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Issue #59 "Season of Creation" September 29, 2012
Introducing the Season of Creation
Video: "Introducing the Season of Creation"

Over the last several weeks, many congregations throughout our UMC connection have been observing a "Season of Creation."  The UMC General Board of Discipleship describes the season this way: "The overarching purpose of A Season of Creation is to enable Christians to offer their worship to God in a more 'creation-connected' way than we might during other times and seasons of the Christian year."

One of our local churches observing this season is First UMC of Wenatchee (WA).  This 2012 Season of Creation has coincided with a fierce wildfire season throughout the region east of the Cascades -- the region in which the Wenatchee is located.  Given this reality, First UMC's pastor, Rev. Julia Price, comments, "The most powerful experience was to celebrate [the Season of Creation's] 'Sky Sunday' after a week of not being able to see the sky.  This led to a beautiful conversation about knowing of the presence of God even when it seems that God is distant and removed from us. This was our first year to celebrate the Season of Creation so we are still learning and growing in how we want to observe it."

Tomorrow, September 30 -- the culminating Sunday in this "season" -- many churches in our region will host a "Blessing of the Animals."  You'll find out about some of these churches through links in our Creation Keepers section below.  While this current issue of Creation-Care, 365 comes at the end of the 2012 Season of Creation, we hope that it will help us all to learn more about this season and grow in observing it.  May this issue spark our creativity in worship for the remainder of the year and provide helpful resources for worship planning in 2013.

Grace and Peace be with you,

Creation-Care Project Coordinator

PNW Office of Connectional Ministries     


QuoteCreation Quote

Taylor Burton-Edwards      

Director of Worship Resources, Green vines
UMC General Board of Discipleship


"By spending time each year in a more focused way on God's many gifts in creation, we are not seeking to compartmentalize creation to just a few weeks a year, but rather deepen our appreciation for creation as an integral part of our worship and discipleship throughout the year and throughout our lives."
 SmallStepsTools for Renewal
Celebrating a "Season of Creation"

Season of Creation What Is the Season of Creation (SOC)?

"In the seasons of Advent, Epiphany, Lent and Easter we celebrate the life of Christ. In the season of Pentecost we celebrate the Holy Spirit. Now, in the season of Creation, we have an opportunity to celebrate God, the Creator.

For four Sundays in September, prior to St Francis of Assisi Day, we join in celebrating with creation. We celebrate Christ, the creator, and the wonders of creation. ... In the liturgy, we follow the lead of the psalm writers and celebrate with creation -- with the forests, the rivers and the fields, which praise the Creator in their own way.  Bible readings focus especially on the story of Earth, which complements the story of God and the story of humanity in the Scriptures.  We commit ourselves to a ministry of healing Earth, with Christ and creation as our partners." (SOC website


Resources for Celebrating a Season of Creation -- at any time of the year:

  • The Season of Creation web site is chock-full of excellent resources including entire liturgies, Bible studies, "children's addresses," songs, sermon themes, worship-planning guidelines, and much more; if you are interested in plans for Season of Creation 2013 (themed "Wisdom in Creation"), please click here.
  • The UMC General Board of Discipleship provides resources for adapting the Season of Creation to coincide with the Revised Common Lectionary in 2012.
  • Rev. Jason John of  Ecofaith has also produced resources to go alongside Season of Creation material including powerpoints and full orders of service. 
Lectionary Links
Some excellent on-line sermon helps -- most of which coincide with the Revised Common Lectionary:
Events & Actions
Autumn 2012

 CreationKeeperCreation Keepers

Creature-Blessing Congregations

As mentioned in the greeting above, many UM congregations in our
Clarkston UMC Animal Blessing
Blessing of the Animals at Clarkston UMC
region will hosting a blessing of the animals as a culminating event in the "Season of Creation" and/or in observance of the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology/animals.  The following churches are those that will be hosting a blessing of the animals this year, or have done so in the recent past.  Thanks and blessings to all of these congregations (and so many others with which we are not yet familiar) that witness to God's creation-encompassing compassion.
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