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"Our change jars covered the cost of organizing our bedrooms with you!"
S.T. ~ Eureka

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Designing a space for romance,

repurpose you bedroom  for LOVE!



1.      Think about the function you want your room to hold. Do you really need to work, watch tv, eat dinner and pay bills in here? If you want to create space for love, I recommend getting these  things back where they belong... out of the bedroom!


2.  Clear clutter from the space using the "Someday Sort" (December 2007 Someday Style) .


3.  Consider moving electronic devices such as computers and televisions out of the bedroom.  These distractions take your valuable attention away from rest & romance! If you cannot or do not want to move them out, I encourage you to cover them when not in use.    


4.     Standing in the doorway look to the far right corner of the room. If it is cluttered it could be slowing the flow of romance in your life according to fung-shui. Remove the clutter and replace it with objects that remind you of love  like hearts, love birds, photos of you and your valentine, two candles, or any other symbol that is romantic to you! Notice if you can "feel" the difference.


5.  Consider redecorating with warm colors that evoke passion. You can use art, scarves, curtains, fabric, colored light bulbs or lamp shades to spice your space.

For more ideas on your space call 707-839-4896 for free home evaluation today! Find out for yourself how FUN it is to do it together!     
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Ritual Release for Paper

Journals, letters, cards, concert and movie tickets over a lifetime can remind us of great memories but can also hold energy that affects our ability to move forward in life. Some items we can let go of easily, others hold so much energy for us it would be better to release them through ritual.

Rituals are personal. There is no "right way" to do it, so follow your heart. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Build a fire in the woodstove or fireplace. Be sure to follow fire safety!
  2. Take time to fully remember and pay tribute to the item. Sit with it. Meditate on its meaning to you. Talk about the memory out loud with a trusted friend or write about it in a journal.
  3. When you have fully expressed your feelings and acknowledged the energy the object holds, release it with intention into the fire and allow that energy to rise with the smoke back into the universe.
  4. Give thanks for the opportunity to feel such energy in your life. Have gratitude for your ability to remember. Let go of the past and welcome your future with renewed vision and spirit.


A few things to remember: Do not burn plastic, it is toxic! Do not use ritual release if you are angry. Items burned cannot be recovered so be sure you are really ready before you drop it in the fire. Always follow fire safety!

To join the discussion on letting go, or share your experiences of ritual release join me at my NEW blogspot




Give your Valentine a gift that they'll remember!

There is no better way to say "I LOVE YOU" than the gift of your time!
Wishing you peace of heart and space for love and romance!
Love, Laura
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