Got Challenges?
Life Challenges will either make us bitter or better. What will you choose?

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge."   
 -Martin Luther King, Jr.

How To Be Up in a Down Market
In a down market there is a resonant vibration. The vibration that manifests in expressions like this is "bad", this is "hard", this is "impossible" and the list goes on. This collective vibration is falling down quickly and can be contagious if we let it. When we are not careful, we match it and stop our trajectory of going up. This can be problematic because the universe is responding to our vibration. Any action you take from a low vibration will yield you low results but any action you take from a high vibration will yield you high results. So if you take one action from a high vibration, it is better than taking 65 actions from a low vibration. The key is raising your vibration.

How do you raise your vibration?

1. Stop Labeling Your Challenging Situation As "Bad"
Often what appears to be "bad" or "not good", is a blessing. If you spill coffee on your shirt and you are late for an appointment, you might label this as "bad". But because it took you an extra 5 minutes to change your shirt, you avoided an accident by not being 5 minutes ahead in traffic. When we label things as bad it keeps us stuck in a place of negativity. This then breeds more negativity and in a very short time we are attracting the very thing we do not want. Coming from a perspective of, All Is Well, despite what's in front of us, leads us to a place of acceptance and acceptance leads to trust. Trust will take us to our Visions and Dreams.

2. Put Your Situation in a Bigger Context
If you were up in sales by 65% last year and are down by 33% this year, don't keep your focus fixated on the loss of 33% but rather celebrate the truth that you are averaging a 32% gain overall. If you need to put it in the context of the last 5 years, than do that. Also, don't forget there are other measures in life besides the bottom line. The real bottom line is the things that really matter, like our health, our relationships and the contributions we have made to others. This leads us to step 3.

3. Be Grateful for What You Have
If you are having a hard time focusing on what deals you don't have or money you don't have, think of someone who is less fortunate than you and start counting your blessings. I drive through the Tenderloin in San Francisco and see the homeless and the drug-addicted immediately realizing that no matter what challenge I am facing at the time, it is minor in comparison. Downward comparison can immediately put your life into perspective, in case, you temporarily forgot, how blessed you actually are. From this perspective, create a list of what you are grateful for. Do it daily.

4. Stop Operating from Fear
Often in a challenging situation, we operate from fear. All of our actions are motivated by fear. So each action contains the energy of fear. The law of attraction dictates, fear creates more fear. Although fear may arise, as it is part of the human condition, you can break the cycle. Find a constructive way to release your fears, for example, write down your fears each morning and burn them. This releases your fears from your vibration and your subsequent actions.

5. Understand That Challenge Leads to Greatness
Challenge is a way life teaches us about our self. It is through challenge that we are able to find the grace of God, this grace then carries and guides our life. Without challenge we may never find this grace. Think of the many "successful" people you admire. They have failed, they have overcome major challenges - and this has been, in fact, the fuel for their success. Challenge can lead to greatness; it is always our choice. Sit down and journal, ask yourself, "How are the challenges I am facing of benefit to me?"

6. Follow Inspired Action
Get out of your mind and start living from spirit. In spirit, you will be inspired to make different choices that will leave you empowered and moving in a direction you feel good about. Each morning, get yourself centered, clear and connected and ask yourself, what inspired action do I need to take today? Trust what you get, even if it is not logical. In fact, the less logical it is, the more you know it is coming from your spirit.

7. Be Patient
Beating yourself up for what you did or didn't do will only keep you stuck. Let go of the past and be present, anchored in the now. The now is the only place from which you can create a better future. As you learn to be patient with yourself, you will find you will be more patient with others. I believe patience is really an acronym for Put All Trust In Everything Now, Creator's Everywhere.

8. Your Power Is in Your Connection to Source
Challenges faced alone are difficult and trying, but you must never forget, you are never alone. If you choose to connect to Source, you have an ally that is always there for you. When we connect to this resource of healing, solutions and comfort, we can co-create beyond our wildest dreams. Connecting is as easy as meditating, praying, walking in nature or just simply, being silent. Suddenly, in the silence of the mind, inspiration is found in the form of a solution, an answer, an insight or a calm knowing that all is well. As Lao Tzu said, "To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."

As we step out of fear, raise our vibration and follow inspired action each day, we will find our challenges become gifts. They allow us to recognize who we are, what we are made of and why we are here. In this awareness there is so much joy, to simply be who we came here to be. From this place, nothing external can ever rob us of our joy. It is totally up to us, to be UP or DOWN in any market. What will you choose?

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