Newsletter : Week of February 14th 2010
Wilson Featured Player
Spencer Brown

Age : 11
State :SC

Current Ranking (B12s)
State: 1
Sectional: 20
National: 316
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Tip & Tricks : Points Per Round
Tournament Points
Did you know?...You can view the points per round for any tournament by opening the MTN tournament page (click on a tournament name from our search page or your calendar) and clicking on the trophy icon.
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Why do all tennis players seem to be moving towards homeschooling?
Written by Scott Handback   

First it was the academies, now it is homeschooling. Many years ago, if a player wished to reach the highest levels of junior tennis, he/she went to one of the big academies in Florida or California.

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Attention Southern: 8 & Under and 10 & Unders!
The court sizes for 8 & Under and 10 & under divisions are changing.  

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Graph Your Ranking :

Did you know
you can see a graph of your ranking progress?

If you have ever wondered what your ranking was a couple of months ago, check out your Player Profile and click on the Graphs tab. You can get to your profile by...Clicking on a player's name in a Ranking List, Applicants List or Player Watch List. You can also view
  • Singles and Doubles points used to calulate your ranking
  • Tournament wins
  • Player Favorites
Player Ranking Progress Graph
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