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                                       June 2011
Recognition Issue
Live Green Expo
VIP Supervisors Receive New Training
A Texas Treasure, Environmental Services
Cat Lover Extraordinaire
Police Volunteer Enjoys working with People
Plano Senior Center Living Legacy Award


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Live Green in Plano



The 2011 Live Green Expo was supported by 415 volunteers donating 2201 hours.


Many exhibits, booths and activities would not have been possible without the help of Expo volunteers. 






 A special Thank You to all CAPPS volunteers from Ron Timmons, the Director of Public Safety Communications  


The CAPP volunteers were tremendously helpful in completing the radio test project. They endured long days in the vehicles and moments of frustration and tedium.


Together they conducted 1,250 radio test calls in every square mile of the city.


While all the other cities used paid first responders and we had the largest territory to cover, the only reason Plano upheld its contractual obligation to the vendor was the contribution of their voluntary hours.


Thank you,

 Ron Timmons


Smiling Supervisors Hold Up the VIP Check

Presented To Council Two Nights Before


Thirty volunteer supervisors attended a training by Richard Lynch, the co-author of Essentials of Volunteer Management during National Volunteer Week.  "Managing volunteers has always been very different from managing paid employees, and in recent years it has gotten more complicated," explains trainer Rick Lynch. Through his training, participants were introduced to seven trends in volunteer management and learned skills in supervising and motivating volunteers.  Rick also incorporated the six customer service principles of volunteer management and showed how to apply these to situations. 


Comments included...Click to read the full article



Volunteer Engagement Survey Results


Effectively engaging volunteers is important to the City of Plano.  Below are the results of surveys sent out to VIPs active for  5 years or more. 


43% of those receiving the survey responded in the following way:  

        45% have been VIPs for 6-9 years, while 19%
      have been VIPs for 10-15 years.

        81% felt there was a positive atmosphere among
     paid and volunteer staff.

        82% said their supervisor showed appreciation 
     for the work they do.

        79% felt their role was important to the department
     and supported the mission of the City.

        24% are employed full-time in addition to

        36% respondents were men.

        On average, VIP volunteers donate 16 hours a

For comments and complete survey results click here to continue




Environmental Services Volunteer of the Year

A Texas Treasure


The members of Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) and Keep Plano Beautiful (KPB) wish to thank Jinx Smith for all he has done and continues to do to keep Texas beautiful.


Read how Jinx has made an impact.



Animal Services Volunteer of the Year


A Cat Lover Extraordinaire


Plano Animal Services is responsible for protecting the health and welfare of the people and animals of Plano and adoptions are part of that service. Beginning January 2004, donating over 2725 hours as a volunteer, Nancy Cate has served as a foster parent for cats and kittens.


 Learn how Nancy is helping animals in Plano.




Plano Police Department Volunteer of the Year


 Police Volunteer Enjoys Working with People


The Plano Police Department recognized Bill Powell as their 2010 Outstanding Volunteer of the Year.  Bill has been a member of Plano Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (PCPAAA) since June 2009. 


Read why Bill chooses to volunteer.



Courtesy of Plano Profile

Photo courtesy of Plano Profile

Plano Senior Recreation Center - Living Legends Award


Senior Advocates Cecil West and Dean Stewart 

By: Amy Sandling Crawford

When you talk to living legends like Plano's own Dean Stewart and Cecil West, you realize that some things can't be accomplished overnight; they must be gained through perseverance and dedication. Some of this duo's accomplishments have been years in the making, yet they've remained committed to working every day to meet their goals.


Click here for Plano Profile article.

City of Plano
Volunteer Resources Group

Robin Popik, Volunteer Resources Supervisor

Corina Sadler, Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Elsa Garcia, Volunteer Resources Liaison