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For the Love of History
Bob "The Cruiser" Haynes
What makes a Jack Durnin?
Shelter Volunteer Has A Magical Touch
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For the Love of History

by Cheryl Smith


The Genealogy, Local History, Texana, and Archives Division in the Plano Public Library System wants to thank Debbie Calvin for her meticulous efforts of indexing the Plano Star Courier newspaper from 1918-1923.





volunteer squared


Get Connected!


For those utilizing our online volunteer management system, Volunteer Squared has released a brand new mobile feature for MyVolunteerPage.


The mobile version of MyVolunteerPage which will make it possible for volunteers to sign up for shifts, check their schedules, log hours and email their VIP supervisors from any smart phone without downloading another app!


From your smart phone internet browser just add to your favorites list or visit It will ask if you would like to use the mobile version.


Interested in learning how to use MyVolunteerPage?
Email Corina Sadler at or 972-941-7617 to request your username and password.











 small talk




Supervisor Libby McCabe

goes the distance and beyond


Libby McCabeOur 2012 Supervisor of the Year is a skilled professional who takes a singular passion and turns it into effective volunteers. Libby McCabe has provided outstanding supervision and leadership for City volunteers in the Engineering Division for the past two years.


Libby, Technical Administrative Assistant in the Engineering/Public Works Department, returned to the City in October of 2007 where she held various positions from October 1987 through November 1999. Libby has coordinated volunteers and their assignments with the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) activities for the Engineering Division. She has directed the work assignments for over 50 volunteers in the past two years, including adults and students, making them all feel part of the larger team.


"Over the two years I have worked with Libby, I have seen her responsibilities and supervision of Engineering volunteers grow and Libby has grown with these responsibilities.   Patience, understanding and flexibility is her training and supervising style, as she promotes the good name of the City. I have also seen her address volunteer issues and challenges in the best light possible," stated Volunteer Resources Coordinator, Corina Sadler.


She continually goes the extra mile to set up work assignments, matching the volunteer's skill set, coaching and encouraging all volunteers to make a win-win for the department and the volunteers. She is instrumental in utilizing and expanding the roles of volunteers to include project coordination, file maintenance, electronic file conversion to Laserfiche, training, and documentation of procedures.


Gerald Cosgrove, Director of Public Works said, "Libby is a true asset to the division, she has done a wonderful job in the development of a strong volunteer program working on our Laserfiche program.  We would not have achieved as much with this program without her efforts. "She enjoys working with each volunteer and getting to know each person and she supports the volunteers giving them praise for assignments well done! Because of their time in Engineering, many volunteers have applied for scholarships using recommendations from the department staff. Libby provides references for those applying for positions and helps volunteers expand/improve their skill sets.


Many of the student volunteers return yearly, because the experiences in the department aid them in their career path, college selections and potential scholarship applications.


National Volunteer Week gives me the opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the important work Libby McCabe does as a VIP Supervisor and her effort in creating environments where volunteers and volunteering can flourish.  





Robin Popik

Volunteer Resources Supervisor





Bob "The Cruiser" Haynes

by Salena Lewis


The Planning Department and GIS Team are proud to announce that one of their very own is the 2012 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. Bob Haynes has been a part of the Planning Department and GIS Team for more than 15 years and has contributed 3,000 hours in volunteer work. "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and the people I've gotten to know," Bob said. He has always enjoyed coming into the office and spending time with the employees.

Read more about Bob and his contributions...



What makes a Jack Durnin?

by Maggie  Sprague


Maybe the answer is a reflection of life growing up in the 1950s in New Jersey and within sight of New York City or the influence of middle class parents imparting a strong moral code or is it possibly a series of lifetime events. Who can really say?


As a young boy, riding his bike with his brother was an adventure...especially across the bridge to Staten Island. Stick ball, roller skating, and trips to the Jersey Shore were a rite of passage. As early as in elementary school, Jack developed a strong interest in science and mathematics which would eventually determine his professional life. 


Learn how Jack impacted Plano...




Shelter Volunteer Has A Magical Touch

by Gina Bruton


Cats are an interesting breed of animal. They don't really need humans to care for them as they can hunt for their own food, clean themselves, and can always find to place to curl up and sleep. They pick and choose who deserves their attention; they love you on their own terms and are pretty much the master of any house. Sadly, these are also the reason many cats end up on the streets or at local animal shelters. However, the cats and kittens that end up at the Plano Animal Shelter are often the recipient of the love and devotion of one very special volunteer!!


Learn about Shian-Wei Aur and his passion for Plano cats... 




Patrick Seifried

Double Your Pleasure!

by Neal Katz


Patrick Seifried, a long-time volunteer in the Plano Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (PCPAAA), was recognized as the organization's Police Volunteer of the Year.


Read about Patrick and his dedication to Plano Police. 


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