو دورنا؟  

أقام "المعهد العالمي للفكر الإسلامي" و"مركز الحوار العربي" ندوة مشتركة في قاعة مقر المعهد بولاية فيرجينيا، يوم السبت 3/3/2012، حول موضوع: ما هي هُويتنا.. وما هو دورنا؟   


وحضر الندوة مجموعة من المثقفين العرب في منطقة واشنطن، كما حضرها السفير الجديد لجامعة الدول العربية في الولايات المتحدة الدكتور محمد رجاء الحسيني الشريف. للمزيد   

الجهاد الفكري

نظم المعهد العالمي للفكر الإسلامي/ مكتب الأردن يوم السبت 10 ربيع الثاني 1433هـ الموافق 3 آذار 2012م، محاضرة بعنوان "الجهاد الفكري"، ألقاها الأستاذ الدكتور عبد الحميد مدكور، أستاذ الفلسفة الإسلامية في كلية دار العلوم/جامعة القاهرة، وأدارها الدكتور رائد عكاشة، المستشار الأكاديمي للمعهد العالمي للفكر الإسلامي/ مكتب الأردن. للمزيد

د. مارك قوبين ود. طه  العلواني
رتب مركز الدراسات المعرفية لقاء لطلاب جامعة ميسون مع أ.د. طه جابر العلواني - رئيس جامعة قرطبة وذلك في رواق زهرة منى، وقد رحب فضيلته بالوفد وبدأ حديثه بالتعريف بالرواق وأنه سمى الرواق باسم رفيقة دربه وزوجته السابقة المرحومة د. منى أبو الفضل والتي كانت أستاذة في مجال العلوم السياسية وقدمت رؤى عديدة في مجال "كيف يمكن للغرب أن يلتقي مع الشرق؟"، ووالدتها العالمة المرحومة د. زهيرة عابدين والتي أنشأت العديد من المؤسسات الخيرية لمساعدة المصريين في مجال الخدمات الصحية والتعليمية، وهما مثال جيد للمرأة المصرية. للمزيد
طلبة من جامعة جورج ميسون في الولايات المتحدة يزورن مركز الدراسات المعرفية في القاهرة
publicationsNew Releases

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS)  


Volume 29 Number 1 Winter 2012 


Table of Contents


upcomingeventsUpcoming Events 

The Concept of Ihsan: Between Epistemology, Spirituality, Public Policy and Politics  


April 13, 2012 10:30 - 12:30


Dr. Muqtedar Khan,Professor of Islamic Studies & International Relations, University of Delaware, will present a lecture at IIIT and explore the meaning of the Islamic concept of Ihsan and its various manifestations, particularly how Ihsan can become a value that informs public policy. His objective is to establish an operational connection between epistemology, spirituality, public policy and politics.


Location: IIIT Library, 500 Grove St., Suite 200, Herndon, VA 20170

Minority Rights and Identities: Challenges and Prospects in an Unfolding Global Scenario  


Institute of Objective Studies

New Delhi, India


April 13-15, 2012


The Institute of Objective Studies (India Affiliate to IIIT) is celebrating 25 years of its existence. It has decided to organize a series of programs in collaboration with institutions, departments, faculties and universities from April 2011 to April 2012 at Delhi as well as other major cities of the country. More...  

studentsSummer Students Program


June 11 - July 18, 2012


IIIT's annual Summer Students Program for 2012, which will run for five and a half weeks between Monday, June 11 and Wednesday, July 18, 2012. The program is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in the humanities or social science disciplines and... More...

scholarsSummer Institute for Scholars


Good Governance in Islam: Classical and Contemporary Approaches


July 9 - 18, 2012


IIIT's fifth Summer Institute for Scholars will convene this year from July 9 -18, 2012. The purpose of the Summer Institute is to bring together and engage senior and young scholars with a particular interest or expertise in Qur'anic studies or Sunna in focused, organized discussions of topics related to a contemporary understanding and articulation of issues involving Qur'an and Sunna. The specific objectives of the seminar are ... More...

visitorsIIIT Visitors
Imam Yahya Hendi and Rabbi Gerrald Serotta
Imam Yahya Hendi and Rabbi Gerald Serotta from Clergy Beyond Borders (CBB) met with Dr. Jamal Barzinji and Dr. Abubaker Alshingeiti of IIIT on March 20, 2012. They discussed issues of mutual cooperation.
Dr. Anita Abdul Aziz and Dr. Mohammad Iskandar Petra
Dr. Anita Abdul Aziz -Assistant Vice Chancellor- and Dr. Mohammad Iskandar Petra -Deputy Dean- Universiti Brunei Darussalam visited IIIT on March 20, 2012 and met with Dr. Hisham Al Talib and Dr. Abubaker Alshingeiti.
featuredbookFeatured Books
History as Prelude
History as Prelude

Edited by Joseph Montville 


History as Prelude is a unique collection of essays by seven highly respected scholars that offers a straightforward narrative of the intellectual, commercial, spiritual, philosophical, scientific, and aesthetic real-world creative engagement among Jews, Muslims, and some Christians in daily life in Spain and around the Mediterranean. History as Prelude is a major contribution to the Israeli-Arab peace process because it undermines -in fact, "blows away"- the efforts of propagandists who serve governments or political movements to negate the reality of the Arab-Jewish relationship in the medieval Mediterranean. The contributors, in unassuming, well-researched scholarship, have erected a wall protecting historical reality from distortion, providing irrefutable-and often delightful- examples of creative coexistence.

Mark Cohen, Olivia Remie Constable, Ahmad Dallal, Thomas Glick, Diana Lobel, Kathryn Miller, Joseph Montville, Raymond Scheindlin
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islamandpeaceIslam and Peace

By Ibrahim Kalin


Islam and Peace, written by Dr. Ibrahim Kalin, is a monograph series published by The Royal Aal al Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought. More... 



articlesFeatured Article
Malcolm X - The Paragon of Self-Transformation

By Muqtedar Khan


The month of February is celebrated as Black History Month in America. It is also during this month that Malcolm X, an African American Muslim minister and civil rights activist, died on February 21, 1965. His legacy is important for Muslims and non-Muslims alike - and one that has influenced many American Muslims, including myself. More... 


source: altmuslim blog

reportFeatured Report
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center of Islamic Studies


The Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies is at the forefront of research and public engagement on the role of Islam in wider society. Working with partners across the University of Cambridge and beyond, from academic institutes to civil society organisations and the government, the Centre has developed a reputation for enriching public debate and knowledge through high-profile and innovative research projects about Islam in the UK, Europe and globally. More... 

IIIT Official Logo
The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) is an intellectual forum that:
  • Examines educational, academic, and societal issues from an Islamic perspective,
  • Introduces intellectual and methodological reforms in education, classical knowledge, and societal science,
  • Formulates a comprehensive Islamic vision and methodology for critical analysis of contemporary knowledge, and
  • Promotes and supports research projects, organizes intellectual and cultural meetings, publishes scholarly works, and engages in teaching and training

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