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Congratulations to Parish Drapes & Blinds!

This winning photograph of a 4-unit, custom painted specialty shape with solar screen application comes from Parish Drapes & Blinds in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

The homeowners had initially tinted the windows for glare with no success, so they turned to Don Parish who came up with this fantastic application! The homeowners are thrilled and Don will receive a $25 credit toward his next order for submitting this photo. 
Remember, if you submit a photo of any of your installed orders and we choose to use it in any of our advertising or communications, you will also receive a $25 credit on your account! 
So, get those cameras out and send us your photos today!
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 Celebrating our 13th Year!
We extend our sincere gratitude to our ever growing list of customers who have made our success possible. 
Our Customer Service Department is second to none! Johnny, Frank, Lauren and I will do our utmost to help you with your questions. Please don't hesitate to ask for any of us personally, We'll be happy to take your call. 
As always, we appreciate your business! 
Steve Vastine
Use this coupon to receive a $5 discount toward shipping and handling on any order placed between July 28th and August 14th, 2009.  
Simply fax your order to us and mention coupon CC709. 

Offer Expires: August 15, 2009

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