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 eissue 8/Winter 2011
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Another Intelliwave Success Story!
Dr. Todd Cohan reports 20/20 VA and comfortable wear for a 12 year-old male astigmatic patient recently fit with Intelliwave Toric lenses in Definitive silicone hydrogel material. 
OD -2.00 -1.50 x030   
OS -.25 -4.50 x145
Best corrected spectacle VA was 20/25 OD and 20/30 OS, and patient was unable to adapt to toric GP's. With oblique axis OU, and -4.50 of cylinder OS, Intelliwave Toric lenses are now providing this young, active boy clear and comfortable vision! Thank you to Dr. Cohan, an active Intelliwave fitter practicing in Long Grove, Illinois, for sharing this outcome with us! 
IW Logo Have YOU tried Intelliwave yet? With four high-performance design options, virtually unlimited parameter possibilities, and a can't-lose warranty program, what are you waiting for? Expand your patient base with made-to-order custom soft lenses today! 
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As we close in on another year of serving you and your specialty lens patients, it's a great time to express our appreciation for your continued business and friendship. As we celebrated our 80th anniversary in the ophthalmic industry this year, we reflected on all of the great memories and special friends that have made this journey so enjoyable and fulfilling. Striving to improve the quality of life for your most visually challenged patients keeps us pressing on, and drives us to be the best we can be. Thank you for inspiring us and partnering with us! We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous year ahead! 

-Thomas E. & Jill M. Anastor

Presbyopic GP Options to Expand in 2012
by Mike Johnson, FCLSA, Director of Consultation Services

I am pleased to announce that in the upcoming new year, you will see at least two exciting additions to Art Optical's line-up of presbyopic GP lens options. While it's a bit premature to present specific details, I can assure you we are making great progress in this section of our R&D program. We look forward to putting some new tools in your toolbox and complimenting our extensive list of offerings, which includes Renovation and Renovation E, our flagship designs.


It is hard to believe that Renovation was launched some six years ago, followed by Renovation E's release in 2009, and then the addition of Back, Bi and Front Toric options for both designs shortly after. The Renovation series remains the most utilized presbyopic GP option in the U.S. and continues to receive numerous accolades from the thousands of practitioners who have come to rely on it. We have maintained a very consistent 70% success rate with Renovation over the years and while this is outstanding when compared to other GP presbyopic options, we are still obsessed with the mission of having our practitioner base achieve 100% success with their multifocal patients. We firmly believe that these two new multifocal design options will help us help you reach this goal. 


Art Optical will also be addressing the need for a Post LASIK/RK lens design for those patients who can no longer accommodate for presbyopia without additional correction. There will be a very large influx of Post LASIK/RK patients reaching this decisive stage of visual requirement over the next 5-10 years, and as we've heard from many of you, a reliable multifocal design that addresses this need is not currently available. We are presently testing a multifocal version of a reverse geometry lens that is custom designed with the assistance of corneal topography. So far, the feedback is positive and results are as predicted. To further support this design, we will also develop a fitting set that can be used for a diagnostic assessment in cases where topography is not available.


I will keep you updated as we near the launch dates for our exciting new GP multifocal designs. 2012 looks to be a banner year indeed! 

Introducing KeraSoft IC
The revolutionary design for Keratoconus and other irregular corneas you've waited for!
Join us for an introductory webinar to learn more about KeraSoft IC, the latest innovation in specialty soft contact lenses. Available in the U.S. marketplace for the first time, here is your opportunity to transform your specialty lens practice with a breakthrough design you've been waiting for. Presented by Craig Norman, FCLSA, Director of the Contact Lens Section, Department of Ophthalmology at the South Bend Clinic, South Bend, Indiana, and moderated by Mike Johnson, FCLSA, Director of Consultation Services, Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc., the webinar will highlight key features of the innovative KeraSoft IC design, and define the fitting and ordering processes required. Please join us!
Introductory Webinar Schedule:
Wednesday, December 14 @ 3:00 pm EST
Wednesday, December 14 @ 7:00 pm EST
Thursday, December 15 @ 1:00 pm EST
Wednesday, January 11 @ NOON EST
Wednesday, January 11 @ 8:00 pm EST

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Topography is Key to Irregular Cornea Fits

by Nicole Edwards, NCLC-AC and Mike Johnson, FCLSA


Topography can be a tremendous asset when attempting to fit irregular corneas with conditions like Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD), and Post LASIK/RK. It is also beneficial when encountering difficulties in fitting any cornea that, according to Keratometry, may appear to be regular but actually isn't!


In our role as GP fitting consultants, we encounter numerous calls from practitioners requesting assistance in fitting or problem solving on some very unique corneas. We are always thrilled when topography is available to help assist in the custom lens design process. The topographies shown below are some examples of what we may encounter on a daily basis.


The topographies depict corneas with Post LASIK, Keratoconus and PMD. It would be difficult to fit these corneas empirically. Even though the simulated K's may appear to be somewhat normal, topography clearly shows they are not. We could attempt to fit these corneas without the use of topography but it may require multiple lenses to achieve a successful final fit, where topography can help streamline the process and reduce precious chair time for you and the inconvenience of excessive repeat visits for your patient.


The use of topography for fitting GP lenses has definitely come a long way, especially with some of the contact lens design modules offered with certain topographers. These modules allow the user to design a custom lens and view a simulated fluorescein pattern of what that lens would look like on eye. If you have a topographer in your office and are interested in increasing your own custom lens design capabilities, you may want to explore this option.


You can also send your topographies to Art Optical and we will be happy to assist with the design or problem solving process. You can actually export Medmont and Oculus files directly, as we have the software available to view the data and begin the design process. If you are going to send a copy of the topography, we have found that having the topographer set to capture an Axial/Standard map in a normalized scale will help us achieve the optimal fit for your patient. It is also ideal to take independent maps for each eye to insure the scale setting is correct for both. Please do not send Tangential/Instantaneous maps, as they will not provide the proper data we need to assist with the design.  

Also note that topography maps must be sent in color in order for us to see the accurate images in the appropriate dioptric/millimeter color scale. The best way to send topography maps is through our new Online Ordering option at www.artoptical.comThe secure transmission insures HIPAA compliance, protecting both you and your patients. We can also receive color fax topo maps at 800.421.5991, just make sure you are sending from another color fax machine. If you're not in a hurry, mailing maps through the postal system is also an option. 

AO Rises to the World Sight Day Challenge!
Bowling Fundraiser

In addition to our annual third quarter Jean Day fundraiser, this year Art Optical associates held a bowling event to raise more money for the World Sight Day Challenge. The fundraiser brought together Art Optical associates, family and friends, for a fun afternoon of bowling in support of Optometry Giving Sight. It was an awesome turnout, and Art Optical associates, pictured above, made a $1,700 donation to the World Sight Day Challenge!