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Toxins in the Trash...Who is Responsible?
Most people know that when they throw things away, it doesn't really go "away." The trash goes somewhere, and a good deal of it doesn't biodegrade. In fact, some of what goes into the trash could poison our drinking water, air, and the soil in which we grow food for many generations. Mercury and other heavy metals are found in a number of products readily available to consumers in supermarkets all over the country, and if those items aren't carefully disposed of, they are known to be extremely hazardous to humans, especially children. Discarded medicines have already polluted fresh water sources in all 50 U.S. states, yet a nationwide solution to this problem is not even being discussed. Who can rectify these issues? Consumers? Retailers? Manufacturers? Government? Likely, a combination of all four stakeholder groups. Tune into Go Green Radio this week to hear Scott Cassel, Founder and Executive Director of the Product Stewardship Institute , discuss how his organization is leading the way to bring these groups together to protect human health through product stewardship.
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