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AAIA Calls on FTC to Take Action
Massachusetts Right to Repair Ballot Initiative Tops 100K Voters Signatures

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Smog Check Licensing Restructuring      

BAR is restructuring Station and Technician licensing. The restructuring will include a Repair Only category for both technicians and shops. If these licenses are obtained, a failed smog may be repaired. BAR will use "Cite and fine" to go after unlicensed technicians and shops performing illegal smog repairs, where fines may be up to $5000. BAR is currently sending out undercover cars, citing shops and technicians that are fixing failed smog's without the proper licensing.


Click here to view the Initial Requirements for Smog Check Inspector and Smog Check Technician Flowchart.


 Click here for an overview of the BAR Licensing Restructure.



AAIA Calls on FTC to Take Action on Mazda Aftermarket Parts Release     

AAIA, along with three other aftermarket trade groups, called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to take action against Mazda for a recent release that attempts to mislead consumers regarding the quality of aftermarket replacement parts. The Mazda release recommends that all maintenance and collision repairs be performed using Genuine Mazda Parts, stating that, "Aftermarket parts are generally made to a lower standard in order to cut costs and lack the testing required to determine their effectiveness in vehicle performance and safety."

The aftermarket groups declared that, "Our organizations take serious issue with this statement. Every day car owners or their service professionals use non-Mazda parts in the repair of their vehicle without any problem. In fact, many of these parts may have been produced by the very same factory that supplied the original component to Mazda, only the label on the box is different." The letter from the four groups goes on to request that the FTC call on Mazda to "either to provide substantiation of their claim that aftermarket parts are 'generally made to a lower standard' or withdraw that claim and issue a public correction in the same venues and manner as the original release."

The letter also takes issue with a statement in the release that "Only Genuine Mazda Parts purchased from an authorized Mazda dealer are specifically covered by the Mazda warranty. The original warranty could become invalid if aftermarket parts contribute to the damage of original parts." The aftermarket groups stated that, "Clearly, the wording of this paragraph combined with the earlier statements in the release regarding the quality of aftermarket parts is intended to misinform consumers not only regarding quality of aftermarket parts, but also their impact on vehicle warranties." This release is in direct conflict with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that makes it illegal for companies to deny warranty coverage simply because an aftermarket part of service is used, the letter states. The organizations called on the commission to take action to require Mazda to withdraw the release and issue a correction that use of non-Mazda parts are permissible, and that it would be "Mazda's burden of proof to prove a non-Mazda part caused any alleged damage before denying warranty coverage."

In addition to AAIA, the letter was signed by the Automotive Oil Change Association, Service Station Dealers of America and the Tire Industry Association.  


Click here to view the letter issued to the FTC.


Click here to view the Mazda Press Release. 


Massachusetts Right to Repair Ballot Initiative Tops 100,000 Voters Signatures




The right to repair coalition announced on October 19 that it had collected 106,658 voter signatures after just 19 days of effort, well exceeding the 68,911 required for the initiative to appear on the November 2012 ballot. The Right to Repair voter initiative would make it possible for independent shops to obtain full access to the latest car company diagnostic and repair information using a generic laptop and a standardized vehicle interface.


Specifically, the ballot measure would require beginning in 2015 that car companies:

  • Maintain a site (such as a cloud) that contains the same software and repair capabilities that they provide through the proprietary tools to dealer franchises. The site would be accessible to anyone for a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly fee.
  • Provide access to the site through a generic laptop that would be connected to a vehicle through a universal interface that meets the Society of Automotive Engineers J2534 standard. 

According to the Right to Repair Coalition, "The bottom line is that if this measure is approved, independent shops, with a minimum investment in tools will be able to affordably (sic) obtain the tools and software to work on most makes and models of vehicle that are on the road."  


Click here to view a recent update on the ballot measure. 


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