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It's about time someone came up with a variety of Gummy vitamins for adults! For those of you who have a hard time swallowing pills or already take a lot of supplements, Grace O takes a look at some of the companies who have developed new gummy supplements. They are easy to take and tasty, too. Also, see her Q&A from her interview with radio's "Culinary Confessions."    


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Gummy Vitamins: Not Just for Kids Anymore

By Grace O


Even though I follow my FoodTrients program for its anti-aging benefits, I know that vitamin supplements are an important part of aging gracefully. I take 20-plus vitamins and supplements a day, most of which are in capsule form. But for me, they're not so easy to swallow. I need to drink them with water. Some friends of mine hide their pills in a piece of banana or a spoonful of apple sauce for easy downing. By the end of the day, I'm tired of pills getting stuck in my throat or drinking so much water! It's tempting to skip some doses because swallowing them is so unpleasant.

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Grace O on Culinary Confessions Radio Show 


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Recently, Grace O made an appearance on the Culinary Confessions Radio Show hosted by Kim and Don on 1440 KAZG to talk about her cookbook, FOODTRIENTS: Age-Defying Recipes for a Sustainable Life. Don loved that baked lobster tails are good for the brain. Lobster has omega-3 fatty acids which the...Read More. 
The Meat Alternative:  
Tofu and Vegetable Stir-Fry        
Header ImageTofu is an excellent alternative to meat, and this stir-fry will provide you with plenty of health-boosting vegetables. Broccoli is a good source of lutein, a hedge against macular degeneration. Cauliflower and kale have phytonutrients that protect against cancer. I use a wok to prepare this dish, but a large skillet will work, too. The tofu doesn't have to be fried first, but frying gives it a nice texture.
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How DHA Helps the Brain 
By Life Extension   

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In an article published online on June 20, 2012 in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton provide an explanation for the ability of the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, found in oily fish and algae) to support memory.

A team led by Yves Sauve, who is a member of the University of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, divided ten mice to receive a diet supplemented with DHA or an unsupplemented diet...Read More 

Let ORAC's Keep You Healthy    

By Dr. Mark Rosenberg    

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When I ask my patients how many ORACs they take in a day, they give me a kind of lost look.  One patient humorously asked me once, "Is that some kind of fruit?" Well, yes and no.  ORACs are in fruit - but they're not a food per se.  Let me share with you what I tell my patients about the ORAC value of foods and its importance to your health. What's ORAC and Why Is It In My Food?...Read More 

Reduced Vitamin D Levels linked with Weight Gain in Women
By Life Extension  


An article published online ahead of print on June 25, 2012 in the Journal of Women's Health reports the finding of researchers at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon of increased weight gain in women with vitamin D insufficiency. The study included 4,659 women aged 65 and older enrolled in the Study of Osteoporotic Fractures...Read More 

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By FoodTrients



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July 18, 2012 


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