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"Why not try peace for a while? If we find war is better, it will not be difficult to fight again..."
- Abdu l-Baha,
Baha'i teacher

A Good Movie

People united and well led can shape history in positive ways, and do it nonviolently.      Amazing Grace (2007), starring Ioan Gruffudd and directed by Michael Apted, documents how, with dedication and unswerving patience, the British trade in slaves was ended.

A Good Book


Sharp, G (2005) Waging Nonviolent Struggle. 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential. Boston: Porter Sargent Publishers Inc. An indispensable "how to" compendium.



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A Future Without War

Believe in it.

Envision it.

Work for it.

And we will achieve it.

You Tube
Sharing Fabulous Videos   

As we begin the year 2011, A Future Without War has been thinking about powerful POSITIVE uses of media. There are libraries full of books and films documenting our problems. But to change our cultures and the course of history, we will have to reach hearts with positive messages as well. Four of our favorite YouTube videos are New Year presents to our newsletter readers. We hope they provide moments of amusement and even sheer joy.


First, though, we give thanks for YouTube and its creators. This extremely powerful medium will facilitate the global sharing of all kinds of good works and good news.


Please accept our gratitude.
Playing for ChangeStand By Me


The first video would be most naturally grouped into the AFWW Cornerstone called "Foster Connectedness." An essay entitled "Foster Connectedness" explains why  organizations and individuals with a focus on creating a sense of oneness between people and between us all and the planet that sustains us are one of many necessary keys to ending war. The video is called Stand By Me. It was produced by the group Playing For Change. Playing for Change is part of the Peace Through Music movement.
Watch Stand by Me


Girl Effect

Women and Girls, of the World - Arise!


The second video, "The Girl Effect," is an inspirational depiction of the key roles of women, and in this case young women, in changing history. The emphasis is on poverty ... but we can't have a future without war if our future is filled with poverty. You may wish to check out one of AFWW's essays on why we will never abolish war unless we do empower women and girls as equal partners with men. The essay is entitled "Locked in the Embrace of Male Biology." The video, wonderfully creative in design, was produced by and the Nike Foundaton.
View "The Girl Effect"


Kings Firecrackers of Ohio


The third video beautifully highlights the extraordinarily well-developed human trait of cooperation. In a blog entitled "Origins of War and Human Destiny," AFWW has explained why we embrace the "Humans the Cooperators" model of human evolution rather than the "Man the Warrior" model. The essay has a link to this demonstration of astounding cooperation.  It's called  "Jump Rope Dance" and was performed at the U.S. Naval Academy by the "Kings Firecrackers" and produced by Bong. For full effect be sure you watch all the way to the end.


There is not a species on the entire planet that can outdo us in cooperation!!!! Let's put that extraordinary gift to work to bring about the end of arguably our worst trait: war.

Watch Jump Rope Dance





Finally, if you have never seen John Lennon sing IMAGINE, here is your chance.  You can view his vision of how to present the music. John Lennon was in fact a dreamer. We need our dreamers. They can touch our hearts, inspire our spirits, expand our vistas. They can reach out to and uplift the best in us. His visionary song looks into a future with no poverty, nothing to kill or die for, a place of sharing where we live as one.

Watch John Lennon sing "Imagine"


ENJOY These Awesome Videos!!!!

Peace Movements Worldwide

Peace Movements Worldwide - Three Volumes

Michael N. Nagler, Marc Pilisuk, and their research helper Gianina Pellegrini announce publication of a three volume work, Peace Movements Worldwide.

The scope and quantity of these essays leaves no doubt that something big most definitely is afoot!  Yearning for a profound change from the way the human world has been running is on the rise globally and has, in the view of A Future Without War, reached critical mass. These writers and legions more testify to that truth.

The publisher describes the work saying, "From Veterans for Peace to the Nonviolent Peace Force, from UN initiatives to local actions by women in Colombia and Kenya, and from citizen diplomats to creative conflict resolvers to survivors of genocide, this set tells the stories of ideas, people, and worldwide organizations striving to help humanity realize its never-ending yearning for peace."

A Future Without Warhas not yet reviewed the series. We hope to find that it includes chapters that explore the human potential for peace from cutting-edge biological and anthropological perspectives.  Here is the TOC of all three volumes:

Peace Movements Worldwide:

History, Psychology, and Practices

Marc Pilisuk & Michael N. Nagler (Editors)


Table of Contents


VOLUME 1: History and Vitality of Peace Movements




Set Introduction 

Introduction to Volume 1


Part I



Chapter 1             Eternal Peace
                                   Michael N. Nagler

Chapter 2             A Philosophy of Peace
Barry L. Gan

Chapter 3             Peace and Development Today: An Overview
Johan Galtung



Part II




Chapter 4             The Evolution of Peace
                                  Michael N. Nagler & Angel Ryono

Chapter 5             Psychology and Peace
Marc Pilisuk & Mitch Hall



Part III




        Chapter 6          Cultural Understanding in Peacekeeping,
                                   Peacemaking, and Peace Building
Paul R. Kimmel
         Chapter 7          Rethinking "Identity" for a Global Age: Emerging
                                   Responsibilities and Duties
                                        Rebecca Joy Norlander & Anthony J. Marsella

         Chapter 8          Cultures of Peace or Culture of Peace?
David Adams



Part IV



Chapter 9         The Spirit of Change: Spiritual and Religious
                         Resources for Peace and Justice Movements    
                              Donald Rothberg

Chapter 10       When Prayer and Revolution Became People
Hildegard Goss-Mayr

Chapter 11       Catholic Social Teaching: Integrating the Virtue of
                         Nonviolent Peacemaking
                              Eli Sasaran McCarthy

Chapter 12       Alternatives to War and Violence: An Islamic
Mohammed Abu-Nimer &Jamal A. Badawi



                            Part V



Chapter 13       Women: Battleground for War, Resource for Peace    
                              Gianina Pellegrini

Chapter 14       Nothing Short of a Revolution: Reflections on the
                         Global Women's Movement

                               Kavita Nandini Ramdas

 Chapter 15       A Feminist Ethical Perspective on Weapons of Mass

                               Carol Cohn and Sara Ruddick



Part VI



Chapter 16        War, Peace, and Climate Change: A Billion Lives in
                          the Balance
Jan Egeland

Chapter 17        The Moment for Turning: Living as if Peace and
                          Sustainability Really Mattered

                               David C. Korten

 Chapter 18       Against So Much Money and Power, Can the Peace
                          Movement Succeed?
                               Marc Pilisuk & Ellen Gaddy

   A Final Word     Marc Pilisuk & Michael N. Nagler


   About the Editors and Contributors



VOLUME 2: Players and Practices in Resistance to War



Set Introduction 

Introduction to Volume 2


Part I



Chapter 1         Shedding the Tools of Destruction: The Disarmament
Marc Pilisuk

 Chapter 2        Nuclear Disarmament: The Path Forward, Obstacles,
                         and Opportunities
Alice Slater

 Chapter 3        Hiroshima Day: America Has Been Asleep for 64
Daniel Ellsberg

 Chapter 4        Citizen Diplomacy and the Ottawa Process in
                         Banning Landmines: A Lasting Model?

                              Jody Williams & Stephen D. Goose

 Chapter 5        Bringing the Corporate Role in Global Violence to
Gianina Pellegrini

 Chapter 6        Socially Responsible Investing, Peace, and Social
Tessie Petion & Steven D.Lydenberg




Part II



Chapter 7         A Hand for Peace in a Zone of War
Kathy Kelly

Chapter 8         Human Security: Providing Protection without Sticks
                         and Carrots
Christine Schweitzer

Chapter 9         Psyched Up to Save Psychology: A Tale of Activists'
                         Efforts to Resist Complicity in U.S.Human Rights
                         Violations Post 9-11
                               Jill Latonick-Flores & Daniel J. Adamski 

Chapter 10       Shut it Down!  A brief History of Efforts to Close La
                         Escuela de Asesinos (The School of Assassins)
Jill Latonick-Flores with Father Roy Bourgeois

Chapter 11       Structured Cruelty: Learning to be a Lean, Mean
                         Killing Machine
                              Martin Smith

Chapter 12       If You Start Looking at Them as Humans, Then How
                         Are You Gonna Kill Them?

                              Inigo Gilmore & Teresa Smith

Chapter 13       Where is the Rage?
Justin C. Cliburn

Chapter 14       Soldiers in Revolt
Howard Zinn



Part III



Chapter 15       Out of the Inner Wilderness: Torture and Healing                                   Diane Lefer & HectorAristizábal 

Chapter 16       From Grief to Gratitude: The Tariq Khamisa
Azim N. Khamisa

Chapter 17       Steps Toward Reconciliation: Understanding and
                         Healing in Post-Genocide Rwanda and  Beyond
Ervin Staub & Angel Ryono

Chapter 18       Interactive Problem Solving: Informal Mediation by the
                              Herbert C. Kelman

Chapter 19       From Young Soldiers to Young Peace Builders: 

                         Building Peace in Sierra Leone

 Chapter 20       Modern Day Slavery
                                Melissa Anderson-Hinn

 Chapter 21       Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress
Rachel M. MacNair




Part IV




Chapter 22       The West German Peace Movement
Andreas Buro

Chapter 23       Peace in Transition: The Peace Movement in South
                             Jujin Chung

Chapter 24       Life in Peace: The Emergence of the Indian Peace
Ramu Manivannan

Chapter 25       Peace Psychology in Asia
Cristina Jayme Montiel

Chapter 26       Active Nonviolence: A Creative Power for

                          Peacemaking and Healing  

                             Hildegard Goss-Mayr

 Chapter 27       Nonviolent Skills versus Repressive Conditions:
                                 The Iranian Women's Movement and Codepink:
                                 Women for Peace
                                      Cynthia Boaz
 Chapter 28       Peace Movements and the Middle East:

                           The 1991 Gulf  War and Aftermath
Stephen Zunes


A Final Word      Marc Pilisuk & Michael N. Nagler
About the Editors and Contributors




VOLUME 3: Peace Efforts That Work and Why



 Set Introduction 

 Introduction to Volume 3

Part I



Chapter 1      New Understandings of Citizenship: Path to a Peaceful
Elise Boulding 

Chapter 2      Peace Building: 12 Dynamics
Kai Brand-Jacobsen

Chapter 3      Our Water Commons: Toward a New Freshwater
Maude Barlow

Chapter 4      Beyond Leviathan? The Historical Relationship Between
                      Peace Plans, International Law
and the Early Anglo-
                       American Peace Movement
Cris Toffol

Chapter 5      The Good News: The ICC and the R2P Principle
Ronald J. Glossop

Chapter 6      Toward a Necessary Utopianism: Democratic
Richard Falk


Part II




Chapter 7       I am the Leader, You are the Leader: Nonviolent
                       Resistance in The Peace Community of San José
                       de Apartadó, Colombia
                             Elizabeth Lozano 

Chapter 8        Peace Building Education: Responding to Contexts     
                             Candice C. Carter

Chapter 9        Inside the Military Media Industrial Complex: Impacts 

                        on Moveents for Peace and Social Justice
Peter Phillips & Mickey S. Huff 

Chapter 10      Renaissance 2.0: The Web's Potential for 

                        the Peaceful  Transformation of Modern Society
                             Deva Temple 

Chapter 11       Building the Peace by Examples of Civil Courage 

                         during the War
Svetlana Broz

Chapter 12       Peace Can Be Taught
Colman McCarthy

Chapter 13       When Violence "Works" for 30 Years: The Late Return

                         of Satyagraha to the Northern Irish Peace

                              Marcel M. Baumann 

Chapter 14       Hands of Peace: From Epiphany to Reality
                               Laura Bernstein

Chapter 15       The Movement Toward Peace in Crisis - and
Michael N. Nagler

Chapter 16       To Remake the World
Paul Hawken

Chapter 17       Search for Common Ground
John Marks & Susan Collin Marks 

Chapter 18       Setting the Stage for Peace: Participatory Theater for
                        Conflict Transformation in the Democratic Republic of

                        the  Congo
Lena Slachmuijlder 

Chapter 19       The Pledge of Resistance: Lessons From a

                          Movement of Solidarity and Nonviolent Direct Action
Ken Butigan

Chapter 20       Money Cannot Be Eaten: Nonviolent Resistance in
                         Struggles over Land and Economic Survival
Rev. José M. Tirado

 Chapter 21      Searching for Development with Human Dignity in
Jennifer Achord Rountree




Part III



Chapter 22        On Meditation
                                Michael N. Nagler

Chapter 23        Despair Work
Joanna Macy 

Chapter 24        Experimenting with Nonviolence From West Texas to

                          South Korea
                                Richard L. Deats

Chapter 25        Trained to Hate: Confessions of a Convert to
Claude AnShin Thomas 

       Chapter 26      Searching for Peace in the Peace Movement: a

                                   Lovers' Quarrel 

                                 Rabbi Michael Lerner

        Chapter 27        Breaking out of the Culture of Violence: An Oral

                         History with former Economic Hit Man, John

                              Nikolas Larrow-Roberts & John Perkins

Chapter 28       Inspiring Peace Workers
                              Marc Pilisuk & Michael N. Nagler


A Final Word      Marc Pilisuk & Michael N. Nagler


About the Editors and Contributors

Copies of Peace Movements Worldwide are available from:
Barnes and Noble



About A Future Without War


We want to provide newsletter readers with a reminder about our extensive website,  This website looks at all aspects of the global desire for a paradigm shift away from war and at the human potential for peace from the perspective of evolutionary biology.


The materials can be a reference for personal use, something to share with friends or colleagues who doubt that it would ever be possible to abolish war, and as thought pieces to stimulate discussions, for example, by your students, a book group, or peace activist organizations.  You will find on the site:
  • A Mission Statement
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  • "Overview" Essays - 7 essays explaining the core rationale for why it is reasonable to believe we could abolish war if we make it a priority.
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