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VRRRM Gold Shield Stations - IMPORTANT UPDATE 


Participating auto shops may resume accepting vehicles for repair through the Consumer Assistance Program beginning Friday, July 1st. At this time the VRRRM program wants to send out a reminder that all consumers/vehicles that are approved for the Consumer Assistance Program must fully exhaust those funds first before they can be deemed eligible for the VRRRM program. If the consumer/vehicle is not eligible for the Consumer Assistance Program, they may still be eligible for the VRRRM program if they meet the VRRRM eligibility criteria. Please visit for current eligibility guidelines.


For more information, contact Milo (Mike) J. Sheldon II, VRRRM Program Manager, Foundation for California Community Colleges at (951) 684-3796 or by email at You may also visit 


ASE 2011 Test Registration Information

Click here to see the ASE Fact Sheet on computer based testing for Summer 2011. 

BAR Advisory Committee Meeting Update - by Jack Molodanof,  ASCCA Legislative Advocate


ASCCA Board Member Tracy Renee and I attended the BAR Advisory Committee yesterday in Sacramento. Below is a short summary of the meeting.


1) Opening Remarks. Brian Stiger, Acting Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs,  provided an short update on DCA, including budget cuts, etc. Bureau Chief Sherry Mehl made some brief comments about BAR's latest activities.


2) Enforcement Update. Kristin Triepke provided updates on the Industry surveys.... which is the feedback from shops on how well BAR performed while handling a consumer complaint. A high percentage of survey responses indicated that the BAR reps have been courteous, handled the complaint in a fair and reasonable manner, and explained laws.  The survey results are on the BAR website. The Unlicensed Cite and Fine regulation is moving through the process and hopefully will be approved by the Office of Administrative Law by the end of 2011 or early 2012.   BAR has been very active in going after unlicensed repair dealers, including mobile operators that have been located under Craigs' list, etc.... There has been media publicity. BAR will continue unlicensed sting operations.


3) Repair Assistance Restructure. Discussion of the revised diagnostic manual (July 2011) and update of the CAP program including the retirement program, participation and budget for the CAP programs. CAP changes include payment up to 1.5 times station's posted labor rate for diagnosing and testing CAP vehicles. All changes should be on the BAR website.


4) AB 2289 Implementation. Pat Dorias provided a detailed update on all AB 2289 efforts, including STAR regulations, Licensing restructuring, and AB 2289 penalties.  AB 2289 requires that  BAR provide the Legislature with an annual report of its efforts to implement AB 2289.


5) Cal VIS Project Update. Pat Dorias also provided a detailed overview of the Cal-VIS project which is the new OBD equipment requirement for the Smog Program. Formerly called BAR 2010, then BAR 2012, it is now known as Cal-VIS (California Vehicle Inspection Systems).  BAR, with assistance from a vendor, proposes to acquire an OBD Data Acquisition Device (DAD) that will be integrated with commercial, off-the-shelf equipment components to create an OBD Inspection System.  The OBD Inspection System will communicate with an enhanced NGET system (database).  The materials and detailed information is also on the BAR website.  You will be hearing much more about the Cal-VIS project as BAR moves forward.


6) Legislative/Regulatory update including SB 869 (Airbags) and SB 211 (Tire Check and Inflate), as well as the Brake Service regulation, which is being reviewed by DCA.  ASCCA has been pushing DCA to complete the review as quickly as possible and will continue to do so.


7) BAR is updating its Write it Right Booklet and is circulating a draft.


ASCCA Proudly Announces

New Corporate Sponsor

BG Products


BG Products 

ASCCA is proud to announce its most recent corporate sponsor, BG Products.


BG Products has been synonymous with quality for over 40 years and is likewise excited about its growing partnership with the ASCCA. BG Products specializes in driving Gross Profit and Customer Retention through its various offerings of Preventive Maintenance services. BG Products looks forward to helping Independent Shops maximize opportunity over the coming months.


Please feel free to contact anyone of the following distributors:

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BG PetroSpecs Inc.

Mike McCarthy:


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3301 Grande Vista Drive

Newbury Park, California 91320

Phone: (805) 498-4546

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Elbert Dist / Cor-Max Technology

Ty Elbert E-mail: 


Visalia Office: 559-733-5750

1719 E Janelli Court

Visalia, CA 93729


Bakersfield Office: 661-837-8350
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Fleming Distributing Company

Jeff Fleming

PO Box 5555
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Phone: (916) 933-2430

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Confidence in the Industry Improves Among Aftermarket Business Leaders
New ASCCA Sponsor: BG Products

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