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Annual Meeting Wiki
Maurice Abravanel Hall
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Passing the Baton
New Session: Hyperabundance
Featured Speaker: Michael Jensen
AAUP Ad Auction
A Musical Interlude
Welcome: Issue #3 of the AAUP 2010 Registrants Newsletter
The AAUP 2010 Registrants Newsletter provides periodic updates, news, and tips to help you make the most of your attendance at AAUP 2010. If you've recently registered for the meeting, you can view past issues of the newsletters online. Today we're looking at a few of the People & Places of the 2010 AAUP Annual Meeting.
Annual Meeting Wiki: Message to Session Chairs and Panelists
We invite you to share your presentations with the wider AAUP community, via the AAUP Annual Meeting Wiki. If you'd like to host your own presentation documents on a separate site, just register to edit the wiki and post links to your content on your session's page. We suggest using SlideShare to host slide presentations. You can also send PowerPoint or PDF files to AAUP and we will host them in the AAUP SlideShare account. Contact Meredith Benjamin, mbenjamin@aaupnet.org, for more details on sharing your presentation materials through the Wiki.

Time may have been met with a chorus of raspberries when they named "You" the 2006 Person of the Year, but we'll happily run that risk! You are what makes the AAUP Annual Meeting a success year after year--a success for the association, but more importantly, a success for each other. The educational program is created directly from your willingness to share your knowledge and ideas with the AAUP community. The personal connections made at the meeting-with colleagues, mentors, and friends-keep the community alive throughout the year. You can take an active part in the community by adding session notes to the Annual Meeting Wiki, tweeting from the conference (#AAUP10), and joining the conversation on the Facebook pages for the Program Committee and AAUP.
Maurice Abravanel Hall
The AAUP community always looks forward to a sweet start to the meeting at the annual dessert reception hosted by the Chronicle of Higher Education. At the 2010 meeting, the Chronicle party gives us the opportunity to visit a Salt Lake City architectural landmark. Maurice Abravanel Hall is home to the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera. Built in 1979, the Hall is highly regarded for its excellent acoustics and is named in honor of Maurice Abravanel. Abravanel built the Symphony from a part-time community group in 1947 to a world-class orchestra that made the first recording of the complete Mahler Symphonies and is known today for premiering the work of new American composers.
Utah Symphony
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts
On Friday, June 18, the New York Review of Books hosts its annual reception for the AAUP community at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA). From its origins as an early 19th-century gallery of local painters' work, the UMFA has grown into a center for art, culture, and education in the state of Utah. The UMFA collections represent "principal artistic styles and world cultures." On view in June will be the special exhibit "Las Artes de Mexico," as well as "Painters of Utah's Red Rock" and "Africa: Arts of a Continent." 
Passing the Baton: AAUP Presidents Kathleen Keane and Richard Brown
The Annual Meeting marks a new term for the AAUP Board of Directors and officers. The luncheon talks given by the outgoing and the new presidents are highlights of our yearly gathering.

On June 18, current AAUP President Kathleen Keane (Director, Johns Hopkins University Press) will look back on the activities of the past year. Keane began her term in Philadelphia, which is also where she got her start in publishing at J.B. Lippincott & Company. A member of the AAUP community since joining JHUP in 2002, Keane opened her term in 2009 with a clear-eyed analysis of the financial, technological, and policy challenges that university presses are meeting.

2010-2011 AAUP President Richard Brown will take up the baton in an inaugural address at the luncheon on Saturday, June 19. Brown joined the AAUP community in 2001 when he was appointed the director of Georgetown University Press, with a background as a publisher and editor of scholarly works on religion, theology, and ethics at Westminster John Knox and the Pilgrim Press. He has served on the AAUP Board of Directors since 2007, chaired the 2006 Annual Meeting Program Committee, and led last year's Task Force on AAUP Committees.
New Session: Hyperabundance
The future's so bright, you'll need to wear shades to this Friday 5 PM session, chaired by National Academies Press Director of Strategic Web Communications Michael Jensen. Ever think you just "can't keep up" with the latest? The latest in publishing, the latest in technology, the latest in almost anything? Forget information abundance: the world is entering a new paradigm of information hyperabundance, and it has great and grave consequences for publishing. In this participatory workshop, join your colleagues for a round of community-driven brainstorming to explore what it may mean and what solutions might fit our own press situations. The results and recommendations will be shared out to the membership through university press online communities.
Featured Speaker: Michael Jensen
The 2010 Annual Meeting Program Committee seems to have asked Michael Jensen to show and not just tell us about the concept of hyperabundance! In addition to the innovative session above, he is also scheduled to speak at the E-books workshop (June 17), the plenary session "Economic Models for Scholarly Publishing" (June 19, 9 AM), and to chair a second idea-sharing session on "The Greening of University Presses" (June 19, 10:45 AM). This last is a follow-up to Jensen's stirring talk at our 2009 meeting, "Scholarly Publishing in the New Age of Scarcity".

Jensen has written that his 2009 presentation "allowed me to talk about the two issues that matter most to me: saving scholarly publishing, and saving civilization." His record of service to the AAUP community reflects those concerns. Jensen has been a part of the association since his days as the Lead Typesetter at the University of Nebraska Press in 1987. Since 1998 he has worked in various cutting-edge positions at the National Academies Press, itself a leader in digital innovation. A 1996 AAUP Constituency Award winner, Jensen has served on numerous AAUP task forces and committees, including the Electronic Committee, the 2009 Annual Meeting Program Committee, the 2007 AAUP Strategic Plan committee, and the current "Economic Models for Scholarly Publishing" Task Force. We can only hope that his many contributions to the 2010 Annual Meeting do not exhaust the resources of one of AAUP's most valued colleagues and mentors.
AAUP Ad Auction: Sabre Foundation
AAUP will organize a Silent Ad Auction to benefit the Sabre Foundation at the 2010 AAUP Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City. The following publications have generously donated ad space:

The American Prospect
The Chronicle Review
Inside Higher Ed (online ad)
The Nation
The New Republic
The New York Review of Books
Poets & Writers
Publishers Weekly (online ad)

Click here for specifications on available ad spaces, how to place a bid, and more.

The Sabre Foundation, which provides "humanitarian aid for the mind" has been supporting the educational needs of countries in conflict, in transition, and on the road to development since 1969. Its Book Donation Program "makes millions of dollars' worth of donated books available to needy individuals in developing and transitional societies worldwide through non-governmental partner organizations, libraries, universities, schools, research organizations and other similar institutions."
A Musical Interlude
Salt Lake is a city with a rich musical tradition, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir being perhaps the best known of the city's offerings. On Thursday evenings, the public is invited to the Tabernacle Choir rehearsals from 8 to 9:30 PM. In June, these Thursday rehearsals are held in the 21,000-seat Conference Center across the street from the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

For a noontime break to sooth your soul, the Tabernacle offers 30-minute organ recitals that are open to the public. The Tabernacle organ is considered one of the world's finest, with 11,623 pipes in 206 ranks.
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