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Escalera Celebrates 5 Years
Instituto's RLLA Plans a Move

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BP LogoIn my time with Instituto del Progreso Latino, I've seen our organization flourish into a flagship for community advocacy and advancement.  Like our organziation, our youth continue to blossom into the future leaders our community and nation.  Considering this, it is more than befitting that our first ever online newsletter feature successes of Instituto's youth development and educational programs.  We hope you enjoy Iluminar: The Online Edition and find it a relevant and innovative source of infomation.
Kind Regards,
Juan Salgado, Executive Director 
Escalera Celebrates 5 Years of Achievement!
Escalera: Taking Steps to Success was featured as the "Best Practice" in the Winter 2007 issue of The Corporate Philanthropist.  Over the last five years, 100% of Escalera graduates from Instituto have gone on to two- and four-year colleges.  The program is based on a training / development curriculum designed to increase the number of Latina/o high school students earning a high school diploma, planing for college, and exploring career opportunities.

Instituto's RLLA Plans a Move

The Rudy Lozano Leadership

IDPLAcademy is ready to expand its community reach.  RLLA has made great strides with the resources available; ranking among the top 5 alternative schools across the state and maintaining an 85% average attendance rate.  Yet, the reality is that the architectural constraints of Instituto are no longer conducive to the student-centered, cooperative-learning model that RLLA has built.
In moving, RLLA will continue to provide invaluable educational services to Latina/o youth, while increasing opportunities for students in the community.  With its own space, RLLA can raise the number of students it serves from 80 to 120 and expand on its after-school initiatives since the new building will have a gym.

To learn more about RLLA, please click here.

"There are no great men or women, only great challenges that ordinary people must take on."
- Rudy Lozano
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About Instituto del Progreso Latino

Our mission is to contribute to the fullest development of Latina/o immigrants and their families through education, training, and employment that fosters full participation in the changing United States society while preserving cultural identity and dignity.

Instituto del Progreso Latino was incorporated in 1977 to meet the needs of Latina/o immigrants to learn English, find employment, accustom their children to the U.S. educational systems, and adjust to life in Chicago in a myriad of ways.  Since its inception, Instituto has been a story of hope, perseverance, and community triumph.
Today, Instituto is a recognized leading educational center serving more than 14,000 families yearly to advance their educational horizons, encourage civic participation by becoming U.S. citizens who vote and provide employment opportunity through workforce training.
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