February 2010
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Love. Pooch Portraits

Portrait What better way to honor your dog than to immortalize him or her in a portrait?

Commission art, you laugh! (I can hear you!) Who can afford that kind of extravagance in this economy? You can! While also helping out Katrina dog survivor Roc, who's had more than his share of troubles.

For the month of February Roc's mum is offering her talent of bringing your dog to life digitally, at half price - $25, in an attempt to offset Roc's recent and frequent medical bills.

For more info contact Sarah at: [email protected]
Laugh, With Premier Linkables

Linkables Nothing beats the winter blues better than a bit of playtime. However, inclement weather may have shortened your daily jaunts and games of fetch. If you haven't done so already take this opportunity to banish your dog's food bowl for good. Really!

There are many good food-dispensing toys on the market and Premier just upped the ante with their Linkables. These food-toy puzzlers are durable and adjustable for just the right level of challenge for each dog. Pull these babies out twice a day at mealtime and watch your dog engage for eons rather than simply scarfing meals in 30-seconds flat.

Learn. Am I Boring My Dog?

Am I Boring My Dog? By now you probably know about Dog Star Daily's Training Textbook and Dr. Ian Dunbar's helpful new pup guides "Before You Get Your Puppy" and "After You Get Your Puppy". They are extremely useful and delve deeply into all of the training needs to help get a new pup started off on the right paw, behaviorally.

However, there are lots of other questions that come up when considering adding a new dog to your life, questions about health, feeding, exercise, bonding, and more.

Edie Jarolim's new book, "Am I Boring My Dog" addresses all sorts of questions about choosing and living with a dog. But this is no ordinary dry, informational dog book. The humorous and conversational tone makes this the most palatable dog book in ages. It's an excellent book. I've never seen anything quite like it. "Am I Boring My Dog" is extremely thorough and covers an interesting and unique array of questions that pop up when one gets a dog for the first time. Questions I've never seen addressed anywhere else.

This book is must-have resource for anyone contemplating getting a dog, all first-time dog owners, dog professionals, and every dog-lover in general; really it's a book for anyone who wants to do the very best for their dog.
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