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If you can imagine it, we can build it!  We haven't met a window we couldn't cover yet!  Check out this creative idea!

Frank Moreno 
We couldn't resist getting a picture
of this Solid Eyebrow with a custom Applique.  We're guessing it will make it's final home somewhere in Oklahoma?!
In our nearly 15 years of doing business, we haven't met a window we couldn't cover.  Click here to take a look at our Photo Gallery for just a sampling of the products we manufacture and maybe you'll be coming up with great ideas like this one!
Please let us introduce you to Frank Moreno.  Frank has been with HighLite since March 2000.  If you've ever called to check on order status, or had a shipping question, you've probably talked to Frank on the phone. 
Frank wears many hats at HighLite, including quality control, assembly, wrapping & shipping.  In addition, Frank is cross-trained in just about every other department at HighLite.

Remember, we need your photos!  If you submit a photo of your installed order and we choose to use it in any of our advertising or communications, you will receive mention in our e-mail newsletter, and a $25 credit on your account.  We love before & after pictures, too! So, get those cameras out and send us your photos!
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