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                                       March 2011
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5 Minute Survey
London's Guardian Visits Plano
Remembering Joe Hill
David Lerry, lifelong volunteer
New Volunteer Policy
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City of Plano




The City of Plano is asking for your participation in a short survey to evaluate the effectiveness of its communication with the community.


The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. 


 At the end of the survey, you will have an opportunity to enter your name into a drawing for a City of Plano Recreation Center membership valued at $130. 


Click here to take survey.


The City of Plano thanks you in advance for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us with this survey.


Spring Break was more than just a vacation from school for some VIP Teens.


Forty teens donated over 175 hours to departments and programs this spring break.


Environmental Services benefited from teens creating a mosaic on their new cistern (a water reservoir). Libraries enjoyed having teens assist during youth programs. Therapeutic Recreation was able to provide a fun filled spring break camp with the assistance of volunteers.



Thank you teens!

London Reporter Visit Plano


English reporter Rachel Williams of "The Guardian" newspaper visited Plano to see how our volunteer program operates.


The article "Volunteer army takes over Texas town," shares our unique program with those across the ocean. Rachel spoke with people who regularly give up their time and asks if this could work in the United Kingdom.


Remembering Two Wonderful VIP's 



Joe Hill was seen as the face behind the camera to most people, but he was truly a generous person, a do-gooder, a leader and a voice for all people in need.

Joe Hill passed away January 2011. 


Joe Hill, an advocate for others...

                              David Lerry

David Lerry led an honorable life celebrated by his many accomplishments and lifelong volunteer contributions with the Boy Scouts of America, the Plano Conservancy and Interurban Railway Museum.

David Lerry passed away February 2011.


David's lifelong contribution...




We all realize that Information Resources is considered an assets to the City of Plano that must be managed. We appreciate your efficient use of computer resources. 


Due to the sensitivity of information on the City network and our security policies, users may only access data or programs associated with volunteer assignments. We have worked with Technology Services (TS) to modify staff policies and created a VIP computer policy.  Each volunteer will have their own logon and password. VIP Supervisors will work with TS to set up work schedules and file/drive information so you will be able to continue to utilize the files needed. 


We will be asking all volunteers using computers to sign a Technology Services Security Agreement form similar to the one signed by all City Staff. This will help you understand the new TS requirements and help us continue to have an environment that maintains system security, data integrity and privacy by preventing unauthorized access to data and by preventing misuse of, damage to or loss of data.  So that Information Technology and all City communication systems are utilized in a lawful, ethical and professional manner.  All signed agreements will be kept in the VIP file in the Volunteer Resources Office.


Thank you for all your support and cooperation,


Robin Popik

Volunteer Resources Supervisor
City of Plano
Volunteer Resources Group

Robin Popik, Volunteer Resources Supervisor

Corina Sadler, Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Elsa Garcia, Volunteer Resources Liaison