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Gaining Professional Experience
Employee Turns Volunteer
Volunteering as Career Stepping Stone
Employees Receive New Training
Deloitte Gives Back
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How I Gained Professional Experience by Elsa Garcia, VIP Volunteer

In August 2009, I signed up for the City of Plano Volunteer program. This program offered many types of events and opportunities for me to gain more professional experience and give back to the community. I was immediately intrigued at the opportunity of working for the city's Engineering Department. 

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Help us update your online profile!
We have added a new feature to the Volunteer Squared software. VIPs can now upload their own photo to their profile.
Just log into your www.myvolunteerpage.com profile, click on the "My Profile" tab then "additional info" tab at the top.
Uploading a photo is optional and will not be visible to other volunteers or the public. 
Below the photo section is an area to add an Emergency Contact name and phone number. 
Thank you!

 Tina Ou

Teens Doing Good!
 by Corina Sadler, Volunteer Resources Coordinator 

The City team was joined by 250 teens this summer who helped in engineering, environmental services, libraries, police, fire, parks and recreation summer camps, special events, therapeutic recreation and many other departments. VIP Teens donated 3,000 hours!

While we cannot highlight each of the 250 VIP teens, we thank them all for their enthusiasm, dedication and leadership that they shared this summer and invite those interested to share their volunteer experience. 

Please send it to Corina at CorinaS@plano.gov

Mayor Phil Dyer Signs Cities of Service Declaration

Mayor Dyer

Mayor Phil Dyer signed the Cities of Service Declaration an initiative started by Mayor Bloomberg of New York, encouraging cities to recognize the importance of service and volunteerism in meeting critical community needs.  The Cities of Service initiative is a national, bi-partisan coalition of mayors representing a total of 106 national cities that have made a commitment to service and volunteerism as a strategy to engage citizens in meeting urgent community needs. 

Joan Shopoff

City of Plano Employee Turns Volunteer 
by Robin Popik
A few years ago I started noticing retired city employees coming back to volunteer. Many employees couldn't understand why? But it was obvious to Joan Shopoff. After 28 years as an exemplary city employee and a Supervisor of over 500 annual volunteers, Joan Shopoff retired and signed up as a VIP. Nominated by her peers in 2009 as Employee of the Year, Joan was cited as the primary example of what a dedicated city employee is all about.


Volunteering Can Make Unemployment a Career Stepping Stone 

There is no doubt that here at the City the volunteer rate increases when unemployment goes up. Donating your time and expertise while unemployed is a good way to stay busy, lift your spirits and to give something back. 

She says the benefits include:
 The chance to improve skills which may have lain dormant.
 The opportunity to experience different jobs
 Help in taking your mind off being unemployed. 
 A  positive outlet for built-up energy, frustration and stress.
 Something to look forward to. 


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Training Guru Treats VIP Supervisors to an incredible Day of Learning

The value of volunteer power is even more important than before as money continues to be tight and expenses continue to rise. On August 24, VIP  supervisors and leaders were treated to an incredible training by guru Martin J. Cowling.

Deloitte & Touche

Deloitte Services Gives Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve a Face Lift
Deloitte's commitment to volunteerism and to improvement of its local communities begins each year with Impact Day, a day set aside nationally for Deloitte professionals to make an impact in their communities.
If your organization would like to partner with the City of Plano for a special day of service or an on-going service project, please visit our website to see available opportunities. 
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Robin Popik, Volunteer Resources Supervisor
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