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Important Update: Hotel Accommodations
Pre-Meeting Workshop: Not Your Father's Marketing
Pre-Meeting Workshop: E-books in a Nutshell
Financial Officers Meeting
Tour of the J. Willard Marriott Library
How to Fill a Few Spare Moments
AAUP Business Meeting
AAUP Committee Fair
Featured Speaker: William Germano
Essential Reading
Program Updates and Highlights
Welcome: Issue #2 of the AAUP 2010 Registrants Newsletter
The AAUP 2010 Registrants Newsletter provides periodic updates, news, and tips to help you make the most of your attendance at AAUP 2010. You can expect notice of program changes, information about speakers, links to reports and white papers relevant to session topics, and much more.

In this second issue, we're focusing on June 17. The opening day of the 2010 Annual Meeting is going to be a busy one! In recognition of our tightening budgets, the association re-imagined the meeting schedule to hold special events and meetings on the opening Thursday rather than adding travel days to attendees schedules.
Important Update: Hotel Accommodations
The AAUP group rate block at the Salt Lake Marriott Downtown is sold out. The hotel is expecting a complete sellout during the nights of the AAUP meeting, so rooms at any rate may not be available at the Marriott (especially the nights of June 16 and 17) if you have not already booked your accommodations. Contact the Marriott first if that's where you'd prefer to stay, just in case there have been any cancellations, but they do not offer a waitlist.
You can search for other available hotels here. There's a nifty mapping feature, so you can see where specific hotels are located within Salt Lake. Search for downtown hotels if you want to stay in the vicinity of the Marriott. We've also compiled a list of area hotels that should have availability during the AAUP meeting.
Pre-Meeting Workshop: Not Your Father's Marketing
The subtitle of this workshop is "New Strategies in the Digital Age." We're not talking about separate "digital marketing strategies" anymore, but rather how university presses have (and should) adapt current marketing strategies to keep up with the changing atmosphere and to better reach readers wherever they may be. An all-star line up of marketing professionals, organized by MIT Press's Colleen Lanick, will talk about evolving best practices for using Facebook, Twitter, and other new media to promote books, authors, and presses--and a lot more. Limited space remains for this workshop, so register soon to attend!
Pre-Meeting Workshop: E-books in a Nutshell
This workshop is already fully subscribed--and that's after finding expanded space for the event. Workshop organizer Alan Harvey has designed the seminar to provide more than just an accessible overview of the e-publishing arena. Presenters will outline processes in action at their press, as well as speculate on possibilities for future evolution.
If you did manage to secure a seat in this popular workshop, check in with Alan on the AAUP Digital Digest where background information, the speaker line up, and other workshop details will be posted over the coming weeks.
Financial Officers Meeting
Traditionally, this has been an annual stand-alone meeting held in late winter, organized by and for business managers at AAUP member presses. The 2009 meeting had to be canceled due to widespread cuts in press travel budgets. 2010 organizer Russell Schwalbe (Wisconsin) planned this year's event in conjunction with the full AAUP Annual Meeting to help consolidate staff travel expenses. The June 17 agenda will include sessions on financial issues associated with e-books, an analysis of the AAUP Annual Operating Statistics, and more. The meeting is open only to AAUP member press Business Managers or Financial Officers. There is no cost to attend, but registration is required. Find out more.
Tour the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah
Those not attending a workshop or meeting on Thursday, June 17, have the opportunity to sign up for a free field trip from 3 to 5:30 pm. Participants will have a chance to view J. Willard Marriott Library's Rare Book Collection and take a tour of the Book Arts Studio. The Library will also be displaying the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) 50 Books/50 Covers exhibition.

The tour will begin at 3 pm at the library. The library is located not far from the hotel and is accessible by public transportation. Directions will be provided.

At the conclusion of the tour, interested participants can stay for a demo of the library's newly installed Espresso Book Machine. Only a few spaces remain on the tour, so if you would like to attend, contact Susan Patton at spatton@aaupnet.org today.
How to Fill a Few Spare Moments
If you have any free time on June 17, or throughout the meeting, the conference hotel is adjacent to Salt Lake City's Temple Square, chock-a-block with things to do and see.

Visitors curious about the history of the city might find an interesting comparison between their own visit and the Salt Lake City known by Wallace Stegner in the 1920s and 30s, recreated in a recent book from the University of Utah Press. Wallace Stegner's Salt Lake City by Robert Steensma provides a fascinating picture of the city and its influence on this great American writer and environmentalist through archival photographs, papers, and Stegner's interpretive essays.
AAUP Business Meeting
All AAUP members are welcome to attend the AAUP Annual Business Meeting, June 17 at 4:00 PM in the Snowbird/Brighton Room of the Salt Lake City Marriott Downtown. Representatives from voting member presses (full and associate members) will be asked to approve--either in person or by proxy--the 2010-2011 dues, 2010-2011 Budget, and nominees to the 2010-2011 AAUP Board of Directors. Also on the agenda is a revision to the AAUP By-Laws that will change the process by which by-law changes are proposed and the number of votes needed to approve such amendments. Business meeting materials will be distributed to members the week of June 1.
AAUP Committee Fair
Want to learn more about the work of AAUP Committees and Task Forces? Interested in getting more involved in the association? Stop by the Committee Fair table near the registration desk on June 17 between 1 and 4 PM. Representatives from the AAUP Board of Directors will be on hand to provide information.
Featured Speaker: William Germano
At the June 17 opening banquet, we're fortunate to be hearing from William Germano, professor of English literature and dean of the faculty of humanities and social sciences at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. He may be better known in the AAUP constituency, however, for his thirty years in scholarly publishing, first at Columbia University Press, where he was editor-in-chief, and then at Routledge, as vice-president and publishing director. He has written two books on scholarly publishing that well serve both faculty authors and their publishers, Getting It Published and From Dissertation to Book (University of Chicago Press). Germano is currently working on a book about opera and knowledge for the University of Illinois Press. The insight Germano can offer from his multiple perspectives on scholarly communications will be a bright spark to our 2010 meeting.
Essential Reading
Each spring, Choice publishes a University Press Forum in which they ask a number of university press directors to comment on current issues in scholarly communications. The 2010 Forum, "To E or Not to E," is just out, and offers commentary from Peter Dougherty (Princeton), Ellen Faran (MIT), Alex Holzman (Temple), Kathleen Keane (Johns Hopkins), and Carey Newman (Baylor) on "the so-called digital revolution as it pertains to university presses."
Program Updates and Highlights
As might be noted, there really is no longer a question of whether "to e or not to e" but instead, many questions about "how to e." The way we talk about our work is changing to reflect the more complete integration of electronic and print in scholarly publishing. Reflecting that change, you'll now find a session on "Making the Flexible Book" (previously titled "Producing the (e-)Book"). At 5:00 on Saturday, June 19, a panel chaired by Than Saffel (West Virginia) will discuss several approaches to production workflow with an eye to maximum efficiency and flexibility, and explore both practical and experimental perspectives.

If you have a chance to visit the AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers exhibit at the Marriott Library, you won't want to miss the 2010 AAUP Book, Jacket, and Journal Show premiere, or the two Friday sessions with 2010 Show jurors on judging books by their covers (10:45 AM) and interiors (5:00 PM).
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Photo: Eric Schramm; Copyright: Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau