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AFWW Newsletter #22  Sept. 2011 Special Edition: Film Launch 
A Future Without War: The Strategy of a Warfare Transition 

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A Future Without War

Believe in it.

Envision it.

Work for it.

And we will achieve it.


These three quick links are to Dr. Hand's core articles on paradigm shift:

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For nearly a decade, Dr. Judith Hand, evolutionary biologist and behaviorist, has been researching, writing, and speaking about war. Why we make war? Whether it might be possible to put an end to it? And if the answer is yes, what would be required of us to achieve that goal?


Tuesday September 20th, the day before the 2011 International Day of Peace, is launch day for her filmed lecture:


No More War: The Human Potential for Peace

New Film  


A short promotional video that outlines the lecture's highlights is available at the AFWW website and on YouTube.


On Tuesday she will be present in San Diego at a table at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice's International Day of Peace Celebration, eager to describe the film and answer questions: 12:15 pm -2:15 pm.


Are you

  • A Teacher or Professor, looking for new ideas, and content to spur student discussion
  • A Student interested in peace studies, conflict resolution, or social transformation
  • A Program Officer, looking for speakers for your organization
  • An Academic, on the lookout for new ideas on the subject of war, gender differences as these relate to war, or what a campaign to end war might look like
  • A Social Change worker, a seeker of information about human behavior as it relates to social conflict and war
  • A global citizen, discouraged about the state of our global community but with a mind, and heart, open to a new direction, a new way to view ourselves and our potential for positive change?


If any of these describes you, No More War: the Human Potential for Peace is a "must view" film. Anyone interested in this important subject will find this inspiring film's information valuable and its message one of hope. Learn more at  



Viewer Comments 


"Are you one of the majority of people (as I was yesterday) who think war is inevitable, that there's nothing anyone can do to stop it? That it's part of the human condition and we must accept that, no matter what we do, war will always be with us? Then you need to hear the words of Dr. Judith Hand!  I thought I was too jaded to be amazed by a new approach to this old subject, but her insights into war and peace riveted my attention, and that of everyone in the room. You'll be surprised at what you will learn."

    Sandi Nielubowicz, President

    La Jolla Branch, National League ofAmerican Penwomen


"Judith Hand describes facts fundamental to understanding how people view conflict prevention and peace. Well researched. Well presented. Her message is recommended for all who want to achieve long-lasting peace on this planet." 

    Roar Johnsen

    First Vice-President, International Humanistand Ethical Union
    (IHEU) and Past President, Norwegian HumanistAssociation


"Dr. Hand's talk to the Davis Peace Coalition on the evolutionary roots of cooperative behavior as this relates to war was clear and amazingly informative.  Many in the audience said they found it inspiring. Hand is knowledgeable and remarkably communicative."

    Claude Garrod

    Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California, Davis


"Dr. Hand's insights are keen, her presentation professional, and her manner, heart-felt. Our university women learned the basis for the peace movement Dr. Hand proposes and also how to move forward. Her talk to a packed house was most enthusiastically received. We will definitely bring her back!"

    Gail R. Dimitroff, PhD

    Leadership and Human Behavior Chair,International Relations

    American  Association of UniversityWomen, La Mesa -
    El Cajon Branch


"Judith Hand is an evolutionary thinker-activist who offers humanity a vision/project for creating a world safe for all children, and in the process, eliminating war from our cultures. This is an adaptive challenge whose time has come."

    Manuel Manga

    Director, Center for Evolutionary Leadership 


 View a clip at 

A Future Without War
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