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Someday Services ~ Someday Style March 2008

Spring is just around the corner!

What projects have you put off until the sun comes out?
Think about it:
* How much money do you spend each month on storage?
*How often do you visit your storage unit?
 *How important are the things you keep there if you never get to see or play with them?
Downsizing could save you hundreds of dollars per year!
You can do it!
I can help!
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The EcoAware Kitchen


Awareness of the ecological impact of our homes can be addressed with small steps that are implemented over a period of time. In this issue I will share how my EcoAwareness has changed my own kitchen as well as my wins and challenges along the way.


  • I LOVE my Electric Tea Kettle - It saves 50% or more energy over using the stove top and boils the water twice as fast! I love it so much I use it to boil water for soup, facial steams and for deep cleaning countertops without using chemicals!
  • Recycling - Finding the right way to recycle has been a process. Where to store the recyclables where they are out of the way, yet in a convenient spot can be a challenge in a small kitchen. Here is what I found finally works for me:
    1. Metal cans, foil, bottle caps, etc. in a paper bag under the sink. This keeps my dog from trying to "clean" them for me by strewing them all over the house.
    2. Cardboard, chip board and brown paper in a large bag in the narrow space beside the refrigerator.
    3. Everything else in a tall slender trash can next to the regular trash.When the bins are full, I carry them to the garage and sort them. I take my recycling once a month or when my bins are full.
    4. Each month as I emptied my trash I found that dirty plastic bags were the bulk of my garbage. Lazy = Crazy. Now I wash all plastic bags that have food on them and dry them in my dish drainer. Then I collect them in a recycled dog treat bin that has a snap on lid kept on my counter top. It has greatly reduced my trash and I must say I am amazed at how many I collect in a month!
  • Composting has been one of my biggest challenges. I use recycled organic lettuce bins that seal well to store my compost. However, it has been difficult for me to take it out, dump it and rinse the containers because I hate the way it looks and smells. I am trying to overcome this by emptying it more often and I must say it is getting easier as the weather grows nicer.
  • Reducing got easier for me this month because I made a promise to myself and the planet that I would stop buying bottled mineral water.(I ♥ FIZZY WATER!) After doing a bit of research, I found an eco-friendly option that makes me bubble with excitement! Soda Club USA - I purchased a machine, four reusable bottles and three chargers for about 150.00. The chargers make about 120 liters each and I use filtered tap water. It works out to about 42 cents per liter and I am not generating any more plastic bottles! Oh and there is no sodium added by the machine, so it is a great option for those with high blood pressure.
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Everyday Rituals: Grounding Exercise for Getting Organized


The thought of getting organized is enough to send some of us spinning into self doubt, stress and even shopping (oh no!). But you can overcome this fear and inertia by taking the time to ground & center yourself and by setting an intention for your work.


Step 1: Take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe deeply. In through your nose and out through your mouth.


Step 2: Think about the reasons you want to get organized and write them down. Keep breathing!


Step 3: Next ask yourself why you want to make these changes? How will they help you in your day to day life?


Step 4: Visualize yourself already organized and with simple systems in place to keep it that way. Imagine how you would feel if it were already done. Breathe in gratitude. Breathe out fear & doubt.


Step 5: Write a list of simple steps you will take to reach your goals.


Step 6: Give thanks for the opportunity to make positive lasting changes in your life. Write a note or say a prayer of gratitude for your organizing abilities where ever they are at today.


Step 7: Roll up your sleeves and start taking those small steps, one after another, towards reaching your goals.


If you have trouble with any of these steps, please be gentle with yourself. Change can be difficult, especially in the beginning. Journaling about your feelings can be helpful or consider asking a friend or professional organizer for help getting started.

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Love, Laura
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