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 eissue 4/Spring 2010
April 14-18, 2010 
Vision Source National Meeting Denver, CO
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April 13
GP Multifocal Fitting & Troubleshooting 
  May 11 
Keratoconus Management  
 June 8
 Bitoric Design & Fitting
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Biexpert Bifocal Training Webinar
 featuring Craig Norman, FCLSA
SoClear Training Webinar
 featuring Dr. Jason Jedlicka

Scleral Lens Education Society Forms
Art Optical is proud to be a Patron Sponsor of the newly formed  Scleral Lens Education Society (SLS). SLS is a non-profit organization committed to teaching contact lens practitioners the science and art of fitting all designs of scleral contact lenses for the purpose of managing corneal irregularity and ocular surface disease. SLS supports public education that highlights the benefits and availability of scleral contact lenses. Go to to register (free) to access more information about scleral lens fitting, with case reports and forums as well as for information on how to become a fellow of the society.
2010 Pricing Schedule 
Out of concern for the environment, Art Optical will not be mass mailing our 2010 price list to every practitioner. To request a copy of our pricing schedule, please contact our Customer Care Team at 800.253.9364 or use our convenient Information Request Form.
Can Patients Find You Online?
Did you know that 54% of Americans have replaced their phone books with Google search?*
According to a recent survey compiled by the Pew Internet and American Life project, 80% of internet users will turn to the Web as a source of information on health care. In addition to maintaining a practice website, make sure patients can find your office by taking advantage of the free eye care practioner directory listings available online. Our favorites:
Be sure to look for listing opportunities available by national/state/organization affiliation such as: 
*source: SpotRunner via RedFusionMedia.
Handling GP's 
Did you know that handling a new GP lens before it is fully hydrated can cause surface wetting issues? We recommend soaking new GP lenses in conditioning solution for a minimum of 4 hours before they are verified or handled in the office. This allows the lens to hydrate completely and will prevent oils and debris from attaching to the surface during the verification process. It is also important to insure all office personnel handling contact lenses are avoiding lotions, soaps, and antibacterial sanitizers that contain moisturizers and emollients while in the office. A "best practice" is to provide an optical hand-soap such as Opti-Soap or Optimum Contact Lens Wearers Hand Soap, at all hand sinks in your office. Both of these items are available from Art Optical.
Work independently P/T with an Ophthalmologist, own P/T private practice offering full scope of Optometry. Excellent terms - low overhead. Room for expansion, easy transition. Contact Dr. Joseph Hallak, 183 Broadway #308, Hicksville, NY 11801. Cell #516-817-2330. Email:

      Spring is evidence of the natural process of rebirth. As the days get longer and warmer, Mother Nature transforms the dormant world around us to one alive with color and freshness. It's a miraculous renewal that we anticipate every year. Much like spring, there's a rebirth of sorts taking place in the contact lens arena as well.
      As Dr. Gregory Nixon, OD, FAAO, recently noted in the January issue of Contact Lens Spectum, "the ingenuity and initiative of the contact lens industry continues to expand the quality and availability of lens products, and as a result, today, there is a contact lens for virtually every prescription".
     Thanks to advancements in diagnostic measuring devices and contact lens manufacturing equipment, lens design ideas that have been around for decades have been re-engineered and are now used predictably, effectively, and consistently. New applications in  Orthokeratology abound, and modern scleral lenses are transforming the lives of patients whose visual recovery options have been extremely limited previously. While these developments represent new opportunity for all specialty lens fitters, it's the presbyopic outlook that is most exciting. Statistics show that 92% of the 40 million contact lens wearers want to remain in lenses as they become presbyopic. Today's custom soft and GP multifocal lenses can renew the crisp, clear, binocular vision your over-40 patients are seeking. Certainly there are tricks to the trade when it comes to presbyopic contact lens fitting, but resources are plentiful and easily accessible. As the leading independent producer of multifocal lenses, we encourage you to start here. Visit Art Optical online, at a tradeshow, or just give us a call! Let us show you how the rebirth of today's custom contact lenses can re-energize your practice and restore profits.
Awareness of custom soft contact lens options increasing among practitioners
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    At Art Optical, we have just now passed the 18-month mark of offering made-to-order soft lens options in our Intelliwave line, and we are pleased to report steadily increasing practitioner awareness. Just like GP's, Intelliwave lenses are lathe-cut to the exact prescription of each patient at the time of order - as opposed to being mass-produced in a range of standardized parameters for the average patient like most soft lenses. Available in aspheric, aspheric toric, multifocal, and multifocal toric design options, Intelliwave lenses offer practitioners a faster, more precise, soft lens option for patients with more demanding visual needs, and a great alternative for those with GP-intolerance in outer-limit prescriptions. Custom manufactured and ready for shipment in just four business days, Intelliwave lenses incorporate wavefront technology for crystal-clear optics. Currently offered in a 49% hydrogel material, we look forward to introducing the availability of a latheable Silicone Hydrogel material upon FDA approval this year.
SoClear Fitting Methodology Optimized 
    By popular request, we've improved and simplified the SoClear fitting method and instructions. In collaboration with Jason Jedlicka, OD, one of the premier large-diameter and specialty lens fitters in the country and an early SoClear clinical investigator, the new "Introduction to Fitting SoClear Lenses" and the "SoClear 3-Step Fitting Guide" is now available. The updated information was mailed to all SoClear Fitting Set holders in February and is now routinely included in all SoClear fitting sets shipped. The revised information is also available online, and our certified professional fitting consultants are easily accessed at 800-566-8001.
CRT SureFit
Become a CRT certified practitioner today!
Additional materials added to Thinsite2®

    Thanks to rapid practitioner acceptance of Art Optical's Thinsite2 ultra-thin lens, additional GP lens materials are now available in the popular design. A re-engineered version of the original and highly successful Thinsite design, Thinsite2 was introduced in early 2009 and was offered exclusively in Boston XO2® lens material. By practitioner request and to add greater versatility to the design applications, Art Optical has recently included Boston ES® and Boston EO® as available material options. 
    Thinsite2 utilizes patented design technology combined with advanced lathing techniques to generate a thinner overall lens profile that reduces lens mass and increases oxygen transmissibility while maintaining lens stability. The ultra-thin and light lens profile aids lens centration and promotes healthy lens wear, especially for patients with extreme cases of myopia and hyperopia. By eliminating stress points, Thinsite2 is less prone to lens flexure than other ultra-thin designs, even in lower powered lens parameters. Junctionless front surface technology reduces lens awareness and lid interaction to promote easier, faster adaptation. 
    Manufactured exclusively by Art Optical, the ultra-thin, yet extremely durable GP lens is available in parameters to fit the vast majority of patients.
     "With material options available in standard and high Dk ranges, we are now able to provide the new and improved Thinsite2 design to those patients who have been accustomed to wearing Boston ES and Boston EO materials, while the hyper-Dk of Boston XO2 remains a great option for those demanding extreme oxygen transmission," said Michael A. Johnson, FCLSA and Director of Consultation Services at Art Optical. "We now have all of the material ranges covered in this extremely popular design," he continued. 
    For additional information on Thinsite2, visit or contact the Art Optical Customer Care or Consultation team at 800-253-9364.

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Introducing SoClear Progressive
As an authorized manufacturing and distribution partner of the patented SoClear Corneal Scleral lens design from Dakota Sciences; Art Optical has just introduced a presbyopic option to the successful large diameter platform.
 SoClear Progressive Logo
    SoClear Progressive is a center-near multifocal option featuring customizable add powers and zone sizes. By reducing lid interaction, the revolutionary design combines the comfort characteristics of a soft lens with the optical quality of a GP lens. SoClear Progressive is intended for presbyopic patients with standard corneas who seek a reliable, high-performance alternative to reading glasses and those who wish to remain in contact lenses through their presbyopic years.
    Also available in Standard and Aspherical Cone design options, optimum success with the SoClear design is achieved through the use of diagnostic fitting sets. The Standard SoClear is a design well-suited for the correction of irregular corneas, astigmatism, oval Keratoconus, PMD, and corneal ectasia. The design also lends itself well to more mainstream applications including the correction of standard refractive errors, as an option for dry-eye patients, or an extremely stable, high-performance sports lens. The SoClear Progressive is fit by using the standard diagnostic set and simply specifying the spectacle add. For cases of nipple or advanced oval Keratoconus, the Aspherical Cone set is a recommended starting point but is not available in the presbyopic option at this time.
Art Optical manufactures the SoClear family of lenses exclusively in Boston® XO and Boston XO2® materials within 24-hours of order. SoClear lenses can be purchased with a risk-free warranty that provides two refits per eye and full cancellation privileges. The inherent centration and stabilization characteristics of the platform, along with the breadth of applications afforded, make SoClear lens technology an essential tool for every practitioner's arsenal.
For more information on the SoClear Progressive design or the SoClear lens family, contact Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. at 800-253-9364 or visit

Fitting Tip:

Insertion and removal of scleral lenses can seem intimidating at first. Dr. Sharon Lee covers the topic nicely in her "Resident's Corner" article from the September, 2009 issue of the AOA's Cornea & Contact Lens Section newsletter. Learn more here:
(Link used with permission and appreciation)
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