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Announcing First ASCCA Member of the Month    



James Justus of James Automotive in San Diego, California has been a four decade plus dedicated member of IGO / ASC / ASCCA since 1971.  He gives back to his industry, this Association, his community & his Chapter.  James currently serves on the Government Affairs Committee and has served on many committees with varying positions both within his local chapter and at the state level.  Not only does James actively participate in the annual Legislative Day, Quarterly Team Weekends, attend annual conferences, he also regularly contacts his legislators on issues affecting the automotive industry, freely offers his experience-based advice to his colleagues and always offers an open ear to a colleague in need.


James has been very instrumental and active with SB750 which he was assigned to track and monitor by Government Affairs Committee Chair Craig Johnson.


ASCCA members like James are shining examples of how One Member CAN Make a Difference! It is my pleasure to announce that James Justus is ASCCA Member of the Month for August 2012.


Congratulations James!


Tracy Renee

ASCCA 2012 President


Comments from Member of the Month, James Justus:


I studied to be a shop teacher and upon graduation from Long Beach State I went into the Peace Corps and taught in Jamaica. Upon returning I started teaching again in San Diego where I currently live but there were no full time teaching position jobs so I fulfilled a substitute teaching position for a year. It appeared that nothing full time was going to turn up so in the need to make a living the next best thing I thought of to do was to open an auto repair shop. As the Sole Proprietor of James Automotive with most of my employees being with me for 20+ years I have to say that I am very happy with my decision and thank you to ASCCA for making it so memorable. I am truly honored and humbled by this award. Thank you.


James Justus

James Automotive

2208 Imperial Ave

San Diego, CA

(619) 239-2208


Announcing First ASCCA Member of the Month
ASCCA Seeks Candidates for 2013-14
Get Your ASCCA "The Sign You Can Trust" Sign Now!!
ASCCA Launches New Websitea Breach Risks
ASCCA One Member Can Campaign - Update

 Click here for a complete list of ASCCA corporate sponsors and member benefits.  


Calendar of Events

Team Weekend   

September 29-30, 2012
Embassy Suites, Sacramento 
Room Rate: $149
Reservation deadline: Sept 7


Team Weekend 
December 8-9, 2012
Embassy Suites, Sacramento
Hotel Reservation
Room Rate: $149
Reservation deadline: Nov 16 




ASCCA Seeks Candidates for the 2013-2014 Board of Directors



ASCCA is seeking nominations from members who have an interest in running for a position on the ASCCA Board of Directors. The election will take place at the next Team Weekend, September 29-30, 2012, Embassy Suites, Sacramento, CA.


Applications/Profiles must be received in the ASCCA Headquarters Office, One Capitol Mall, Suite 320 by no later than Monday, September 10, 2012. Feel free to contact Executive Director, Jackie Miller with questions at 800-810-4272 x108 or by e-mail at jmiller@amgroup.us.




The Sign You Can Trust!        


ASCCA Public Relations slogan is designed with the purpose of ensuring that the ASCCA sign is synonymous with quality automotive shops. The slogan, The Sign You Can Trust! is directed at your potential and existing customers.


This exciting campaign was kicked off at the 2012 Summer Conference with the introduction of the new adjunct sign, The Sign You Can Trust!  This new sign can be ordered to hang under your existing ASCCA shop sign.


The adjunct sign is the first step to create public awareness that will translate into consumers looking for shops displaying the ASCCA sign. The goal of our campaign is to increase your business with new customers and help you retain existing clients. Participate in this new campaign and help strengthen the public's awareness that ASCCA shops are the shops they can trust to meet their automotive needs!  


How to use the new slogan:

  • Place on existing letterhead, business cards, brochures and forms.
  • On your website and social media pages.
  • In your printed and electronic newsletters.
  • With your local advertising.
  • Place on Press Releases when producing information for public distribution.
  • Place the adjunct sign with the slogan beneath your ASCCA sign at your shop.
  • Incorporate on promotional material produced for your shop, such as calendars, mugs, magnets, pens, etc.

For more information on getting the ASCCA logo with the new slogan and for purchasing an adjunct sign, contact ASCCA staff at (800) 810-4272 or email Heather Vigil at hvigil@amgroup.us.  



ASCCA Launches New Website  


ASCCA's newly designed website launched last week.  The site was completely redesigned by ASCCA Corporate Sponsor and Endorsed Vendor Zenergy Works


The new www.ascca.com site features a streamlined look and updated navigation.  It also features enhancements to the valuable member benefit "Find a Shop" via an improved mapping search result.  


We hope you enjoy the new website and welcome your feedback by using the comment feature on the About ASCCA page of the new website.   



ASCCA  One Member Can! Update        


The One Member Can! campaign has pushed off with great momentum and we've seen just how much one member CAN make a difference!


Since the launch of the One Member Can! campaign in February, ASCCA has seen individual members throughout the state rise to the occasion to reach out and make a difference in their Chapter and for ASCCA!


Rory Balmer has already earned his first iPad and is well on his way towards earning more prizes.  Rory (pictured below) was awarded his iPad at the ASCCA Summer Conference, June 23-24 at the Hilton Irvine Orange County.  


Rory Balmer (Chapter 14), Mary Kemnitz (Membership Committee Chair), Heather Vigil (Membership Director) 


You Can Make a Difference & Be Rewarded Too!


Remember when you recruit a new member to send in your coupon on the bottom of the One Member Can! Membership Drive or send an email with your name and the name of the member(s) you have recruited.


The One Member Can! informative, 2-page flyer is designed to be printed double-sided on 8 " x 11" sheets of paper, while the one page poster is designed to be a tabletop piece, printed on glossy 8" x 10" stock paper - to be place next to the 2-page flyers. There is also a 16" x 20" poster available. If you would like to display a poster of that size, please contact us directly and the template will be forwarded separately.


Please take a moment to read through the marketing material thoroughly. The more you know about our One Member Can! campaign - the better you'll be at using it to engage and enlist new members! The material also contains instructions on how to report your new member sign-ups, and how you can win a new iPad.


If you need any additional information or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Heather Vigil at (800) 810-4272 or hvigil@amgroup.us.



Click here for the One Member Can flyer.

Click here for the One Member Can Poster



Special Thank You to ASCCA's Diamond Sponsors!

One Capitol Mall, Suite 320
Sacramento, CA 95814
(800) 810-4272