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December 6, 2009
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Happy Holidays!
iPod Winners!
Congratulations to Drs. Michael Frische & Albert Sherburne, winners of the iPod Touch Giveaway sponsored by Paragon Vision Sciences & Art Optical at the recent "Vision by Design" meeting held in Phoenix. 
Congratulations to Dr. Ann Hemmeke, the iPod Nano winner selected in our Lunch & Learn Survey Evaluation drawing! 
Win Your Own iPod!
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World Sight Day 2009
On October 8, Art Optical joined the optometric community for the World Sight Day Challenge. Associates pictured participated in a "jean day" fundraiser, while other team members held a bake sale. This marks the third year that Art Optical has supported Optometry Giving Sight initiatives.Find out how you can donate at 
When comparing GP lens prices and services, be sure to look for hidden fees that may be associated with special lens finishes, treatments and return policies. At Art Optical, we'd like to remind you that we do not charge for:
  • AKS Kone Design
  • Soper Kone Design
  • Mcguire Kone Design 
  • Anterior Aspheric Design
  • Lenticular Design
  • Secondary or Toric PC's
  • Fenestrations
  • Truncations
  • Panafocal
  • Steep Base Curves
  • Flat Base Curves
  • RX Over +/- 20.00D
  • High Powers
  • Same day service

Plus...NO material return fees on warranted lens exchanges & refits!
If you're paying extra for these services, STOP!

Call Art Optical and start
saving today!

Optometric practice plus building for sale in Manistee, Michigan. Contact David Carlson/Century 21 - Toll Free at 866-448-2100

      Maybe it's the coming holiday season, or the turning of the last calendar page before the year comes to a close, but something about this time of year seems to bring about reflection.
      2009 was certainly an eventful year for Art Optical! With a flurry of new product introductions, a full convention and meeting schedule, increased involvement in programs at several colleges of optometry, and the ever-growing demand for specialty lenses of all shapes and sizes for every imaginable condition, we have been beyond busy! Plus, our completed Health Canada registration has opened borders to the north, and our ever-expanding presence in Korea continues to strengthen our global reach.
     Thankfully, despite a difficult national and state economic situation, Art Optical finds itself in a secure position, primarily attributable to our ongoing commitment to quality. It may seem like a basic principle, but it has served our customers, and our company, well for nearly 80 years now.
     Considering the staggering growth of GP multifocal lenses, it is clear that quality care is the primary focus for the majority of our practioners, too. Presbyopic contact lenses simply perform better, and patients who are given the option appreciate the visual quality you are able to provide for them. If you're dedicated to providing a quality multifocal experience for your patients, you'll want to partner with Art Optical. We're not only the leading producer of presbyopic GP lenses in the country, we're the only GP lab to provide NO-RISK, FULL MONEY BACK fitting programs, and an unwavering commitment to quality manufacturing, service and support.
Spare Lens Pricing Now Available! 
IW LogoArt Optical is now offering a Non-Warranted Spare Lens option in our Intelliwave custom soft lens line!
After the initial warranted Intelliwave fit has been completed, a non-warranted spare lens is available at a reduced cost if purchased within 90 days of original order. A 2-lens value pack is available at a discounted rate for future annual purchases. Request your updated Intelliwave pricing information today!
Catch the wave... 

1-Day CRT Dispensing & No Inventory!
Surefit Logo 
     On October 1, 2009 Paragon Vision Sciences announced the availability of CRT® SureFit® Delivery System. CRT SureFit provides certified practitioners a single-use, 3-lens per eye, fitting and dispensing system which will ensure a high probability of day-one, first fit success with Paragon CRT; the benchmark in corneal reshaping. Certified CRT practitioners, with or without a 100-Lens Diagnostic Dispensing System, can order CRT SureFit. Initially, CRT SureFit is only being released to practitioners in North America. Certification can be obtained online at
     CRT SureFit lenses are clearly identified, with directions on the proper sequence of fitting. Based upon a patient's "K" Readings and Spectacle Rx supplied by the practitioner, the first lens in the CRT SureFit Delivery System is the lens that has the highest probability of first fit success. Should the first lens not be dispensable, the second and third lenses are pre-determined parameters (based on 7 years of CRT historical fitting data) that should provide a successful CRT fit for the patient. Read on...
November Care System Sale!
Solution Special    World Leading Boston Lens Care Systems are now on Special! Through November 27, when you buy 10 Boston Advance Comfort Formula Care Systems, you'll get 2 Free - AND - when you buy 9 Boston Care Systems, you'll get 3 Free.  Stock up & save today! To take advantage of this special offer, call our Customer Care Team at 800.253.9364 or use our convenient Information Request Form
Lunch & Learn Events to Continue in 2010
L&L Holland 
We recently concluded our West Michigan tour of Lunch & Learn seminars and appreciate the interest & enthusiasm received from our attendees. With so many exciting new products introduced in 2009 and even more on the way, meeting in small groups to discuss the innovative options now available to custom lens fitters has been a great experience. Although difficult to cover a large geographic area, we do hope to continue scheduling live events for our local practitioners, and we look forward to expanding our reach through webinars and other online learning options in the year ahead. (Pictured: Mike Johnson, FCLSA, Director of Consultation Services for Art Optical, with Drs. Ann Hemmeke and Lori Smolinski at our Holland, MI Lunch & Learn event.)
When Near Vision Matters Most
Consider Biexpert LogoBiexpert, a new bifocal lens design that offers natural translation and exceptional near acuity. The unique slab-off technology of the lens provides a uniformly thin edge for 360 degrees of comfort, and because the lens is non-truncated and thinner than previous translating GP designs, patients note rapid stabilization, quick adaptation, and easy access to the near zone. Available from Art Optical since July of this year, the Biexpert lens is showing great promise for patients with stringent near demands. Backed by our optional no risk fitting guarantee and manufactured exclusively in world-leading Boston GP lens materials, the new Biexpert lens can be another valuable tool in your presbyopic arsenal.

Fitting Tip of the Week:

Did you know that handling a new GP lens before it is fully hydrated can cause surface wetting issues? We recommend that new GP lenses be soaked in conditioning solution for a minimum of 4 hours before they are verified in the office. This allows the lens to hydrate completely and will prevent oils and debris from attaching to the surface during the verification process.
Check out Art Optical's Fitting Tip of the Week and Fitting Tip Archive online!
On behalf of the entire staff at Art Optical, we thank you for your business and friendship this past year, and extend our best wishes for a happy & healthy holiday season!
Mindy Spicer
Director of Marketing & Communications
Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. 
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