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AAUP 2010 Exhibitor Prize Drawings
Thanks to our AAUP 2010 Sponsors
AAUP Exhibitors
AAUP Ad Auction
Special Events
Spotlight on Salt Lake City
Travel & Weather
Welcome: Issue #4 of the AAUP 2010 Registrants Newsletter
The AAUP 2010 Registrants Newsletter provides periodic updates, news, and tips to help you make the most of your attendance at AAUP 2010. If you've recently registered for the meeting, you can view past issues of the newsletters online. In today's issue, you'll get the inside scoop on prize drawings that will be offered in the Exhibit Hall (a first at the AAUP Annual Meeting), an introduction to our meeting sponsors, and more.
AAUP 2010 Exhibitor Prize Drawings
You could get more than an education in available services and products when you visit the AAUP 2010 Exhibit Hall. Bring your business cards and you might walk away from the meeting with an iPad, an iPod shuffle, or one of a variety of gift cards and special discounts.

To enter, stop by participating exhibitors' tables in the Grand Ballroom and drop off your business card or contact details. The drawings will be held at the June 19 luncheon. There's some fine print: You must be present to win. Attendees can only win one prize. If your name is selected in more than one drawing, a second winner will be drawn for the later prizes. Drawings will be done alphabetically by company name.

Participating companies and prizes offered:
Aptara: $100 American Express Gift Card
BookMobile: iPad
Copyright Clearance Center: iPod shuffle
Integrated Book Technology (IBT): $200 Visa Gift Card
McNaughton & Gunn: $100 off McNaughton ebook conversion fee
SolvEdge: $100 Amazon.com gift certificate
Thomson-Shore: $100 Visa Debit Card
University Readers: iPod shuffle and iTunes gift card
Thanks to our AAUP 2010 Sponsors

It would be difficult to pull off such a successful meeting every year without the Annual Meeting Sponsors and Friends. The generous support of Sponsors and Friends helps to offset the costs of the meeting while keeping registration rates low. We extend our thanks to all of the following. Thomson-Shore, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the New York Review of Books, Books International, and IBT are sponsoring the receptions that are such an important part of building AAUP's collegial network. BookMobile and CrossRef have generously supported two Early Career Grants, awarded to staff members at Indiana and Temple University Presses. Women in Scholarly Publishing (WiSP) offered grants to a freelancer and a staff member from Fordham University Press from their Career Development Fund, and the Whiting Foundation provided twelve grants to annual meeting newcomers and staff from underrepresented communities. Marquis Book Printing will provide production of the onsite AAUP 2010 Program. Friesens has donated the production of the 2010 AAUP Book, Jacket, and Journal Show catalog. AAUP 2010 Friend Grapevine Publishing Services provided funds to offset other costs of the meeting and refreshments for the Financial Officers' meeting.
Learn more about AAUP 2010 Sponsors and Friends.
AAUP Exhibitors
Our thanks also go to the companies represented in the Exhibit Hall. Exhibitors provide important and innovative services to the university press community and are essential to the success of the meeting. A list of participating companies is available here -- check your registration packets for more information about their products and services. Please stop by the Grand Ballroom during scheduled coffee breaks or anytime you've got a few spare minutes.
AAUP Ad Auction: Sabre Foundation
Once again, AAUP has organized a Silent Ad Auction during the Annual Meeting to benefit the Sabre Foundation. The following publications have generously donated ad space:

The American Prospect
The Chronicle Review
Inside Higher Ed (online ad)
The Nation
The New Republic
The New York Review of Books
Poets and Writers
Publishers Weekly (online ad)

Click here for specifications on available ad spaces, how to place a bid, and more.

The Sabre Foundation, which provides "humanitarian aid for the mind" has been supporting the educational needs of countries in conflict, in transition, and on the road to development since 1969. Its Book Donation Program "makes millions of dollars' worth of donated books available to needy individuals in developing and transitional societies worldwide through non-governmental partner organizations, libraries, universities, schools, research organizations and other similar institutions."
Special Events: AAUP Constituency Award and the Book, Jacket, and Journal Show
Just a reminder of some of the special events you won't want to miss at AAUP 2010. The 2010 AAUP Constituency Award will be presented at the Opening Banquet on Thursday, June 17. The Constituency Award is an opportunity for the association to honor staff at member presses who have demonstrated active leadership and service to both the association and the university press community. The Book, Jacket, and Journal Show is kicked off annually with its exhibition at the AAUP Annual Meeting. If most of the meeting is about talking and listening, the design show is a chance to look and feel--to browse some of the best work from AAUP member design and production departments. You can find the 2010 show in the Grand Ballroom Foyer.
Spotlight on Salt Lake City
We've been sharing recommendations on food, drink, and entertainment for your off-hours--and Salt Lake City offers plenty of all three. But you don't have to take our word for it-the New York Times pitched in last week with a travel feature, "36 Hours in Salt Lake City." While we certainly expect that most of your hours will be spent soaking in the professional education program and connecting with your colleagues at AAUP 2010, this article will definitely give you some ideas on how to get a taste of one of North America's "most bohemian" cities. Even better suggestions for getting a taste of the city from our base at the Marriott-without the need of a cab-came from Michael Spooner, Director, Utah State University Press. He shared a list of local favorites including Italian deli and restaurant Caputo's, Martine for tapas and wine, Takashi and Ichiban for sushi, and several more. You'll find Michael's recommendations added to the Food & Drink Guide on the AAUP 2010 web site. As Michael put it, "if you can't get drunk and fat downtown, it's nobody's fault but your own."
Travel & Weather: Out and About at AAUP 2010
If you do go farther afield, you might want to program these taxi service numbers into your phone:
Yellow cab: (801) 521-2100
Ute Cab: (801) 359-7788
City Cab: (801) 363-5550

The AAUP 2010 web site offers other local transit information, including how to get to and from the airport.

Check the local weather here before you pack for the conference.
And no matter what that site says, remember that meeting rooms have a tendency towards the chilly--a sweater will almost never go amiss!
Thomson-Shore offers quality and service from 1-50,000 copies.

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Photo: Eric Schramm; Copyright: Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau