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Introducing Intelliwave!
A BIG Opportunity!
About Our 2009 Pricing Schedule
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Thursday, January 1, 2009
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With an expert international faculty and a CE-accredited agenda, the GSLS will shed light on the latest treatment strategies for astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus, post-surgical and myopia management as well as pediatric contact lens options and a billing and coding update.
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Introducing Intelliwave®!

Art Optical received FDA clearance to market our Intelliwave custom soft lens product line in July of this year. As our first venture in soft lenses, the Intelliwave journey has been very exciting! The FDA approval is the end result of a two year process to acquire technology and establish a custom soft lens production facility within our existing laboratory. IW VialsThe Intelliwave series of lenses features aspheric optics with wavefront control to eliminate higher form aberrations for the majority of the patient population. The wavefront technology provides improved quality of vision over spherical optics without the need for special aberrometer measurement. We are greatly encouraged by the results being achieved with the Intelliwave Multifocal Toric lens. The center near zone provides an excellent multifocal effect with full binocular acuity. Although initially skeptical, several practitioners have expressed their amazement at the patient satisfaction they have been experiencing. With an industry best warranty known as our Precise Prescription Plan and shipment within 4-business days, Intelliwave is proving to be a beneficial addition to the custom lens arena. 
Large Diameter GP Lenses...
A BIG Opportunity!

Earlier this year, Art Optical introduced the SoClear® Corneal-Scleral lens design, a 13.00 - 15.00mm GP lens that teams the visual acuity of a rigid lens with comfort that compares to a hydrogel lens. Manufactured in Boston® XO2 material, the SoClear design is a leader in an emerging category of large diameter GP lenses that is gaining interest rapidly. Every patient we have assisted in fitting with SoClear has remarked that the comfort is significantly better than a typical corneal GP lens. This makes it a big plus for patients who require the vision of a GP lens but have not been able to tolerate the comfort of a corneal GP design. Patients with large oval cones, PMD (Pellucid Marginal Degeneration), post corneal transplants and high with-the-rule astigmatism are ideal candidates, but SoClear is also an option for everyone currently being fit with soft or corneal GP lenses. As practitioners and patients begin to realize their fantastic potential, corneal-scleral lenses will gain more prominence. SoClear Progressive, a presbyopic version of the lens, is very close to being released, further supporting the BIG opportunity awaiting practitioners who choose to offer the unique benefits of the SoClear lens design to their patients.

For additional information on the development of the large diameter GP lens category, read "Not Your Father's Scleral Lenses" by Kurtis Brown, in the latest edition of the Boston Update.
Limited Time Offer! Save $100 on SoClear Fitting Sets!

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About Our 2009 Pricing Schedule
Through this time of increasing economic downturn, Art Optical has worked diligently to increase efficiencies - working harder & smarter in order to keep our lens prices competitive. While we are implementing a slight increase effective January 26, 2009, please be reminded that unlike most competitive policies, the Art Optical Risk-Free warranty provides full money back - no cancellation fees, restocking fees, or material return fees. Other value added benefits we provide your practice include:
  • the latest innovations in lens design & technology
  • expert, real-time consultation assistance
  • experienced customer care professionals
  • 24-hour turn-around on specialty GPs
  • shipment of Intelliwave soft lenses in 4 business days
  • an unmatched commitment to service and quality
Out of concern for the environment, Art Optical will not be mass mailing our 2009 price list to every practitioner. You may request a copy of our pricing schedule after January 19 by contacting our Customer Care Team at 800.253.9364 or using our convenient Information Request Form. 
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