AFWW Newsletter #1 11 November 2006 -

A Good Book
William Easterly. 2006. White Man’s Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good. NY: Penguin Group. - knowledgeable look at how aid money is spent.

Quotable Quote
"A nonviolent revolution is not a program of seizure of power. It is a program of transformation of relationships, ending in a peaceful transfer of power." - M. H. Gandhi

Good News
In a recent poll, 70% of respondees reported talking politics with family and friends; 43% discuss issues at work. This is good news indeed because the strength of democracy rests on the informed citizens. From "The Whitehouse Project 10/12/06"

At long last we’ve created a newsletter for A Future Without War. The mailing will remain occasional, only to report special events or changes or additions to the website. We hope you will find the newsletters interesting and informative.
Here is a venue for you to discuss and publish what matters to you - a place to share your opinions. We are on the brink of a new era - a time when it's important to get involved and influence the communities we live in about the issues important to us. That's why A Future Without War ( has teamed up with a new online community called This is a forum for people to voice their opinions on vital issues. It's bringing national and grassroots leaders from across the country together to transform irrelevant debate into meaningful and constructive dialogue. We're among the first to join, along with John McCain, Barack Obama, Mary Matalin, Lance Armstrong, Donna Brazile, Jon Bon Jovi, Bill Clinton and countless others. Now it's your turn.

Come take part in the AFWW Issue Loop "Ending War/Waging Peace," a space dedicated to hashing out issues of war, peace, nonviolence, the future. For example, one of our first discussion questions is "What are the three best projects/movements going on right now that are part of waging peace?" Another is "Do all people/cultures wage war?" Another is "What do we do about the Hitlers?" Your support of the AFWW Issue Loop by dropping by occasionally to share your insights and experience gives you another platform to express your opinions and influence others. It also keeps the loop and its idea of ending war nonviolently before the entire Hot Soup community. It's one way for you to help promote the idea of a better future for us all. Come join us - in the Soup!

What's New?
Our first new section is Links. These pages list organizations working in the areas of the nine AFWW cornerstones. Right now there are some general links and a few devoted to Empowering Women and we're adding new ones to the other categories all the time.

Our other new section, Good News, lists encouraging items selected at random from a variety of news sources. These illustrate progress on the nine AFWW cornerstones. Mainstream media tends to makes things quite depressing. But in truth there are wonderful, positive changes taking place all over the world! Come see our "Good News" section for a uplifting view and send it along to any friends who might think things are hopeless.

Take Action!
Nothing would more quickly advance the concept that we could end war than to have Dr. Hand, as A Future Without War's representative, speak to Oprah's audience of millions.

Go to their website and give them your suggestions for such a show in your own words.

With hope and good will, together we can end war.
- Dr. Judith Hand
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Dr. Judith Hand
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