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A gift for mothers and daughters this mother's day


Letting go of objects that belonged to someone you love does not mean letting that person go.


Often times I find my clients cannot let go of something because it belonged to their mother, or their mother's mother. This burden of history grows heavier with each generation.


History, "her-story", often times holds us in the past, preventing us from creating ourselves in our own likeness here in the present.


I believe it is important to hold on to a part of your family, your tradition. I regularly use my Mamaw's cutting board and dish towel and think of her using them and it brings me closer to my memory/image of her. I  also wear the rings my mother gave me and I think of playing with hers as a small girl enamored at the beauty of my mother and the jewels she wore. I treasure these objects that really speak to me.


It's important to remember, however, that your mother does not live in china, crystal, jewels or in a dress she wore that is in rags now. Her memory lives inside of you.


Look at the items you are hanging on to. Do they remind you of good times? Do you use them, or at least look at them once a year? Do they truly embody the memories you wish to treasure most?


If not, I give you permission to honor them. Write about them and the memories they evoke. Draw them. Photograph them. Make a collage or quilt, if you wish. Draw upon the energy, the memory, and then let them go. Allow the physical to melt and move away, leaving you unencumbered by the past.


Leaving a legacy of objects is not a gift to give your daughters. The memories created by those gifts are the essences of a mother's love. The gift they will treasure the most!


Objects are just illusions, love is the real gift.

Happy Mother's Day!




The Wedding Organizer


Disaster Mitigation Specialist


If you have planned your big day but want someone to help you bring your vision to life and you want your friends and family to be able to enjoy themselves without having to "work" too hard. Laura can help!

Wedding services include:


Set-up & decoration

Disaster mitigation

Sign and/or place card creation

Liaison services between service professionals (Florist, Caterer, Photographer, etc.)

Tear down and clean up

For more information visit the website or call Laura to discuss your vision for this special time. (707) 839-4896


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My wedding was so magical and beautiful. Laura's services allowed me to plan my wedding but prevented me from becoming a "superbride". My wedding day was stress free and I was able to focus my attention on my guests and, of course, my new husband. Thank you so much Laura. I honestly do not know what I would have without you.

J.G. ~ McKinleyville

Deciding to get Organized - Difficult Discussions


Sometimes getting organized is a luxury, a small treat that we give ourselves to improve our quality of life. But for some getting organized can mean quantity of life as well. Clutter out of control can impede your ability to live independently in a safe environment. If someone you know is at a real health risk (falls, fire, mold, vectors) because of "stuff" it might just be time to sit down and have a difficult but healthy dialogue. Here are some tips to get you started:


1.      Always ask before offering advice. It only takes a moment to ask for permission, and most people are happy to listen when given a choice.

2.      Imploring compassion, ask them how they feel about living in the chaos of clutter. In most cases they would like to be living differently, they justdon't know how to get from point a to point b.

3.      Really listen to what they say.

4.      Have them identify the feelings they associate with their possessions.

5.   Next have them look at the needs behind   those feelings they have identified.

6.      Explore how they might meet those needs in a more healthy way.

7.      Ask them to think of small steps they could take to make improvements.

8.      Help them to understand that their health is not worth any amount of stuff.

9.      Suggest working in short, realistic sessions, 1-2 hours at a time max. Even if you are on a roll keep the sessions short in the beginning while building confidence in the process.

10. Remind them that energy continues to move even after a session has ended and that transitions need time to settle in. Have them journal about any feelings that come up.

11. Invite them to consult with professionals that may be of assistance including therapists, professional organizers, housekeepers, caregivers, etc.

12. Offer to help with specific tasks that you are good at. If you are great with paper, perhaps you can help them to get their filing systems in place. Or if you are a master recycler, you could set up a recycling system and offer to help maintain it.

If someone you care about is at risk of falling, disease or fire because of their clutter problems you always have the option to call Adult Protective Services (APS) and make an anonymous report. In Humboldt County, CA the APS number is 707-476-2100.

If you have a success story regarding healthy dialogs with loved ones I would love to hear from you! Email me today!


For professional assistance begining the discussion call 707-839-4896 to schedule an appointment today.      

Know someone that needs this tip?

More ideas for reducing!

Thanks to all who made suggestions!

My article on making my own bubbly water using The Soda Club inspired readers to look at their recycling and consider alternative options for their most used recyclables. Here are some of your ideas...


Yogurt Containers: Either switch to the family size and add your own flavorings or make your own yogurt. There are many machines out there and rumor is that you can often find them at the thrift stores super cheap. Google free yogart recipies for more ideas!

Water bottles:  Bottled water costs much more than tap water, often as much as 15,000 times more! But it is not typically any better for you according to tests conducted by the Natural Resources Defense Council. Many bottled water companies, up to 40%, reprocess water from municipal water supplies.  Some people say that they can tell a difference in taste however in blind taste test most people cannot actually tell the difference.  If you really can tell a difference in the taste try filtering your own water using a rechargeable filter, like a Brita pitcher, and your own bottle.

Grocery bags: Cloth options are more prevalent than ever and it is simple enough to just keep reusing the paper and plastic you have already accumulated. Keep a bag of them in your car for easy use when you are out.


Packaged grains/ cereals/ and spices: Most grocery stores now offer all of these products in bulk for much cheaper than the boxed varieties. You can use the empty container you have at home to remind you that you need to pick more up. Just remember to write down their empty, or tare, weight on a piece of tape or label before you start filling them up. That way when you get to the register with filled containers, you pay only for the weight of the product itself.



To join the discussion on ways to reduce your impact on the planet Visit



As the days grow longer and longer, we have more daylight hours for getting our own projects done and for helping others. To give the gift of time to someone you love print your free "Someday Time" coupons here. 

Often times a difficult event, such as a death or change in physical ability, can change an okay situation into one that is out of control. While it can be difficult to discuss disorder with someone who is already experiencing loss, it can also show them how much you really care about them. Contact me personally if you would like to know more.
Love, Laura
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