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Western Alliance Brokers Announces New Real Estate Transaction Solutions For Today's Economy!
Western Alliance Brokers (WA Brokers) is pleased and excited to introduce you to our series of New Emerging Real Estate Transaction Solutions to Overcome Challenges in Today's Economy! 
As a one-time Grand Opening and Mother's Day special, WA Brokers is offering an exciting "Economic and Tax Relief Stimulus" discount plan of 20% Off our standard 2009 rates for any commissions earned on purchase agreements and new listing agreements signed for the period from today through May 31, 2009! 
What does this mean for you?  We are discounting our commissions 20% to offer more liquidity for buyers and sellers to reach agreement and get deals done!  If you have been thinking of owning your own business and taking control of your own destiny in these challenging times, Now is the time to seize this special opportunity to buy or sell your real property or business opportunity to best prepare and secure your future in today's economy!  Our new WA Brokers exclusive broker alliance relationships are now offering several transaction solutions beyond our flagship Selling Restaurants and Selling Stores brands including Business Brokerage, Northwest Expansion and Liquidation Services, Franchise Services, Residential Real Estate Services, Permanent Home or Business Exchange, 1031 Transaction Services, Self-Directed 401(k) Investment in New Business Ventures, Commercial Lending, among other solutions!  We are constantly adapting & responding to market changes.  We have technology tools no other broker has even dreamed of having that help our agents identify qualified buyers and aggressively service and track the more than 20,000 buyers we already service everyday.  We have results-oriented agents that are commercially certified & trained to respond quickly and professionally to both property owners as well as buyers.    
As a customer-centric and solution-driven businessman with more than 18 years experience, multi-state commercial real estate broker, Big-4 CPA, top-ranked MBA in Marketing & Digital Strategy, e-Pro, and Project Management Professional (PMP), I'm often asked "when is the best time to sell or buy real estate or a business opportunity."  Surprisingly enough, my team can educate you that anytime is the right time depending on your personal objectives and market timing.  Even in this economic downturn, our agents are busier than ever!  
The market is constantly changing and I guarantee you that WA Brokers is one of the few that is changing with the times and is quickly becoming an emerging leader.  We are simply building on our already successful relationship with Selling Restaurants and Selling Stores brands and penetrating new markets.  For example, permanent home swapping across is once gaining momentum and attracting considerable news coverage.  Click Here to Learn More!  
While many brokers have left the business, we remain firmly in place in our markets.  While other brokers are trying to figure out how to survive in this economic environment, we're delivering results for our clients and expanding our exclusive and privileged co-brokerage relationships with subject matter expert brokers in every geographical market and market niche throughought the greater Western United States. 
Please complete the SIMPLE and FREE registration at WABrokers.com or give us a call at 866-461-8989 to find out what makes our People, Unique business model, Unsurpassed Technology tools, and Brokers far superior than our competitors.  We support a strong privacy policy.  We DO NOT SELL data and we fully support a NO-SPAM policy.  We are simply here to qualify your objectives, refer you to only qualified and deeply experienced professionals that are already successful in the market areas you seek, earn your respect, and your business.  If you register at WABrokers.com and sign a new listing or purchase agreement before May 31, 2009 to complete a real estate or business opportunity transaction with us, we'll give you a 20% discount off our current commission rates.  But please make sure you let us know where you found us so that we may continue to build on our success of providing you with new innovative real estate transactions solutions to overcome the many changing challenges in today's economy. 
We look forward to working with you, and confident our new exclusive real estate broker alliance at WABrokers.com will not only impress you, but serve you well. 
Larry Braden
Founder and President
Add Value Alliance, Inc.
Western Alliance Brokers
In association with:
Mel Jones, President & CEO
Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc.
Business Broker Management Technologies, Inc. 

About Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc.
We are a full service business brokerage firm specializing in restaurant and retail businesses for over 18 years.  We are the largest restaurant broker on the west coast with brokers from San Diego to Seattle. Our brands include SellingRestaurants and SellingStores.
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