Amazon Sisters
clay works of Sandra Chanis L.
Opening Reception
September 24, 6 to 9pm
Curated by Dorothy Annette
"The AMAZON SISTERS series is about women who intrinsically pass genetically linked information and knowledge from generation to generation.
Interest in the subject was sparked by a trip to Crete whose ancient women were powerful and controlled the future of empires through secret codes woven into their cloths, combs and decorations.  It was their knowledge which made them powerful".

Sandra Chanis L. was born and raised in Panama City. She received her B.A. from the Western College for Women in Oxford and her M.A. from the University of Dallas, Texas.  She has received many awards and has exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the US and abroad.  Sandra fosters students in the MFA program for the University of Vermont, Montpelier and demonstrates a huge determination and commitment for art.

Ms. Chanis L. will hold a free, public lecture on her work and travels on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 at the Women's History Museum
2323 Broadway, #107, San Diego, (in Golden Hill, corner of 23rd and Broadway).  619 233-7963 or


Traditional music
This Saturday, Sept 11
noon to 4pm in Old Town
Mexico Independence Day
Celebrate the 200th Anniversary with a Parade, Contests, Relay Races, Pinatas, Paper Flower Making, Cornhusk Doll Making and of course, Music, Dance and Food.

Special Guest: Governor Jose Maria Encheandia ( as portrayed by Victor Contreras, Old Town Descendant)


For more info: 619 220-5422 or visit the State Parks Web Site


Every Wednesday at 5:30
The WOMEN'S JOURNAL WRITING GROUP continues to explore the challenges and rewards of Journal Writing every Wednesday at the museum at 5:30.  The class is free and open to the public.

Coming Soon
Women's Financial Literacy
A series of lectures geared to women and their understanding of finanical management and planning.  Dates to be announced soon.