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Despite Dangers, Small Businesses Ignore Data Breach Risks  

Courtesy The Armstrong Report, July 2012

As the number of data breaches involving smaller businesses continues to grow, a new survey by the Hartford finds 85% of small business owners regard a potential breach of their own data as unlikely, and many are not implementing simple security measures to help protect their customer or employee data.


The news is surprising considering that out of more than 760 data breaches analyzed in 2012, nearly two-thirds involved businesses with fewer than 100 employees.


"Most of the business owners surveyed believe they are not at risk, when in fact smaller businesses are increasingly being targeted," said Lynn LaGram, assistant vice president of small commercial underwriting at The Hartford. "As cyber criminals set their sights on smaller firms, it is important for business owners to take proactive measures to protect data and minimize the likelihood of a breach."


Nearly two-thirds of business owners surveyed said that a data breach violates trust and would jeopardize their relationships with customers, patients and employees. More than a third said they have a more negative opinion of companies that have recently experienced a breach, based on the companies' handling of the breach.


About a third of business owners said they would have difficulty complying with laws requiring that they notify the affected parties if a breach were to occur, and nearly half acknowledged it would be impossible for a small business to completely safeguard customer, patient or employee data.


As part of the survey, The Hartford asked the business owners which types of data protection best practices they had adopted.

  • Lock and secure sensitive customer, patient or employee data (48% adoption rate)
  • Restrict employee access to sensitive data (79%)
  • Shred and securely dispose of customer, patient or employee data (53%)
  • Use password protection and data encryption (48%)
  • Have a privacy policy (44%)
  • Update systems and software on a regular basis (47%)
  • Use firewalls to control access and lock out hackers (48%)
  • Ensure remote access to the firm's network is secure (41%)

Besides these methods, businesses of any size that store sensitive employee or customer information should also consider purchasing insurance to help them respond to and recover quickly from a breach.


Data breach coverage is typically issued as an endorsement to your company's business owners' policy and will generally provide coverage for expenses and legal liability resulting from a breach. Some carriers also offer access to services to help them comply with data breach notification laws.


Companies that store sensitive client or patient data, such as those in healthcare, financial or professional services, and restaurants and retailers with the large volume of credit-card information they process, should consider this coverage.


Data breach insurance will often include:

  • First-party coverage for response expenses, including legal and forensic services, notification expenses, crisis management and good-faith advertising expenses;
  • Third-party coverage for defense and liability, including defense costs, civil awards, and settlements or judgments that an insured is legally obliged to pay;
  • Consultation, including help with breach notifications.



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Small Businesses Ignore Data Breach Risks
ASCCA Launces New Consumer Targeted Slogan
ASCCA One Member Can Campaign - Update

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Calendar of Events

Team Weekend   

September 29-30, 2012
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ASCCA Launches New Consumer Targeted Slogan         

The ASCCA Public Relations Committee has developed an exciting new slogan with the purpose of ensuring that the ASCCA sign is synonymous with quality automotive shops. The slogan, The Sign You Can Trust! is directed at your potential and existing customers.


This exciting new campaign will start by incorporating our new slogan, The Sign You Can Trust! with our existing logo, creating public awareness that will translate into consumers looking for shops displaying the ASCCA sign. The goal of our campaign is to increase your business with new customers and help you retain existing clients. Participate in this new campaign and help strengthen the public's awareness that ASCCA shops are the shops they can trust to meet their automotive needs!  


How to use the new slogan:

  • Place on existing letterhead, business cards, brochures and forms.
  • On your website and social media pages.
  • In your printed and electronic newsletters.
  • With your local advertising.
  • Place on Press Releases when producing information for public distribution.
  • Place the adjunct sign with the slogan beneath your ASCCA sign at your shop.
  • Incorporate on promotional material produced for your shop, such as calendars, mugs, magnets, pens, etc.

For more information on getting the ASCCA logo with the new slogan and for purchasing an adjunct sign, contact ASCCA staff at (800) 810-4272 or email Cindi Alvidrez at calvidrez@amgroup.us.  



ASCCA  One Member Can! Update        


The One Member Can! campaign has pushed off with great momentum and we've seen just how much one member CAN make a difference!


Since the launch of the One Member Can! campaign in February, ASCCA has seen individual members throughout the state rise to the occasion to reach out and make a difference in their Chapter and for ASCCA!


Rory Balmer has already earned his first iPad and is well on his way towards earning more prizes.  Rory (pictured below) was awarded his iPad a
tthe ASCCA Summer Conference, June 23-24 at the Hilton Irvine Orange County.  


Rory Balmer (Chapter 14), Mary Kemnitz (Membership Committee Chair), Heather Vigil (Membership Director) 


You Can Make a Difference & Be Rewarded Too!


Remember when you recruit a new member to send in your coupon on the bottom of the One Member Can! Membership Drive or send an email with your name and the name of the member(s) you have recruited.


The One Member Can! informative, 2-page flyer is designed to be printed double-sided on 8 " x 11" sheets of paper, while the one page poster is designed to be a tabletop piece, printed on glossy 8" x 10" stock paper - to be place next to the 2-page flyers. There is also a 16" x 20" poster available. If you would like to display a poster of that size, please contact us directly and the template will be forwarded separately.


Please take a moment to read through the marketing material thoroughly. The more you know about our One Member Can! campaign - the better you'll be at using it to engage and enlist new members! The material also contains instructions on how to report your new member sign-ups, and how you can win a new iPad.


If you need any additional information or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Heather Vigil at (800) 810-4272 or hvigil@amgroup.us.



Click here for the One Member Can flyer.

Click here for the One Member Can Poster



Special Thank You to ASCCA's Diamond Sponsors!

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