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September 11th, 2011 - Special Edition



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Look for next issue where I will discuss the Fiduciary Standard under which we operate versus the "Suitability Standard" of brokerage houses and insurance representatives.

September 11th -
A personal observation


Much has been written about this day with great poignancy and eloquence, to which I will only add a simple observation.


As I am sure you know, there have been serious and credibly warnings about possible terror attacks in New York City and elsewhere this weekend, as we remember and mourn and dedicate memorials.


I was out and about these last few days all over the city, including the Times Square area. The city was packed as usual with tourists and natives, young and old, going to the theatre, movies, concerts, dinner and much, much more. In my unscientific observation, NOBODY stayed home or altered their life due to the threat.


I know the expression "the terrorists win" can sometimes sound a little silly but it is an important concept. Terrorist attacks are not attacks on the specific lives they take; in their hideous terminology, that is merely collateral damage. They are attacks on our way of life, on liberty itself. Their goal is to frighten us into denying ourselves that liberty and to change our way of life.


By my personal observation this weekend, I can gladly assure you that the terrorists did not win.


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