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Friday, June 22

2:00pm - 4:00pm   

Working with Generations X and Y

Speaker: Maylan Newton


Do you ever find members of your team frustrated, tense, distracted, upset or unreasonable with other members of the team? Wonder why? Well, Gen Y thinks Gen X is a bunch of whiners. Gen X believes Gen Y is arrogant. And everyone thinks the Boomers are self-absorbed workaholics. While the younger generation's entitled attitude is clashing with the older worker's values, Gen Y's presence is improving workplace policy for everyone. Once we understand their differences and learn what is important for each group we can work together effectively.


4:00pm - 6:00pm
Growing Your Business By Accepting Risk

Speaker: Mitch Schneider, Automotive Training Institute


Nothing ventured: Nothing gained... The promise of extraordinary reward generally brings with it the risk of extraordinary failure... And, yet, "You miss 100% of the shots you never take..." (Wayne Gretsky)


Like the turtle, we never make progress unless we stick our necks out. But, how do you manage the "Cost/Value Ratio of Risk & Reward" when each decision you make impacts the future of everyone involved in your business.


You gather all the data you can... analyze... evaluate... assess... consider... formulate... project... But, sooner or later, you will have to decide. And, once you do: good or bad, right or wrong, it will be time to step off the cliff into the abyss and execute! Let's talk about risks and rewards and making the right decisions to grow your business and turn your dreams into reality!"


6:00pm - 7:00pm
Welcome Reception

Speaker: Scott Brown, iATN


The International Automotive Technicians' Network iATN, is the first and largest on-line network of automotive service professionals. With several valuable aspects and features available, iATN President Scott Brown will present an overview of iATN's features and fully demonstrate many of their widely used assets.


Saturday, June 23 - Attendance for Saturday only session - Registration $149


General Session


7:00am - 8:30am

Continental Breakfast & Coffee


8:00am - 8:20am

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Tracy Renee, ASCCA President 2012


8:20am - 8:50am  

Keynote Opening

Speaker: Kelly Bennett, Business Management Solutions


8:55am - 9:30am

BAR Industry Workshop - Part 1

Speakers: John Wallauch, Chief, BAR

Bar Panelists: Garrett Torgerson, Greg Garrett, Paul Hedglin, and Steven Hall


Smog Check Licensing Restructure

The Smog Check licensing restructure realigns the program's licensing requirements with the best practices in the automotive repair industry and marketplace. In doing so, the restructure separates the existing Smog Check test-and-repair technician licenses into separate Inspector and Repair Technician licenses. The restructure also establishes a new Repair-Only station license, in addition to the existing Test-Only and Test-and-Repair stations.


STAR Program Implementation

STAR is a new certification program for both Smog Check Test-Only and Test-and-Repair stations that wish to inspect directed and gross-polluting vehicles. STAR is scheduled for implementation in January 2013 and will supersede the Gold Shield certification program. In order to join STAR, Smog Check stations must meet a minimum performance score. To attain this score, stations need to perform proper inspections as outlined in the Smog Check Inspection Procedures Manual as as prompted by the BAR-97 Emissions Inspection System (EIS) software.


OBD Inspection and Equipment

BAR has developed new equipment and inspection procedure regulations that are planned to be implemented in 2013. The proposed regulations include updating the Smog Check Manual with the new requirements. The requirements include new inspection equipment to perform OBD inspections on model-year 2000 and newer vehicles, as required by recent legislation. New procedures have been developed to perform the old OBD-focused inspections, as well as updated procedures for testing other vehicles subject to the Smog Check Program.


9:45am - 12:30pm

BAR Industry Workshop - Part 2


12:30pm - 2:00pm

Luncheon with Exhibitors

Speaker: Jack Molodanof, ASCCA Legislative Advocate


2:10pm - 3:00pm

Are You Working for Your Business, OR is it Working for You?

Speaker: Kelly Bennett, Business Management Solutions   

3:15pm - 5:15pm


Are You Working for Your Business, OR is it Working for You? (Con't)

Speaker: Kelly Bennett, Business Management Solutions

6:00pm - 9:00pm
Fun Night with Exhibitors



Meet Your Vendor Representatives 

ASCCA has secured 28 of the industry's top businesses and organizations to exhibit and sponsor at our Summer Conference:


You will have a chance to network with your existing and new vendor representatives during the following events:


12:30pm - 2:00pm

Luncheon with Exhibitors


6:00 - 9:00PM

Fun Night with Exhibitors (includes dinner and entertainment)


Sunday, June 24  

8:00am - 9:00am

Continental Breakfast: Dead Shop Owner Walking

Keynote Speaker: Kelly Bennett, Business Management Solutions


How would you like to WIN an AUTEL MAXIDA SCANTOOL valued at $2000?!

State-of-the-art scan tool diagnostics for Asian, European, and Domestic vehicles including Ford Powerstroke. Includes all the OE adapters and 1-year of free updates. Don't miss your chance to win the most popular aftermarket scan tool!


Only $25 PER TICKET - Grand Prize Drawing, Saturday June 23, 7:30pm during Fun Night. 


New Ideas on what works in today's challenging market. Networking with some of the sharpest and most forward-thinking minds in the industry is a great way to learn and grow as a leader. All to help you set a course for survival through today's challenging economic times...





ASCCA Has a New Facebook Page 

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Please visit us on our new Facebook page. We look forward to your comments and shared experiences. We will be posting information, links and events as a way to continue supporting our community and advancing our industry. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to "Like" us as well! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


SB 750 (Hernandez) Passes Assembly Transportation Committee         


Despite strong lobbying and grassroots opposition from ASCCA and other aftermarket organizations, SB 750, authored by Senator Ed Hernandez (D-24th SD) and sponsored by BMW, passed the Assembly Transportation Committee by a bare-minimum vote of 8 to 5 on June 18.  Testifying for the bill were BMW, California New Car Dealers Association and Teamsters.  In addition to ASCCA, a large number of opponents testified, including Automobile Club of Southern California, CalABC, CAWA/AAIA, Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), California Locksmiths' Association, and AAA Northern California.


If ultimately passed and signed into law, SB 750 will make permanent an exemption for BMW from providing electronic key code information to locksmiths, requiring motorists to contact the automaker to get a replacement key for their vehicle.  It should be noted that BMW has had five years to comply with the key replacement system originally created by the Legislature in 2006.


ASCCA and industry advocates have been battling this legislation for nearly a year and have argued their concerns about motorists being inconvenienced and often stranded in dangerous situations because they were not able to obtain a replacement key.  In addition, opponents argued that this bill is anti-consumer and anti-competitive, and while this resonated with some legislators, it was not enough to convince the majority to vote against or not vote on the measure.


As you know, the key is much more than the instrument that enables an individual to start a vehicle.  It is coded with security information that is tied into the vehicle's computer system and will disable a number of auto components including in some cases the transmission, making the vehicle immobile as well as preventing a vehicle from being started after certain major repairs.


The aftermarket industry has developed a system for key coding and vehicle programming that the majority of vehicle manufacturers follow to ensure both the security of the vehicle as well as access to the independent repair industry.  SB 750 will certainly interfere with the ability to have a vehicle serviced outside of the manufacturer'snetwork, and this in turn will create hardship for the consumer as well as create anti-competitive forces for the independent automotive repair industry.  


We need your involvement to stop this bill.


Stay tuned for a call to further action by ASCCA. We will ask you to write and/or call your legislative representatives and tell them why this bill is not good for consumers and competition within the automotive industry. Contact our Legislative Advocate, Jack Molodanof, for your immediate questions at jack@mgrco.org, or 916-447-0313; or Craig Johnson, Government Affairs Chair, at cjauto@verizon.net, or 626.810.2281.




ASCCA  One Member Can! Update        


The One Member Can! campaign has pushed off with great momentum and we've seen just how much one member CAN make a difference!


Since the launch of the One Member Can! campaign in February, ASCCA has seen individual members throughout the state rise to the occasion to reach out and make a difference in their Chapter and for ASCCA!


Remember when you recruit a new member to send in your coupon on the bottom of the One Member Can! Membership Drive (Page 2) or send an email with your name and the name of the members you have recruited.


The attached flyers were designed by the membership committee as marketing material to be used to introduce and provide information to Chapter Leadership about the One Member Can! program.


The One Member Can! informative, 2-page flyer is designed to be printed double-sided on 8 " x 11" sheets of paper, while the one page poster is designed to be a tabletop piece, printed on glossy 8" x 10" stock paper - to be place next to the 2-page flyers. There is also a 16" x 20" poster available. If you would like to display a poster of that size, please contact us directly and the template will be forwarded separately.


Please take a moment to read through the marketing material thoroughly. The more you know about our One Member Can! campaign - the better you'll be at using it to engage and enlist new members! The material also contains instructions on how to report your new member sign-ups, and how you can win a new iPad.


If you need any additional information or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Heather Vigil at (800) 810-4272 or hvigil@amgroup.us.



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