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Felipe Goldman, who  has had his own social network has the

following thoughts: 



Sholombook.com, our private social network, has become a tremendous way to connect with people in my congregation.  


Not only does it facilitate communication between our members of all ages but I am now interacting with people that in many cases I only saw twice a year.  We have many active groups that have attracted like minded people to talk about things that interest them.  The blogs also have become tremendous tools,  especially in talking about Israel.


The most important thing we have come to understand is that people tend to share things that they wouldn't share on Facebook because of unwanted eyes trained on the conversations.   Sholombook.com has also helped us identify potential new members as well as people who are moving to our community and we are able to engage them in a social media conversation which is more personal and warm than just email.


We are now closing in on 400 members.  If you had asked me if this could be done three months ago, I would have said 'NO'!  Today people just keep signing up.

Dear Colleagues,schonfeld


Social Media?! We know it's a key to communication, but how do we use it effectively?


The RA is thrilled to announce a new and user friendly tool to develop and deepen relationships and expand the network of people drawn to your Torah-within the walls of your institution and beyond.


We have partnered with SocialGO to offer private social networks-think of the advantages of Facebook- but in a totally private environment.


SocialGo websites offer a choice of unique custom templates and give our members a flexible, easy to use social website for your congregation, school, organization or community - offered to RA members at deeply discounted rates


Each site will also benefit from an integrated feed on the home page that will feature inspiring content from across the Conservative Movement.


As a service to its members, the RA has partnered with SocialGO to create a selection of custom designed templates as well as special RA member pricing that reduces youur startup costs to only $500. The cost of maintaining the network is as little as $25/per month with the potential for significant revenue from banner sponsorships by local businesses.


More information about this special offer can be found on this website. I hope that you find it a helpful tool in your rabbinic work.


You should also feel free to contact Richard Weston Smith, VP, Strategic Alliances, SocialGO, 310 230 5048 (PST) who is our liaison at SocialGO for this project.


I hope you'll take advantage of this new tool in your rabbinic work.



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