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Efficiency.  Increased Productivity.  Lean.  
All businesses, regardless of size, should be dissecting their processes and analyzing how best to permanently plug up any leaks.  It is easy to be complacent when the economy is good and business is generating a profit.  Create a new habit - always run your business as if funds are tight.  This will ensure your business survives no matter what the temperature of the economy.
Organizations must train their employees how to 'see' outside their daily routines and suggest better, faster, more efficient methods of doing their own jobs.  Employees should be empowered and supported by management to think creatively and out of the box.  If employees do not have the breadth of experience or the higher-level thinking skills sometimes required to do this - hire a consultant with this expertise.
Sole entrepreneurs should seek assistance if they find it difficult to run the business as opposed to being in the business.  Being in the business is similar to running on a treadmill - there is movement, but the destination may be hazy and difficult to reach.  When running the business, business owners typically are so entrenched in the work, they forget (or don't make the time) to just THINK. 
Running the business is similar to acting as a consultant for yourself.  View the business from a mile high perspective and make adjustments ensuring all tasks are completed with the minimum effort and cost required for achieving the desired results.  Maintain a clear focus and outline very specific, detailed and drilled-down steps to achieve the goals you've laid out.
Make this a commitment to yourself, your organization, and your employees if you want to create and maintain a successful, profitable and sustainable business.
Debra Pearlman
DP Sales Pro
The Theory of 3 + 5

3 = The # of components that must be intertwined with your daily tasks to ensure your goals are achieved.
5 = The # of tasks to be completed every single day in order to maintain momentum in reaching your goals.   (In The Success Principles, Jack Canfield shares his story of the steps taken to bring Chicken Soup for the Soul books to the public.)
Emails/Phone Calls/Appointments/Presentations - Any 5 tasks requiring completion to support the forward momentum towards achieving any goal.
P = PURPOSE   +   I = INTENTION   =   G = GOALS 
Define Your Purpose (why you want to achieve your goal)
Act with Intention (what specifically are you looking to achieve)
Maintain focus on the above and you will achieve your goals
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