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 eissue 5/Fall 2010
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      After 52 years in the contact lens manufacturing business, Art Optical has built a solid reputation as a true pioneer and innovator in the area of GP lenses. A long and focused history in any one industry culls many advantages with few downsides, but if there is one, it might be "recognition". Seems we are so established as a GP lab, that getting practitioners to think of Art Optical for anything else, namely Intelliwave, our award winning line of custom SOFT lenses, is no easy task.
Maybe it's just not common knowledge that like GP's, soft lenses can be lathe-cut in virtually any parameter combination, providing excellent optics and a customized fit for patients with unique needs. Soft lens options are not limited to off-the-shelf, mass-produced, big-box brands. In fact, there are distinct advantages to prescribing anything but those commodity-type keeping patients in your practice for starters. That's a nice little "bonus" that comes with custom lens prescribing...soft or GP, custom lenses are not readily found at alternative sources. 
Another benefit is the "wow" factor you get from the patients who have never had the opportunity to experience a custom fit for one reason or another. For many patients, it's life-changing. For practitioners, it can be extremely rewarding in more ways than one.
And here's the best part - it's not that hard. The perception that custom contact lenses - multifocals, torics, cones, corneal-sclerals, etc. - are hard to work with is just that, a perception. The reality is that the lenses themselves are not the hard part - it's the condition in the chair that presents the challenge. That condition belongs to a patient, who more than anything, just wants to see to the best of their ability. Sometimes, that's a lifelong quest that takes a visually challenged patient to office after office in search of assistance.
Given today's advanced custom lens technology and the skilled network of professional lens consultants prepared to assist you with the contact lens fit, a visit to your office can be their final stop. S
ure, it takes longer to solve tough cases and success is not guaranteed, but studies show that patients with proper motivation and awareness of their unique visual situation are more than willing to pay for your extra time and advanced level of care. Once satisfied, these patients are loyal for life.
     The next time you see a patient with an unusual Rx or an irregular cornea, call Art Optical and explore custom contact lenses. We'll help find the SOFT or GP lens option that works for you!
Silicone Hydrogel material is now available!
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Art Optical is pleased to announce that after many, many months, we have finally received FDA clearance to manufacture Intelliwave lenses in the new Definitive™ Silicone Hydrogel lens material from Contamac! As the very first latheable silicone hydrogel material with a high water content (74%) available in the U.S., Definitive represents a ground-breaking advancement in custom lens production. 

"Before Definitive™ virtually every patient could choose silicone hydrogel contact lenses, with the exception of those that really needed them." 

For many patients, custom lenses are the only alternative; however until now, the lack of oxygen available in traditional latheable Hema materials has prevented these same patients from healthy lens wear. With the approval of Definitive SiHy material, that problem has been solved. Call or log-on today to learn more about our new quarterly replacement Intelliwave Precise Prescription soft lenses!

Compliance Counts with New SiHy Material 

Lenses produced in the new Definitive™ silicone hydrogel material have unique properties, and
compatibility testing has shown that the components that make this material breathable, comfortable AND latheable, also make it susceptible to the negative effects of certain preservatives/chemicals found in some solutions. Testing indicates that Opti-Free RepleniSH is the ideal solution, and the FDA guidance recommends its use.
Because of the unique material composition, other multi-purpose brands and especially hydrogen peroxide based care systems, should be avoided.RepleniSH
Additionally, these special, custom-made silicone hydrogel lenses have a limited life-span. Wearing the lenses beyond their prescribed use cycle will lead to discomfort, poor visual acuity and reduced wearing times, even while utilizing the approved care system in the recommended manner.
Ensuring care system compliance with these unique lenses will help optimize ongoing patient success.

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