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November 2011 Newsletter   

Climate Summary
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Public Water Supply Utilities Working Group
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Dear Florida Climate Center Friends,
We'd like to present you with the November 2011 edition of our newsletter. In this newsletter, you'll find our monthly climate summary, new outlooks released on ENSO phase and climate for the fall and winter, a list of special events that our staff attended, an example of a data request made to the office, and more. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].



The Staff of the Florida Climate Center

Zierden PhotoO'Brien PhotoGriffin PhotoLeftwich Photo
David Zierden
State Climatologist
James O'Brien
Professor Emeritus
Melissa Griffin
Asst. State Climatologist
Preston Leftwich
Research Assistant
October Climate Summary for Florida

The Florida Climate Center's October 2011 Florida Climate Summary is now available.  The summary provides an analysis of temperature and precipitation trends across the state, along with data on hazardous weather, drought, the impacts of the weather and any records tied or broken for the month. During October, average temperatures were below normal while rainfall totals varied across the state. Past summaries are archived here.


October average temperatures and departures from normal (� F) for selected cities.
Temperature Table 
October precipitation totals and departures from normal (inches) for selected cities.
Precipitation Table 
A graphical depiction of the monthly rainfall departure from normal (inches) for October (courtesy of NOAA, NWS).
Rainfall graphic 

La Ni�a Forecasted this Winter, but There's a "Wild Card" in Play

Last month, the Florida Climate Center highlighted that the reemergence of La Ni�a and its potential climate impacts on the Southeastern U.S. this upcoming winter. NOAA issued another press release talking about how the Arctic Oscillation (AO) could potentially trump the typical La Ni�a pattern, leading to periods of well-below normal temperatures like it has the last two winters.

State Climatologist Attends Public Water Supply Utilities Working Group Meeting

State Climatologist David Zierden attended the fourth workshop for the Florida Public Water Supply Utilities - Climate Impact Working Group on October 7th in Orlando, Florida. The group is comprised of climate scientists, hydrologists, and social scientists from Florida State University and the University of Florida along with representatives from many of the major public water utilities from around the state. Also participating are representatives from some of Florida's water management districts. The workshop began with a review of climate modeling and its applicability to water resource management then concentrated on planning activities associated with a NOAA CSI grant that many of the participants are involved with.

Upcoming Events

November 9-10, 2011: UF Extension In-Service Training: Climate Change and Variability Task Force in Crystal River, FL

November 14, 2011: Annual Meeting of the Florida Climate Institute in Gainesville, FL

December 14, 2011: National Integrated Drought Information System Meeting in Lake Lanier, GA

Example Data Request 

Each month, we highlight here recent examples of some of the many public services provided by the Florida Climate Center:

Every once in a while, we here at the Florida Climate Center get a request for information that's so unique that it begs to be shared:


Towards the end of October, the office was contacted by an author who is working on a piece of historical nonfiction about a murder that took place near Marianna on October 18, 1934. The murder led to the last "public" lynching in Florida history and a subsequent riot in Marianna. Much of the evidence in the murder case revolved around footprints that were found in open fields.


The author wanted to know if there had been any rainfall in the area and to verify eyewitness accounts of how chilly some of the nights had been during the events following the murder. According to the author, the case has been discussed online for years, and the FBI recently reopened an investigation into the deaths.

About Us 

The Florida Climate Center is part of a three-tiered system of national, regional, and state climate offices, including NOAA's National Climatic Data Center and the Southeast Regional Climate Center. The Florida State Climatologist and other staff at the Florida Climate Center provide the following information and services to the people of Florida:


� Climate Data:

Historical weather observations for weather stations throughout the state of Florida. We are able to provide data for most stations from 1948-present.


� Climate Information:

Long-term historical averages for various stations, climate divisions, and the entire state.


� Extreme Event Records:

Information and analyses on extreme events such as freezes, droughts, floods and hurricanes.


� Special Analysis:

With their vast knowledge of El Ni�o, La Ni�a and climate variability, the State Climatologist and staff can offer expert insight into Florida's climate trends.


� Outreach:

Activities, presentations, and workshops that inform and educate the people of Florida about current and emerging climate issues. We also coordinate volunteers for the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS).


More About Us 


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