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CKGW Newsletter

February 2012  

Our Play for Kay basketball game camper reunion!
On Saturday, February 11, campers and counselors came together for a fun reunion! We watched as the GW Colonials Women's basketball team faced off the Richmond Spiders and there was even a special Camp Kesem tribute at halftime! Then, we headed over to South Hall for some pizza and classic camp games.The kids really enjoyed Wah! 

The reunion was a great success and a great way to get into that Valentine's Day spirit!  
To view all of the photos from the event, CLICK HERE!

Camp Updates!

Camp Kesem GW just finished up interviewing and choosing counselors for Camp 2012. We have now have 60 counselors, and they're all super excited to come to camp! Some of them are returning, but others are brand new and can't wait to meet all of the campers. They will be starting training in the next month.

We are also excited to announce this year's camp dates! Camp will be held on August 19 to 24 in Camp Louise in Cascade, Maryland.

Applications for campers are now available at our website! Applications for returning families are due on February 29th, and the regular deadline is April 1st.

Meet Brittany, AKA NomNom

CKGW: What's the story behind your camp name? 

NN: My friend chose it for me after she heard someone say it. She knew it would be perfect for me because I say "nom nom" allll the time! 

CKGW: What are you most looking forward to in camp this year?   

NN: I can't wait to meet all of the kids! And I'm really excited for all of the songs and games! 

CKGW: What's your favorite camp song or game so far? 

NN: Oof, that's a tough one. It would have to be Reeses Pieces, but Ride That Pony is a close second. 

CKGW: If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what food would it be? 

NN:  Definitely ice cream.  

CKGW: Would you rather jump in a pool of marshmallows or a pool of jello? 

NN:  A pool of jello because jello is more fun than marshmallows, and as long as it's not some gross flavor, I'm all about the jello.


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Upcoming Events:


February 29th - Camper Applications for returning families due!


April 1st - Our next Camper Reunion (more details to follow)! Regular deadline for Camper applications! 

Camp Kesem Buzz:

Camp Kesem GW is currently participating in Phones for Hope, a collection drive that gathers used/broken portable electronics (cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, computers, etc.). The collection is from January 17 to February 17! 

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